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July 09 2011


Display advertising - Yahoo, AOL homepage ad gains appear to stall

paidContent :: Although display advertising growth is as strong as ever, efforts to draw more advertisers to lucrative homepage ads fell flat in Q2 compared to Q1, according to a research note from Macquerie analyst Ben Schachter, who’s been providing a twice-quarterly rundown of landing page ad activity at the top portals and YouTube for the past year. Part of the reasons for the general slowdown in homepage ad growth is due to the mixed results for two of the most aggressive sellers of homepage ads, AOL and Yahoo, during the quarter.

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March 12 2011


Junkyard Jumbotron

Rick Borovoy just released the Junkyard Jumbotron project, which allows laptops or phones in close proximity to be ganged together to form a large display.

The Junkyard Jumbotron requires no special software; it is simply a web page that receives real-time updates from our server, allowing scrolling, zooming, and soon video. Like all software at the Center, it is free and open.

Rick developed the project as part of a larger suite of tools that he calls the Brown Bag Toolkit, all oriented around making technology work better with face-to-face interactions, like meetings, canvasing, or chance encounters.

Huge thanks to Paula Aguilera for making the video.
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