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December 07 2010


Verizon's "Flex" Will Download Premium Video to Apple Devices in "Early" 2011

Subscribers to Verizon FiOS TV now have the abiilty to download a range of premium video to rent or buy onto several devices including Windows PC's, theBlackberry Storm2, HTC HD2, Motorola Droid 2 and Droid X.

Unlike offerings of Comcast which allows subscribers to stream programming, a program referred to as "TV Everywhere" -- the Verizon program could be called "TV Anytime." 

(Comcast introduced live streaming to the iPad last month.)

The program, called Flex View, debuted last month throughout the United States.

In an interview with Beet.TV, Joe Ambeault, Verizon's Director of Consumer Product Development, says that the service will be available on Mac OS and iOS devices "early" next year. 

He says that Flex works on non-Verizon mobile devices.

Ambeault speaks about having solved DRM issues.  He says that in the future, some form of Flex will be available to consumer who aren't subcribers to the home TV service.

Andy Plesser


April 06 2010


Netflix, ABC and Beet.TV Look Great on the iPad -- but Buffering is Awful

While the iPad may be a marvelous, elegant new kind of computing device, and our show looks very nice on it indeed, the inconsistent WiFi connection and subsequent buffering is insufferable for consuming streaming video.

From our own tests and with conversations with others, we find that WiFi connectivity is simply not stable enough to sustain consistent streaming. For downloaded applications and Quicktime files the connection is not a problem, but for streaming videos, it is not good.

This poor buffering can be the case in WiFi networks of speeds as fast 8 MPS, we have found.

We concur with the assessment of these limitations of WiFi connectivity reported by  Henry Blodget and Michael Arrington.  More complaints have published in a story on CNN.com today. 

Unfortunately, the iPad's only options to connect to the Web are WiFi and then via AT&T in a forthcoming 3G model.

The Ecosystem of In-Stream Video Advertising is Under Construction

For content creators and publishers who have labored hard to integrate advertising into online video, there are very limited ways to insert in-stream advertising into clips.  Generally speaking, the advertising solution simply doesn't exist at this time.

While ads can technically be inserted, there is very little way to track and report usage.

Brightcove will roll out advertising support within three months, a company spokesperson told me today.

Blip.tv has come up with a very nice directory page on the iPad.   I visited Mike Hudack, co-founder and CEO, today.  Blip is using an existing solution for the iPad, which has worked nicely on the iPhone for a number of months. 

Unfortunately, Blip won't have a system to insert and track ads for at least three months, Mike says.  So, for Beet.TV, which uses Blip and inserts in-stream sponsorship ads in our player, we'll just have to wait to monetize our content.

It seems to us that the only big video publisher with ads up on the iPad is ABC, which has a very snazzy Quicktime app.  We have a demo in this video clip.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

January 06 2010


Video Demo: HP Provides a "CloudDrive" for New Netbooks

LAS VEGAS,  At CES, HP announced a new line of PC's -- and netbooks, the inexpensive and powerful mini PC's which come with storage drive mapped to an external "cloud." 

The drive appears as physical drive in My Computer. 

HP provides 2 GB of capacity for free and can provide up to on terabyte on a payment basis.  The drive is accessible from authorized users anywhere.  The files can be shared "in the cloud" with others.

It is called the CloudDrive.  Venture Beat's Anthony Ha reports the drive has been created by ZumoDrive.

Last month, we were briefed on the new netbooks and have this demo on of how the CloudDrive works. Sonny Shetty from HP

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

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