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July 25 2012


Australians looking to volunteer in a premier Peer to Peer fundraiser. Must be under 26.

Live Below the Line is a fundraising and awareness campaign coming into it's fourth year in Australia. It is a peer to peer fundraiser run by the Oaktree Foundation to support the education projects we invest in throughout the Asia-Pacific region. The challenge is to live on $2 a day for your food and drink for 5 days, and get people to sponsor you for doing the challenge. In 2012 we raised just under $2 Million.

2013 will be out biggest and most exciting year yet. We're looking at recruiting a crack team of young volunteers with a range of skills and experiences. One of the positions is that of the Online Director (Position Description below)

If you are based in Australia, are under 26 years of age and want to come and be a part of the biggest and most exciting new peer to peer campaign going around, apply today!!!!!!

Our organisation is run by young volunteers under 26, so this would be a volunteer position. Perfect for anyone looking to supplement their studies or who wants to make a big impact on poverty in our region.


May 04 2012


Vodafone xone™ AI Hackathon

Vodafone xone™ Hackathon Challenges Developers and Entrepreneurs to Build a New Generation of Artificial Intelligence Powered Apps

Vodafone xoneTM, in collaboration with one of its incubating start-up partners, Expertmaker, is hosting a ground-breaking developer hackathon event - Vodafone xone™ AI Hackathon. The event is focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics for developers and entrepreneurs to tackle the issue of content and information overload on mobile devices. This challenge will take place June 8-11 at the Vodafone xone incubation facility in Redwood City, CA.

“AI powered apps can change the way people consume content and information on their mobile devices,” said Fay Arjomandi, Head of Vodafone xone. “We invite developers to Vodafone xone to stretch their knowledge about the latest in AI, analytics and business intelligence and build an intelligent app or web solution.”

“Our goal is to ignite an AI revolution. We packaged a lot of advanced technology into a simple to use platform that anyone can use to build AI powered apps,” said Lars Hard, CTO and Founder of Expertmaker. “We’re excited to share this tool with the developer community in Silicon Valley and look forward to the solutions they will create in just a weekend!”

Each participating team will present their solutions during the Hackathon, with cash prizes going to the top three winners. All participants will receive a free Expertmaker license for one year (SaaS). Participants are encouraged to sign up before May 25. More details and event registration can be found at http://expertmaker.com/partners/vodafoneaichallenge/.

Vodafone xone™ is the incubation center of Vodafone, one of the largest global mobile operators. Based in Silicon Valley, Vodafone xone™ offers onsite development, integration, and investment support. Vodafone xone’s objective is to fast track the path to market for new innovative products and services for our customers worldwide. We take pride in our dedication to operate with speed, simplicity, and trust. Learn more at:

About Expertmaker
Expertmaker is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software company. We offer a platform for developers to build intelligent apps and handle big data analytics. For more information, please visit www.expertmaker.com .

WHEN: June 8 – 11, 2012.

Registration and team formation: June 8 at 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Hackathon at Vodafone xone™: June 9 & 10 - 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Hackathon complete: June 10 at 9:00 PM
Mixer and App Presentations: June 11 - 5:00 to 8:00 PM


Vodafone xone: 275 Shoreline Drive, Suite 400, Redwood City, CA 94065, (650) 400-9540

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April 28 2012


Houston NetSquared Will Host Wesley Faulkner Speaking on "Social Media and Events: An Evolution" May 8th, 2012

Wesley Faulkner to Speak on Social Media and Events: An Evolution

I'm excited to announce the Houston NetSquared's May speaker, Wesley Faulkner!

Wesley Faulkner will be coming in from Austin, Texas to talk about using events and social media to build awareness, fundraise and grow your community online and offline.

About Wesley Faulkner

Wesley's experience spans multiple facets of the technology industry, from manufacturing to product development. His passion for technology was fostered through over thirteen years of experience in technical and customer service support, field engineering, and digital media entertainment development.

Recently, Wesley has become a rising player in the social media scene; he has been a featured guest on several web media outlets such as CNET and ManiaTV. As part of the Social Media Counsel, and then as an Social Media Evangelist he assisted in the development of AMD's social media strategy and helped discover new business partnerships.

Wesley is on the board of Apprentice Marketing, an organization that provides small business' with mentorship in online marketing and social media and helps college graduates enter the workforce ready to make a difference.  

Here's a Preview of the Presentation "Social Media and Events: An Evolution"

**In Wesley's own words:

Live events have gone through several changes over the years. The level of social media integration can vary on need. Below I have defined three different types of events and how they use social. I will walk you through each one and explain the ins and outs.

Traditional Events:

Finding a way to integrate social media into events that have been around for a while might seem like a daunting task. There are some easy and clever ways to add social without a lot of work.


  • Susan G. Komen race for the cure
  • Fight for Air Climb

Social Media Based Events:

Not long after tools like Facebook and Twitter became popular, social media inspired events sprung to life. Instead of a formal organization creating and managing every aspect of an event, these usually take on a more decentralized approach.


Multifaceted Events:

These events are harder to describe, because they take on so many forms. In fact the branding and purpose can differ dramatically on whom you ask.


  • Movember
  • SXSW
  • Love Austin Week

Come Hear Wesley Faulkner on May 8th at Houston NetSquared

Find out more and RSVP for our May Houston NetSquared Meetup online at http://meetup.com/Net2Houston.

A big thanks to Tendenci, the open source CMS for NonProfit Websites, for sponsoring the food and drinks for our meet-ups.

Find Wesley online:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/wesley83

Blog: http://wesleyfaulkner.com/

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/wesley83 

Please "Like" Houston NetSquared on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Net2Houston and share our meetup with your Tech and NonProfit Friends! 

April 24 2012


What is there to SHARE? Free Internet and Culture Meetup in Serbia

 World-class electronic and contemporary music, 3d VJ projections and inspiring tech-activism talks -- the second SHARE conference is coming up on 26-28 April 2012 in Belgrade, Serbia. The event will gather more than two thousand activists, bloggers, engineers, programmers and artists from the Balkans as well as from around the world.

Since the first SHARE was held in Belgrade in spring 2011, the turbulence of Internet activism has shaken every part of the planet. Arab spring, #occupy Wall Street, fight against SOPA and PIPA bills are just some of large movements, which showed that the Internet has a growing influence and inspires radical changes and community action.

SHARE conference (or should I say festival?) aspires to become the epicenter of this change -- an open space devoted to the exchange of progressive ideas and knowledge in the field of society, technology, Internet, music and new media. SHARE represents an interesting trend to mix tech meetups for activists with alternative entertainment (music & performance). The quality networking time helps in offline socializing, and is very important, as many people who attend events like this have already met online, but hasn’t as yet made a “real world” connection.

Anka and I (from the NetSquared team) are going to attend the conference. On the very last day (Sat, April 28) we will give a presentation on TechSoup’s Europe planned and current activities in the Balkans. We are hoping to meet a lot of people, and potential partners. I am also planning on having lots of fun.

If you want to connect with us at the event, give us a shout!

And if you are not attending -- definetely check out this video from the SHARE conference last year!




February 20 2012


Support Mobile Agribusiness at Unreasonable Institute

100s of Entrepreneurs from 60 countries are competing for 25 spots at the Unreasonable Institute.
They narrowed it down to 50 finalists and now the 1st 25 Finalists to raise funds from 100s of people will be accepted! You couldn't think of a better entrepreneur to support than Narcisse with Mobile Agribusines.



Netsquared Regional Conference Buea Cameroon

Conference theme: Cameroon Netsquared Reboot

The Netsquared regional conference Buea Cameroon built for the 9th of February 2012 at Dchucks Palace hotel came to pass as scheduled though we encountered some technical difficulties in carrying out part of our activities. The conference brought together civil society organizations and techies to rethink the future of the network in Cameroon and set a solid foundation. We were lucky enough and highly favored to have:


  • Nicolle Beeby from SANGONet South Africa (www.sangonet.org.za) who spoke on ‘the introduction of Social Media in NGOs’,
  • A 20mins video from Daniel Ben-Horin, CEO of Techsoup Global,
  • Tobias Eigen, Founder Kabissa Kabissa, who spread the news over the web (www.kabissa.org ) and,
  • Asama A. Excel, President & CEO of I-Vission International (www.ivission.net) presenting the historical background of Netsquared network in Cameroon

The following remote presenters could not connect to us due to Internet failure:

Marc Manashil, Community Evangelist for Netsquared (www.netsquared.org): he had to come in to comment the video from the CEO and co founder of Tecsoup Global. Marc just wished us the best through SMS and email.

David Barnard, Executive Director SANGONeT, was to talk on ‘online fund raising’, unfortunately after several attempts to connect us; we could not establish a comfortable connection. He sent us his presentation through email.


After the presentation of participants, Asama A. Excel was given the opportunity to introduce the historical background of Netsquared activities in Cameroon. He briefly explained to the audience how he was in a cyber café, searching for partners in Europe and the United States that promote the use of the web in social activities. This is how he came across Netsquared. He paid more attention on the Netsquareds’ network around the world with the famous Net Tuesdays meetings. Asama Excel developed great interest in the vision of Netsquared in particular and Techsoup Global in general which he said are similar to that of I-Vission International, the NGO he chairs in Cameroon. He decided to get involve by creating a network in Cameroon back in 2008. The Network started and was later on shut down because of in activity. He took the courage and created the group a second time in 2009. That same year, he succeeded to register some few members.

Below are some of the activities Netsquared Cameroon has succeeded to organize since creation:


  • Cameroon Netsquared Campaign in Kribi, August 26-29, 2009. This 3 day event brought together 250 participants from different social sectors. Some of the highlights of the event include: A touristic tour in Kribi, swimming, visit to some orphanages, visit to the Kribi Urban council and the regional delegation of tourism.
  •  Netsquared Camp in Douala-Cameroon: The theme for this event was REMIXING THE WEB FOR SOCIAL CHANGE. It gathered 64 participants both in Douala and its environs to discuss issues on the impact of social web on civil society organizations. Some projects were presented by five different groups.
  • Special training: the Netsquared team headed by Asama A. Excel organized a special training to build the capacity of students on project management on the 7th of February 2012 at the university of Buea Cameroon
  • Local monthly meetings: We have succeeded to organize many local meetings in Cameroon -This regional conference is just part of the activities of Netsquared Cameroon


Challenges encountered

The major challenges we face in Cameroon are:


  • Lack of a good internet connection,
  • Ignorance or low access to the ICTs (Very few people master the social web)
  • Financial and logistic difficulties to organize meetings,
  • Difficulty in attending conferences organized in the USA. Last year in February we were refused Visa to the USA for no concrete reason. This provoked a negative impact on the group as a whole. The group coordinator, Asama Excel was psychologically disturbed and could not organize meetings regularly as a result of this, many members left.


The second speaker of the day was Nicolle Beeby by Nicolle from SANGONet, an NGO based in South Africa (www.sangonet.org.za) She presented the topic: An Introduction to the social Media for NGOs After a series of trials, she succeeded to Skype in. Participants were very attentive to this presentation for two reasons:

  • It was their first time to learn through remote presentation
  • Social media is making the news worldwide and everyone wants to be connected.

She attempted the following definition for social media:


  • Social media is content created by people using highly accessible and scalable publishing technologies
  • A category of sites that is based on user participation and user generated content
  • Online technologies and practices that people use to share opinions, insights experiences, and perspectives with each other 
  • Social media are works of user-created video, audio, text or multimedia that are published and shared in a social environment, such as a blog, wiki or video hosting site


 The importance of social media to NGOs including:


  • User-generated content T
  • The demise of the webmistress J L -It’s so easy – the demise of the ‘tech guy’
  • Getting our voices out there – the demise of the gatekeepers
  • Participation – you speak out; other’s speak back
  • A level playing field – we are all documenters
  • Online presence – many can know about you -Text, audio, video, pictures – documenting gone wild J


 Participants were as well empowered on micro blogging applications like twitter and facebook . Nicolle suggested the following sites for bloggers:



The last segment of her presentation involved multimedia sites with flickr, Zoopy, Youtube channels and Dotsub.


  • Youtube channels, NGOs are offered huge international audiences, limit of 20 minute uploads, 10 million uploads a day.
  • Zoopy: Local option, local audiences, local speeds (faster). Audio, video and photos. Mobile site.
  • Dotsub: Plugging in to a community of translators Nicolle highlighted the necessity of multimedia sites as a great way to find resources on issues related to your work and videos as a great way to effectively explain complex issues in a succinct and entertaining way. You can share explanations about your cause and why it is important. 


Some best practices proposed


  • Read blogs! 
  • CONVERGE ALL YOUR MEDIA eg Send your listeners to the blog transcript 
  • Convince your readers (via email, blog etc to listen tonight...)
  • Make it sustainable – should be easy if you are a media org... 
  • Quality above quantity
  • Respond to comments!!!
  • Don’t just tell – show 
  • ANALYSE ANALYSE ANALYSE (www.google.com/analytics


The Co Founder and CEO of Techsoup Global Daniel Ben-Horin, send us a 20minutes video tape explaining the vision of Techsoup Global. This video was projected several times to permit participants understand how Techsoup Global operates. Many participants notice that the CEO used the word trust, confidence and participating several times as essential tools in building long lasting and solid relationships. The NGOs present were delighted to hear the CEO say Techsoup is looking for credible organizations to work with in Cameroon.

Testimonies and success stories The participants were expecting testimonies from other Netsquared groups but unfortunately none of them volunteered to share with Netsquared Cameroon. We wonder why?. Nonetheless, they encourage us to keep on sharing with others.

The New team for Netsquared Cameroon The following organizations voluntarily accepted the offer to join the team and to give full support for the smooth running of Netsquared Cameroon:


  • Helen Nsume Nkelnsieh:  OREP NGO 
  • Hans Jambe Ebot:      CHAMEG
  • Ngrima Yvonne:       ASWA-RUDEB
  • Halle Simon:           Empowerment PR
  • Samuel Akuro:        Creative Hands
  • Abanda Sammy:      Creative Hands
  • Achu Denis:          Member (Independent Expert)
  • Acho Denis Fominyen:   ASWA-RUDEB 
  • Andre Signing: Member (Independent Expert)
  • Asama Abel Excel:   I-Vission International 
  • Anagho Daniel:   Member (Independent Expert)




  • Participants were called to make contributions in writing to help us design our strategic plan of action,
  • A website will be put in place to promote the activities of Netsquared in Cameroon. Part of the funds received from Techsoup Global should be kept aside for this purpose,
  • The new team made up of civil society organizations shall henceforth develop and execute projects together,
  • A specific fee will be charged for anyone seeking to join the network in Cameroon.
  • Meetings could be held on or off line,
  • More conferences and workshops should be organized regularly to build the capacities of members on social media and other related ICT issues.
  • Facilitate access to ICTs to civil society organizations,
  • Put in place a kind of umbrella bureau at regional levels to coordinate activities on the ground,
  • Put in place an online platform to promote the activities of civil society organizations in Cameroon with priority to those affiliated to Netsquared Cameroon, 
  • Jointly organize activities with local partners, diplomatic representations and foreign stake holders.


 Future event

  A meeting was programmed for the 10th of March 2012 at the headquarters of I-Vission International in Douala to review the strategic plan of action 




February 04 2012


NetSquared Camp Vancouver: April 28 2012

NetSquared logoNet Tuesday Vancouver is excited to announce NetSquared Camp 2012, an intimate gathering of Vancouver’s online campaigners. This unconference will be a chance for our community to gather and share our hard-won best practices, war stories, and victories!

The event will be held at The Hive on Saturday, April 28 and admission is $20.

There are just 80 spots available, so please RSVP soon to ensure you get a ticket.

Tickets and more informationhttp://netsquared2012.eventbrite.ca/

Hope to see you there!

January 20 2012


Vancouver meetup: Network organizations create better online campaigns

Net Tuesday is proud to have Communicopia's Jason Mogus presenting at our February 7 meetup. NOTE: We expect this event to be very popular, so registration is capped. Please RSVP to confirm your attendance.

RSVP on Meetup.com

There has been a sea change recently creating new models for how social change organizations (or start up businesses) structure themselves to accomplish a social good. Network organizations, typically those "born after the Internet", are smaller, nimble, less hierarchical, highly collaborative and deeply social by nature. Their leadership, culture, structure, programs, and outcomes are often quite different from those of traditionally structured NGO's.

As these structures are more aligned with the fundamental organizing principles of the web, done right this enables these organizations to punch far above their weight online. In this session we will discuss:

  • the differences between network orgs and more traditional NGO's
  • why network orgs are an adaptation to the unique challenges and opportunities of our times
  • why traditional NGO's struggle with managing digital innovation
  • why network orgs create better online campaigns - including many examples!
  • some fundamental principles of network centric campaigns

Come with your own examples and expect a fulsome discussion on the benefits and limitations of this controversial hypothesis.

RSVP on Meetup.com

W2 Media Cafe
111 W Hastings, Vancouver, BC

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Doors at 5:30 PM
Starts at 6:00 PM
Wraps at 7:30 PM

Jason Mogus is the principal strategist of Communicopia, a Gastown based firm that has been leading transformative digital projects for social change institutions since 1993. Jason has worked with some highly successful network orgs, including the TckTckTck climate coalition, Nothing But Nets campaign, and Web of Change, as well as for many large NGO's, governments, and sustainable businesses both locally and globally. For a full bio: http://communicopia.com/company/jason-mogus

Suggested background reading:

RSVP on Meetup.com

Learn more about Net Tuesday Vancouver meetups on our blog.

December 06 2011


Last Call for Entries for the 2012 Vodafone Americas Foundation Wireless Innovation Project & mHealth Alliance Award

December 31 Deadline Rapidly Approaching for Competition with $650,000 in Cash and Prizes for Wireless and mHealth Solutions

The Vodafone Americas Foundation and mHealth Alliance announced the last call for submissions for the annual Vodafone Americas Foundation Wireless Innovation Project™ and the mHealth Alliance Award, a competition designed to spark innovation and help solve pressing global issues. Proposals will be accepted through December 31.

"So far, we’ve received very unique and exciting solutions, and we’re encouraged by the caliber of the applicants who have submitted proposals," said June Sugiyama, Director of the Vodafone Americas Foundation. "This is the next generation of wireless innovation that can make a critical impact for problems facing millions of people around the globe.”

The Vodafone Americas Foundation™ launches the Wireless Innovation Project™ annually with a partnership with the mHealth Alliance. There is over $650,000 worth of prizes for solutions in the fields of education, health, access to communication, economic development, and the environment. Winners will acquire vast recognition as the frontrunners of a national competition. The partnership with the Vodafone Americas Foundation will last for three years following the presentation of the award.

Projects should be global in scope and must be at a stage of research where an advanced prototype or field/market test can occur during the award period. Proposals are due December 31, 2011, and winners will be announced at the Global Philanthropy Forum in April 2012. 

If you or someone you know is interested in applying, you can begin the application process at http://project.vodafone-us.com/application/questionnaire.php. Details about eligibility, the application, information on past winners and more can be found at project.vodafone-us.com. More information about the mHealth Alliance and its work can be found at mhealthalliance.org.

ABOUT the Vodafone Americas Foundation™
Vodafone Americas Foundation™ is part of Vodafone’s global network of foundations. It is affiliated with Vodafone Group Plc, the world's leading mobile telecommunications company, with ownership interests in more than 30 countries and Partner Markets in more than 40 countries. As of March 31, 2011, Vodafone had approximately 370 million proportionate customers worldwide. In the U.S., the foundation directs its philanthropic activities towards the San Francisco Bay and the Metro Denver Areas where most Vodafone employees live and work, and where it strives to make a positive and enduring impact on the community. The Foundation is driven by a passion for the world around us. It makes grants that help people in the community and around the world lead fuller lives.

ABOUT the mHealth Alliance
The mHealth Alliance champions the use of mobile technologies to improve health throughout the world. Working with diverse partners to integrate mHealth into multiple sectors, the Alliance serves as a convener for the mHealth community to overcome common challenges by sharing tools, knowledge, experience, and lessons learned. The mHealth Alliance advocates for more and better quality research and evaluation to advance the evidence base; seeks to build capacity among health and industry decision-makers, managers, and practitioners; promotes sustainable business models; and supports systems integration by advocating for standardization and interoperability of mHealth platforms. The mHealth Alliance also hosts HUB (Health Unbound), a global online community for resource sharing and collaborative solution generation. Hosted by the United Nations Foundation, and founded by the Rockefeller Foundation, Vodafone Foundation, and UN Foundation, the Alliance now also includes PEPFAR, HP, the GSM Association, and NORAD among its founding partners. For more information, visit www.mhealthalliance.org.

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