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January 10 2011


Foodspotting, Crowd-Sourced Food "Journalism" Enterprise Raise $3 Million Venture Round, Report

Foodspotting, the San Francisco-based social media site for sharing photos of food dishes, has raised its first venture round of $3 million, according to Liz Gannes at All Things Digital.

Last month, we interviewed co-founder Soraya Darabi.  In this second of two segments, she frames Foodspotting a new form of crowd-sourced food journalism.

Andy Plesser

January 02 2011


100K Hungry iPhone Users Uploading Food Dishes to Foodspotting -- Android Users Joining Feast

Foodspotting, the the fast-growing, San Francisco-based social platform for sharing favorite food dishes has 100,000 iPhone registered users who have uploaded 250,000 dish reviews, with 10,000 uploaded every week.

A few days ago, the company launched an App in Beta for Androids devices.

We spoke with co-founder Soraya Darabi about the the company's program which is integregrated with the Zagat App for the iPhone.

Andy Plesser

March 12 2010


NBC Local Media Launches "Feast," an Aggregated Restaurant Ratings Tool

SAN FRANCISCO--NBC Local recently launched a beta site called Feast.  It combines ratings from top sources including the NYT.com, Zagat, and Yelp to determine overall rankings of local restaurants.

Brian Buchwald, EVP of NBC's Integrated Local Media, explained the website to Daisy Whitney at Beet.TV's San Francisco roundtable last month. 

He equated Feast to "Rotten Tomatoes for restaurants," but also notes that NBC Local plans to expand the composite ratings function to other categories.  The ratings are determined by weighing each review according to source credibility.

So far, Feast has been debuted in NY, Miami, Chicago, and LA, with ten more markets in the making.  Features on the site include the ability to make lists of "must try" restaurants and share them with friends and up to date blog posts about food news in your city.

Feast is a step towards NBC Local Media's goal to offer more lifestyle content on its websites--Buchwald calls it a "game changer."

News of the launch was reported last month by Mike Shields at Mediaweek.

Allison Salewski, Associate Producer


March 10 2010


CBS Interactive's CHOW Finds Appetite for 30 Second Food Videos

SAN FRANCISCO - Jane Goldman, editor in chief of CHOW, the CBS Interactive food site, is finding success with instructional videos as short as 30 seconds.

Daisy Whitney interviewed Goldman at Beet.TV's roundtable in San Francisco last month.

Half joking, she told Daisy that CHOW keeps its online video clips short because she has a short attention span.  "You can say so much in 30 seconds...there's no need to stretch it out over minutes."

Goldman talked about CHOW's video series "You're Doing it All Wrong."  Since there is never a lot that's new in food, these short videos rehash recipes and tell how we are making common mistakes.  For example, it's best to grate the cheese to make grilled cheese sandwiches.

Goldman was the former executive editor of the Industry Standard, then launched CHOW which was acquired by CNET in 2006 and later became part of CBS Interactive.  Last year, she  was given the added role of editor and chief of TV.com.

Allison Salewski, Associate Producer

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