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January 08 2010


November 27 2009


Staff strike at Le Parisien and Aujourd’hui as cuts announced

Thanks to some crowdsourced translating (hat tip @malkinbister, @jwatson1 and others) French media reports suggest that Paris daily newspaper Le Parisien and its national sister title Aujourd’hui en France did not make it to the newsstands this morning as staff went on strike last night.

In one report from NouvelObs.com the group’s director Marie-Odile Amaury says 35 voluntary departures are being sought from the two papers, out of 350 staff.

Twenty-five of these are being looked for in editorial, which employs a total 200 journalists, according to NouvelObs – though the numbers of redundancies vary from report to report.

The company lost nearly €10 million last year with a reported 10 per cent drop in ad revenue in the first half of 2009.

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