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August 29 2012


Multi-screen world: Insights how consumers use different devices together

Google Mobile Ads :: How many times have you started reading an email on your phone while commuting, and then continued it on your laptop when you got home? Or perhaps you saw a commercial for a new car and then used your tablet to search for the specs and see it in action? If these things sound familiar, that’s because they’re all part of the new norm in multi-screen behavior.

Findings - googlemobileads.blogspot.co.uk

Overview/infographic: Understanding cross-plattform consumer behavior (PDF download link)

August 25 2012


Book reviewers for hire: The best (five-star) book reviews money can buy

Need five-star book reviews? Get 50 for as little as $999.

New York Times :: “The wheels of online commerce run on positive reviews,” said Bing Liu, a data-mining expert at the University of Illinois, Chicago, whose 2008 research showed that 60% of the millions of product reviews on Amazon are five stars and an additional 20% are four stars. “But almost no one wants to write five-star reviews, so many of them have to be created.”

Book reviewers for hire - Essay by David Streitfeld, www.nytimes.com

August 21 2012


Johnston Press profits fall by half

Guardian :: Print advertising revenues at regional newspaper publisher slump by 12.5%, but digital revenues rise 8.4%

A report by Mark Sweney, www.guardian.co.uk

August 10 2012


Free open source textbooks growing in popularity in college classes

Time :: Though paying for tuition and housing eat up more money, textbook costs are among the most groan-inducing expenses incurred by college students. With tools like Amazon and chegg.com, only the least resourceful of freshmen are blowing $200 for a brand new textbook these days.

[Victor Luckerson:] ... a new type of textbook is threatening to disrupt a $4.5 billion industry that has so far avoided the media upheavals experienced in music, movies and trade publications. Open-source textbooks.

A report by Victor Luckerson, business.time.com

Victor Luckerson on Twitter

HT: Kathy E Gill, here:

Open source academic publishing goes mainstream w/@time feature on textbooks. tip @zaibatsu #higherEd business.time.com/2012/08/10/fre…

— Kathy E Gill (@kegill) August 10, 2012

August 06 2012


What did people do before #journorequest? - How social media has devalued journalism

... to be discussed:

The Kernel :: Milo Yiannopoulos yearns for the days when journalists were respected as professionals. If we’re so easily replaceable, why are readers returning to quality media in droves? And how do we stop the ridicule and debasement of an essential part of our democracy?

[Milo Yiannopoulos:] .. it makes me sad to see professional journalists pathetically tweeting their needs for every soporific six-paragraph story about Facebook or Apple. What on earth did these people do before #journorequest?

A report by Milo Yiannopoulos, www.kernelmag.com

August 01 2012


Why social media isn't the magic bullet for self-epublished authors

Guardian :: In the third in a series of essays on digital media and publishing, Ewan Morrison, who will appear at the Edinburgh World Writers' Conference, claims that as the project to monetise social media falters the self-epublishing industry's defects will be laid bare.

August 17-21, 2012: Edinburgh World Writers' Conference

A report by Ewan Morrison, www.guardian.co.uk

HT: Margaret E. Atwood, here:

Well worth a thoughtful read: guardian.co.uk/books/2012/jul…Do "social media" stratagems really work for writers/book sales?

— Margaret E. Atwood (@MargaretAtwood) August 1, 2012

July 28 2012


NEH: $1m award to build the Digital Public Library of the future

National Endowment for the Humanities :: The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) today announced a $1 million award to support the incorporation and launch of the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), a groundbreaking project that seeks to digitize and bring together the contents of our nation’s libraries and archives, and make them freely available to all online.

Press release by Paula Wasley, www.neh.gov

HT: Cathy Davidson, here:

Making the dream of National Digital Public Library one step closer to reality! chronicle.com/article/A-Nati…

— Cathy Davidson (@CathyNDavidson) July 28, 2012

July 26 2012


Self-publishing company FastPencil gives some authors more access to Barnes & Noble

paidContent :: Self-publishing company FastPencil is offering some of its authors who pay for its service a better chance to get their books into Barnes & Noble retail stores and featured on Nook merchandising platforms. FastPencil hopes that the offering will help set it apart from free self-publishing platforms like Amazon’s KDP.

A report by Laura Hazard Owen, paidcontent.org

April 28 2012


A CEO willing to dance: MinnPost reaches five years of fundraising with MinnRoast

Niemanlab :: The secret to having a successful nonprofit journalism site? Comedy. Also, a CEO who’s willing to dance. This Friday MinnPost is holding MinnRoast, an event that mixes fundraiser and summer camp talent show.

Continue to read Justin Ellis, www.niemanlab.org


Chicago Sun-Times taking shape under new leadership

Chicago Tribune :: Four months into the latest chapter in its long and colorful history, the direction of the Chicago Sun-Times is a little hard to read. Is it a cutting-edge digital pioneer or sensational throwback tabloid? A quintessential Chicago street paper or a synergistic suburban network? It is undoubtedly an unfolding story.

HT: Jim Romenesko, here:

Chicago Tribune says direction of rival Sun-Times a little hard to read. ("An unfolding story.")trib.in/IA9Ldh

— Romenesko (@romenesko) April 28, 2012


Continue to read Robert Channick, www.chicagotribune.com


Canada: The Globe and Mail wins eight national newspaper awards

Mediacaster :: The Globe and Mail has been lauded with eight 2011 National Newspaper Awards, earning more awards than any other newspaper. The Globe's wins came in the categories of business, arts and entertainment, sports, international reporting, breaking news, explanatory work and politics. The annual awards, considered to be among the top honours for Canadian journalism, were announced at a gala ceremony held this evening in Toronto. Among the winners, Stephanie Nolen, Grant Robertson and Mark MacKinnon each picked up two awards. The Globe and Mail led all newspapers with 24 nominations in 15 categories. With this year's awards, The Globe has won a total of 138 National Newspaper Awards - more than any other Canadian newspaper.

Continue to read Press release, www.mediacastermagazine.com

April 25 2012


Johnston Press: What will our business model be like in 2020?

Do you like to know how Johnston Press wants to transform local media? Then you should spend some minutes to browse through their presentation uploaded by Robert Andrews, paidContent. Johnston Press expects that users will contribute 50% of the content in 2020 (10% in 2011). Also media consumption will substantially change: 75% will be (mostly) mobile instead of the 10% in 2011.

Continue to read Robert Andrews, paidcontent.org


Johnston Press posts £144m loss

Guardian :: Johnston Press crashed to a pre-tax loss of £144m last year, after slashing hundreds of millions of pounds from the book value of its 255 newspapers. The UK's second-largest regional publisher, which under new chief executive Ashley Highfield is making sweeping cuts and changes to its portfolio, has seen a £16.5m pre tax profit in 2010 fall to a £143.8m loss last year.

Continue to read Mark Sweney, www.guardian.co.uk

April 24 2012


Yesterday was World Book Night: Amazon not invited.

Christian Science Monitor :: It was World Book Night, the day when tens of thousands of volunteers in the US and Europe (UK, Ireland, Germany) hand out millions of free books to underserved communities to encourage reading, yesterday. Amazon wasn't asked to participate.

[Carl Lennertz, World Book Night:] The point is to get good books in the hands of people who are underserved because of income or location or other reasons.

Continue to read Husna Haq, www.csmonitor.com

April 20 2012


The DOJ's publishing lawsuit may doom Digital Rights Management

Businessweek :: In the days following the announcement of the U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit against publishers accused of colluding with Apple to raise e-book prices, much of the U.S. publishing industry decamped to the U.K. for the annual London Book Fair. Not surprisingly, the suit was a major topic of conversation at cocktail parties and in booths across the Earls Court Exhibition Centre—in particular speculation about whether the DOJ suit might finally push big publishers to consider easing their requirements for digital rights management (DRM), the controls that keep e-book readers from being able to pass a copy of a title on to a friend.

Continue to read Brad Stone | Felix Gillette, www.businessweek.com

April 15 2012


Penguin, Macmillan and Nosy Crow talk digital books for children

Guardian :: For much of the book publishing world, the move to digital is all about e-books. That brings big challenges (and regulatory scrutiny) around distribution deals and pricing, but less around the actual content and design. For children's books, it's a different story. The text-centric e-books market has seen children's publishers turning their picture-books into apps. A session at the London Book Fair's Digital Minds conference explored the implications with panelists from publishers Macmillan, Penguin and Nosy Crow, and transmedia production firm Starlight Runner Entertainment.

A summary - Continue to read Stuart Dredge, www.guardian.co.uk

April 13 2012


Audible's $20m fund to reward authors using social media to help sales

Guardian :: As bookshops teeter and publishers sway in the shifting landscape of the digital age, authors are being urged to go out and find their own readers by a new $20m (£12.5m) fund that will pay them a dollar for every book sold. With early adopters including Margaret Atwood and FlashForward author Robert Sawyer – who claimed the scheme would have added $20,000 to his income from audio over the past two years – the fund is being launched by digital audiobook site Audible this weekend.

Details - Continue to read Alison Flood, www.guardian.co.uk


68pc of local news readers wouldn’t greatly miss their hometown paper

Poynter :: Pew’s latest report says that 32% of adults say the disappearance of their local paper would have a major impact on their lives. Among people who aren’t that interested in local news, about half say their lives wouldn’t change at all if they didn’t have a local paper. Good, for newspapers, right? But look at it another way:

[Steve Myers:] That means 68 percent of local news enthusiasts don’t believe the disappearance of their local paper would affect their lives in a major way.

A summary - Continue to read Steve Myers, www.poynter.org

March 30 2012


Fashion industry leads: Target your audience with a niche approach instead of advertising

memeburn :: Why spend thousands to advertise in a top-notch magazine while you can start a whole new publication online for the same amount? That is exactly the current mind-set of more and more companies, which have discovered that targeting your audience with a niche approach pays off better than advertising. Why? Well, who wouldn’t like a brand that thinks creatively outside the box? Printing their own publications. The fashion industry seems to be leading the pack with this increasingly popular trend.

Continue to read Talita Calitz, memeburn.com

January 13 2012


Future Publishing sells New York operation for $3m to NewBay Media

Guardian :: Future Publishing has sold off its loss-making New York operation – home to magazines including Guitar World, Revolver and Guitar Aficionado – in a deal worth $3m (£1.9m). Future, which is aiming to reduce its exposure in the US after the division slumped to a $5.6m loss last year, has sold the New York operation to NewBay Media.

Continue to read Mark Sweney, www.guardian.co.uk

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