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September 02 2012


MTV embraces Viddy ("Twitter for Video") for big music show coverage

Beet.TV :: MTV is having scores of its staffers at the September 6 Video Music Awards use Viddy, a video sharing platform that allows users to upload and share 15-second videos, says Colin Helms, MTV's SVP for Digital in this interview with Beet.TV.

A interview by Andy Plesser, www.beet.tv

August 29 2012


Multi-screen world: Insights how consumers use different devices together

Google Mobile Ads :: How many times have you started reading an email on your phone while commuting, and then continued it on your laptop when you got home? Or perhaps you saw a commercial for a new car and then used your tablet to search for the specs and see it in action? If these things sound familiar, that’s because they’re all part of the new norm in multi-screen behavior.

Findings - googlemobileads.blogspot.co.uk

Overview/infographic: Understanding cross-plattform consumer behavior (PDF download link)


Is ABC starting to understand BitTorrent demand?

TorrentFreak :: Interesting news coming out of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) shows that maybe BitTorrent pirates have a point when it comes to not waiting for TV shows. In an attempt to dissuade Aussie punters from torrenting the show, ABC has announced it will offer this weekend’s new Doctor Who episode on its iView service as soon as it finishes airing in the UK.

A report by Ben Jones, torrentfreak.com

Tags: Future-of TV

August 26 2012


TV Guide adds watchlist, curation, and social in major iOS app update

Digital Trends :: TV Guide has released a major update to its iOS app which includes a listing of sources for watching favorite TV shows offline and online, social features and video curation.

A review by Francis Bea, www.digitaltrends.com

August 24 2012


Social TV scorecard: The 10 most social industry sectors?

AdAge :: To look at the usual social-media landscape for brands without the Olympic effect, our editorial partner Bluefin Labs, the Cambridge-Mass.-based social-TV analytics company, has been parsing first-half-of-2012 data to come up with a series of what it's calling Social TV Brand-scape views.

The top 10 social industry sectors - A report by Simon Dumenco, adage.com

August 23 2012


Archant and Tindle join forces for London local TV bid

Guardian :: Newspaper publishers Archant and Tindle have emerged as the owners of LondonTV, the consortium headed by former newspaper executive Richard Horwood that is bidding to run a new local TV channel in the UK capital.

A report by Mark Sweney, www.guardian.co.uk

Tags: Future-of TV

August 22 2012


Deja brings 'lean-back TV streaming' to your devices

NO Camels :: There are a multitude of apps trying to conquer the mobile video space. Israeli startup Deja is one that focuses on a “lean-back” TV experience that requires minimum friction with its users.

A review by Noalee Harel, nocamels.com

August 16 2012


CBS launches ‘Fall Previews’ with new social features

Lost Remote :: We’re halfway through August, which means that the summer’s end is near. Fall TV season is slowly but surely kicking into high gear, and even though it’s not even Labor Day, networks are using social to begin to tease and build buzz for their new shows. Lost Remote has learned exclusively that CBS.com has launched their new “Fall Previews Hub” with some brand new social features.

A report by Natan Edelsburg, www.lostremote.com

August 15 2012


YouTube re-imagined: 505,347,842 channels on every single screen

Gadget Lab | Wired :: The old YouTube you knew (and maybe loved!) is gone. It’s been replaced by something that’s a lot more like a play-anywhere, device-agnostic, multi-channel network. It’s becoming a cable network for people who don’t have cable. YouTube doesn’t want you to watch videos anymore — not in the singular sense, at least. It wants you to stick around and see what comes next.

YouTube re-imagined - A report by Mat Honan, www.wired.com

August 14 2012


Yahoo! ready to launch #Hashout: 'First talk show conducted over social media'

The Wrap :: Yahoo unveiled plans for an upcoming web-streamed talk show Monday that will feature a high profile cast of panelists. Dubbed "#HashOut," the program -- which bills itself as the first talk show to be conducted over social media -- will go live later this month.

A report by Alexander C. Kaufman, thewrap.com

August 13 2012


August 12 2012


Social Media ‘big part of the decision’ to make ‘Anderson’ live

LostRemote :: Anderson Cooper has had a big year. The news anchor and talk show host has continue to grow his influence offline and on the social web. His syndicated talk show Anderson Live (formerly Anderson) just announced it’s season two premiere, and built into the production is a robust social TV strategy to take advantage of the new format. We talk to Executive Producer Terence Noonan about their social TV plans for the new season.

An interview by Natan Edelsburg, www.lostremote.com

August 09 2012


$1b-plus lawsuit: Did Martin Sorrell blow off pledge to investigate Television Audience Measurement?

MediaDaily | MediaPost :: Largely overlooked in the coverage of New Delhi Television’s $1 billion-plus lawsuit against Nielsen and Kantar Media is the fact that Kantar parent WPP is also named as a defendant in the suit. Although WPP CEO Martin Sorrell is not specifically named as a defendant, the suit outlines a meeting he attended in India last year

A report by Steve McClellan, www.mediapost.com

August 08 2012


Digital Generation and Nielsen integrate metrics into TV, video buys

MediaDaily | MediaPost :: Digital Generation, which offers a campaign management platform, has an arrangement with Nielsen to integrate multiple measurement tools into its system for TV and online video buys. The Nielsen products to be melded into the DG platform include the core TV ratings and the fledgling Online Campaign Ratings.

A report by David Goetzl, www.mediapost.com

Official press release: "DG to Integrate Nielsen Data to Deliver Cross-platform Campaign Management and Analytics Suite"

Share source link:

August 07 2012


Live Streaming and new tech: BBC tries to be everywhere at the Olympics

BBC :: The International Olympic Committee has always sought the largest possible television audiences. But new technological capabilities, like those being used by BBC and Sky Italia to make many feeds available simultaneously, may be subtly altering that goal, analysts say. “The priority is still to get as many people as possible watching the Olympics,” said Ben Speight, an analyst at SportBusiness Group in London. “But now they also want the maximum amount of coverage, to give greater exposure to some of the minor sports.”

A report by Eric Pfanner, www.nytimes.com

August 03 2012


Skype partners with Logitech on device that makes video calls via any HDTV

Silicon Republic :: The new Logitech TV Cam HD connects to any HDTV via a HDMI cable to let users make video calls through Skype in high definition, directly from their television set.

A report by Elaine Burke, www.siliconrepublic.com

August 02 2012


DirecTV loses US subscribers for first time

Washington Post :: DirecTV, the country’s largest provider of satellite TV services, is losing subscribers for the first time in second quarter, as, as the company tightened credit policies and consumer appetite for pay-TV services appears to have plateaued.

A report by Associated Press, www.washingtonpost.com

Tags: Future-of TV

July 30 2012


GetGlue's social TV app aims to unify the fragmented second-screen experience

ReadWriteWeb :: GetGlue is set to push out a major update of its social TV app later this summer. The new version, GetGlue HD, aims to take the second-screen experience up a notch by layering video clips and advanced discovery tools on top of the app's legacy check-ins and social chatter. The result is a more comprehensive guide to what's on television, who's watching and what to tune into next.

A review by John Paul Titlow, www.readwriteweb.com


Japanese mobile video channel, NotTV, surpasses 100,000 subscribers

Tech In Asia :: Mmbi Inc.’s NotTV mobile television service has surpassed 100,000 subscribers on July 28, just 119 days after the service began in April. The mobile channel costs 420 yen (or $5.37) per month.

A report by Rick Martin, www.techinasia.com


Fred Graver: TV and social media are going to learn a lot from NBC's Olympics

It is a personal blogpost of Fred Graver, Twitter's head of TV.

When Media Collide :: Mark Lazarus, in an interview with Paid Content, called the net’s Olympic Coverage “a grand experiment” in a 1 Billion dollar lab. From my perspective – and I’ll explain my perspective in a moment – he’s right, and their learning will pay off not only for NBC, but for the entire TV industry.

Real-time, time-shifting and the future of TV - An opinion piece by Fred Graver, www.fredgraver.com

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