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February 20 2010


LG GW990 – The Smart Phone to Beat

This is a really exciting time for the smart phone market with so many surprising new launches. Thereâ??s Google introducing the Nexus One to the public, with the aim of finally taking down the iPhone. And now, the South Korean electronics giant LG has unveiled its latest, greatest mobile phone today â?? the LG GW990. This mobile phone definitely takes the term super phone to a whole different level.

Youâ??ll love the appearance of this phone

For most people, the first thing they consider when buying a mobile phone is the appearance. This is first in their order of priorities, even before checking out the specifications or features or other applications. In this regard, LG does not disappoint with its sleek, black design following the usual candy bar form.

Donâ??t think that the minimalist appearance of this mobile phone would not make it stand out though. After all, how many phones do you know which features a massive screen display of 4.8 inches? The touch screen on this phone is even bigger than the Nexus One and the iPhone. So if youâ??re the type who loves watching video clips or even movies on your mobile phone, then youâ??ll love this particular handset. Whatâ??s even greater is that the colour TFT touch screen boasts of a resolution of 1020 x 480 pixels, which is the best in the market today.

Youâ??ll love the specifications of this phone

However, the list of things youâ??ll love about this phone does not stop there. If you take the time to learn the specifications of this phone, youâ??ll surely be impressed. After all, the LG GW990 is powered by the widely popular Moorestown processor from Intel. This is the more energy efficient version of the Atom processor, which is used to power mini laptops and net books.

Although there is no official word yet as to the clock speed of the Moorestown, it is sure to be at the very least clocking in at 1 Ghz so that it can match Qualcommâ??s Snapdragon, which is the processor used in the Nexus One. The great thing about the Moorestown is that it promises to consume 10 times less energy than other Atom processors, so you can be sure that your battery (Li-Ion 1850 mAh) will last a lot longer than you would normally expect.

Youâ??ll love the features of this phone.

This mobile phone runs a new version of the Linux-based Moblin operating system, although the OS looks a bit similar to the S-Class UI of LG. However, what makes it really stand out in the crowd is its ability to open multiple windows or different applications all at the same time. During the CES show, where it was first introduced to the public, the representative of LG opened and used three different applications simultaneously without the mobile phone slowing down or anything.

This really impressed the audience, because it shows the superiority of the CPU. This ability to open different windows at the same time makes it ideal for multi taskers who love reading their emails while playing a 3D game, or calculating the amount of a meal while browsing through their image gallery.

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January 26 2010


LG GW990 Opens a New Era for Smart Phones

Smart phone technology has been one of the fastest advancing daily-use technologies of today. Already we are seeing reports of better processors and even testing of new network bands such as 4G. Of course, in order to push industry standards, devices that make the most out of current technology have to pave the way. This is probably what the LG GW990 will do for the mobile phone industry. While other smart phones like the HTC Nexus One and the Nokia N900 are impressive devices, their specs are still within the range of what we normally expect from a high end device.

The GW990 goes past expectations in terms of hardware; the main focus of the device is its new Intel Atom processor and the SoC (system on a chip) Moorestown. But with its large dimensions and not so familiar platform, will people warm up to this new device?

Device Specifications

This is one mobile phone that really breaks new ground in terms of specs. The screen alone is large, sized at 4.8 inches diagonally, it makes up for phone’s uncommonly large size. The device is still slim enough to grip comfortably at least. The large screen’s biggest bonus is the 1024 x 480 pixels of resolution, delivering what is the highest resolution available in a mobile phone screen.

The device also comes with 16GB of internal memory and about 512 MB of RAM. We expect the device to be compatible with the latest microSD cards but have yet to confirm if it can handle the newer 64GB SD cards that have been reported to be under production. For power, this mobile phone gets its juice from a massive 1850 mAh lithium ion battery. The large capacity is for more than just increasing usage time; the screen and the new Atom processor would certainly need a lot of power too.

A New Breed of Processors

LG’s brave new direction in mobile phone development does not stay at the exterior level.  Even the core of the phone uses new technology. Unlike most other mobile phones that rely on ARM chips, the LG GW990 will be using the new Intel Atom; Moorestown.

When the device popped up at the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, it was among the many other Moorestown devices at the Intel booth (which included an impressive tablet called Open Speak and the a mobile phone by Aava).

Moorestown relies on the Moblin Linux operating system; and it is quite unlikely that other OS will be used with the chip. Performance wise, the processor handles loading of apps and functions quite easily. It even supports multi tasking. Representatives from the Intel booth are confident that the device handles single and multi threading faster than even a dual Cortex A9 CPU.

Aside from its speed, the new Atom also promises to be more power-friendly, using only a tenth of what previous Atom processors needed.

New Phone, New OS

Details on the exact features on the version of Moblin operating system that is used on the GW990 have not been revealed, but the initial demos showed that the OS will be skinned with the LG S-Class user interface.

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