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September 03 2012


Everywhere: The Democratic National Convention on Facebook, Twitter, Google+

CBSNews :: The 2012 Democratic National Convention kicks off Monday with CarolinaFest 2012 in Charlotte, N.C. Convention proceedings are scheduled to start Tuesday. All of the traditional media outlets will be on the ground covering the event, but this election year the political parties are also ramping up their social media presence.

A report by Chenda Ngak, www.cbsnews.com

August 23 2012


Poll: Which Resources Do You Rely on for Collaboration?

I can't imagine life without the Public Media Group on Facebook. OK, maybe that's a bit of an overstatement -- but I certainly couldn't do my job half as well without it. I was talking about it with a colleague last week, and he mentioned a listserv for data visualization geeks that he finds similarly invaluable. Resources like these enable a kind of ongoing, informal collaboration and run like an unsung power supply throughout the field of journalism. In the Facebook group I mentioned, people debate editorial ethics, offer technical solutions and discuss industry news. Where do you turn for this kind of collaboration? Vote in our poll below for general answers, and get specific in the comments below. We'll be putting together a resource with the best groups in a future post on Collaboration Central.

Which resources

do you rely on most to collaborate with journalists?

This is a summary. Visit our site for the full post ».

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August 20 2012


Revamped Sina Weibo set to come with Google+ style sharing

memeburn :: Chinese blog Techweb claims to have exclusive screenshots of the new version of the social network. The release, called “Version 5″ was first outed as existing by Sina CEO Charles Chao during the company’s earnings call last week.

A report by Nur Bremmen, memeburn.com

August 14 2012


Google+ 'Studio Mode': Self-marketing for musicians

... soon available on GoogleTV (right?). How long will musicians need the music industry?

VentureBeat :: Music over online conference lines or video-conferencing software mostly sucks — because the conferencing world is optimized for voice, not song. Google’s trying to change that — and bolster its social network, Google+ — by adding Studio Mode to Hangouts on Air. Studio Mode is a special treat for audiophiles … and bands that want to connect with fans.

A summary by Johne Koetsier, venturebeat.com


Google+ adds custom URLs for profiles and pages: A first step

Saurabh Sharma on Google+ :: At first, we’re introducing custom URLs to a limited number of verified profiles and pages. But over time we plan to offer custom URLs to many more brands and individuals, so please stay tuned!

The custom URLs will have the form: http://google.com/+davidbeckham

A report by Saurabh Sharma, plus.google.com

HT: Dara Karr, CNET

Tags: Google Plus

July 28 2012


Google+ global unique visitors up 66pc since November

CNET :: A new study from ComScore shows, that the social network's U.S.-based unique visitor tally jumped to 27.7 million last month, up 82% over the 15.2 million people who used the service back in November. On a worldwide scale, Google+ had a similarly strong performance, jumping 66% from 66.8 million unique visitors in November to 110.7 million in June.

A summary of the ComScore findings, by Don Reisinger, news.cnet.com

May 03 2012


Wil Wheaton: Google is making a huge and annoying mistake, 'upgrade to Google Plus'

Wikipedia: Richard William "Wil" Wheaton III (born July 29, 1972) is an American actor and writer. As an actor, he is best known for his portrayals of Wesley Crusher on the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, Gordie Lachance in the film Stand by Me and Joey Trotta in Toy Soldiers.

Wil Wheaton :: I like Google Plus. Some of the smartest people I've ever read are on Google Plus, and the Hangout is amazing. But Google is doing everything it can to force Google Plus on everyone, and it's pissing me off. Yesterday, I tried to like a video on YouTube. I wasn't signed in to my Google Plus account, and this is what I saw:

[Wil Wheaton:] Where the thumbs up and thumbs down used to be, there is now a big G+ Like button. When you go anywhere near it, you get a little popup that tells you to "upgrade to Google plus" for some reason that I don't remember, because the instant I saw it, I made a rageface.

Wil Wheaton has 1,982,290 (May 2, 2012) followers on Twitter.

BLOG: Google is making a huge and annoying mistake. bit.ly/IvlVGg

— Wil Wheaton (@wilw) May 2, 2012

HT: Mathew Ingram, GigaOM

Continue to read Wil Wheaton, wilwheaton.typepad.com

May 02 2012


Bradley Horowitz, invitation: Experimental Hangout session with prominent VC's

Bradley Horowitz | Google+ :: We're going to be doing Hangout on Air sessions with prominent VC's and angel investors. In the next few weeks we'll get started with: John Lilly of Greylock Ventures, Chris Dixon of Founder Collective, Roger McNamee of Elevation Partners, John Borthwick of Betaworks. For each session, we're hoping to find 6-8 interested and interesting entrepreneurs, students, or fans of tech investing to lob questions at the respective VC's.


HT: Meghan Kelly, VentureBeat

Continue to read Bradley Horowitz, plus.google.com

Tags: Google Plus VC

April 25 2012


Google+ enables photo sharing from Google Drive

You can easily test it yourself if you login to your Google+ account, click on the camera icon in your timeline. A new option will appear which offers you the opportunity to select a photo from Google Drive as well.

The Next Web :: Backing-up photos is one of the most popular uses of cloud storage services and, with that in mind, it is no surprise to see that Google has made it easy for Google+ users to share images from its new Google Drive service.


Continue to read Jon Russell, thenextweb.com


Google+ gets its own 'share' button

CNET :: On the same day it released its Google Drive, the Web giant has introduced a Google+ share button. Like Facebook's share buttons, the new red and white button will allow Web site developers to help Google+ users spread the site's content on Google's social network.

Continue to read Steven Musil, news.cnet.com

April 20 2012


Community hangout – lessons learned from the experiment

Last week Net2 Local organizers community participated in the very first Google + Hangout. Local innovators gathered to experiment with the (not so much) new Google tool.

Lesson #1 – if you want to experiment – do it openly, it is more fun and you can learn much more

Overall, the experiment was a very good experience, mostly because we did it together - community members from Adelaide, Manchester, Philadelphia, Vancouver, Tokyo, Singapore and Warsaw. There are few things we can examine together in real time, being able to see each other at the same time. The experimental hangout was announced on the Net2 Local organizers Google list in order to keep it inside the community, but also open – anybody from the community could join any time. There was no schedule, except the “opening hour”. We had surprise show ups from Vancouver and Tokyo but also very devoted group to try out every possible g+ hangout app almost for the entire hour. Now we all know that it works on ipads (but they don’t show the chat bar) and that one can wear fake pirate hat during all the meeting. However, there is no more cat face app anymore. 

print screen on Net2 hangout

Lesson #2 – Know who to invite and keep them in a circle

One of the problems I didn’t think about was that a hangout can be open to all the people from your circles. It means that you need to have them in a circle before you start a hangout. If you want to hang out with people who are not yet in any of your circles, make sure you have easy access either to their e-mails or to their g+ accounts. I got stuck for 10 min trying to invite people to private chat and finding their e-mails. It would be easier to have all the addresses on the list or a circle ready to be used.
I tried to bypass this by opening the meeting completely and doing it as a “public” one, but it finished with a social disaster and awkwardness when the meeting was joined by 3 strangers who just kept on staring at me plus one guy who kept on singing (aloud) disturbing the meeting (and yes, you can mute somebody and yes, you can block somebody too – it is a very useful tool)

Lesson #3 – Experiment together

If you do it for the first time and most of the attendees are not familiar with it as well, put aside some time to experiment with it and with all the apps too. There is nothing but benefits here. You as the organizer will feel safer, because you get some more time to manage the tool while everybody’s having fun. And at the end, we all feel safer using all the shiny and playful new toys.

Have you got any experiences with Google+ Hangout tool? Do you have any more tips? Any special “how to” ingredients or methods? Please share it in the comments.

I want also to thank to my dear beta testers: Ben, Steven, Aseem, Seth, Elijah and Ichi.

We will come back to the Hangouts soon, so stay tuned!

April 19 2012


Gmail now "plussed": Adds more content from your friends on Google+

The Next Web :: The latest project to get further “Plussed” is Gmail, and the features are actually quite handy. The “people” widget that shows up when you hover over one of your friends in Gmail, will now include thumbnails of recent photos and videos they’ve posted on Google+, along with the other recent updates they’ve shared.

Reported by - Continue to read Drew Olanoff, thenextweb.com

April 16 2012


How Authorship (and Google+) will change linkbuilding

SEOmoz :: Google's relationship with links has changed over the last 15 years - it started out as a love affair but nowadays the Facebook status would probably read: "It's Complicated". I think Google are beginning to suffer from trust issues, brought about by well over a decade of the SEO community manipulating the link graph. In this post I'm going to lay out how I think Authorship, and Google+ are one of the ways that Google are trying to remedy this situation.

Continue to read Tom Anthony, www.seomoz.org

April 14 2012


Google+ live streaming functionality will feature Republican National Convention

SlashGear :: Google’s social network is still working on gaining ground and differentiating itself in the marketplace. But perhaps it may have just found the thing that could really bring in droves of new fans – it will offer live streaming coverage of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida later this year.

Continue to read Mark Raby, www.slashgear.com

Tags: Google Plus

April 12 2012


Google+ redesign - Mohamed Mansour: Thank you for breaking all my apps and extensions

Google+ :: Change is good, but you know what is even better? Relationship with your third party developer community who technically spend hundreds of hours building on top of this platform for free. Where the hell is the transition period? My extensions and apps were downloaded way over two millions times from the last 10 months. ...

Hat tip: Michelle Atagana, memeburn

Continue to read Mohamed Mansour, plus.google.com

Tags: Google Plus

March 28 2012


Google+ Hangout now supports further collaboration: SlideShare and Cacoo

TechCrunch :: Not to load you up on Google news today or anything, but in addition to the launch of Google’s new Activity Reports this morning, the company is also announcing the arrival of some of its first fully featured apps for Google+ Hangouts. For the most part, the starter set of Hangout apps are designed for having fun and playing games with others, save for the addition of +SlideShare and +Cacoo. Arguably the two most practical new arrivals, SlideShare’s app lets Google+ users view presentations, documents and videos together, while +Cacoo supports wire-framing, mind-mapping and collaborative diagramming.

Continue to read Sarah Perez, techcrunch.com

Tags: Google Plus

March 18 2012


'Locked' - Google’s moves raise questions about ‘Don’t be evil’ motto

Press Of Atlantic City :: With its “Don’t Be Evil” motto, Google has always held itself to a higher moral standard. Now Google observers, including many longtime admirers of the search giant, say the Mountain View, Calif., company is behaving more like something it vowed never to become: a conventional company where the bottom line drives decisions.

[Mike Swift:] Google has about 12 times the revenue, 11 times the employees and arguably far more power over the Internet than it had when it proclaimed its idealism and went public in 2004.

The signs of that transformation in recent months include an illegal ad deal, a string of privacy violations, an altered privacy policy that a key regulator called “brutal” for consumers and a change in search results that appear to favor Google’s own social network, Google+, over competitors.

But as the Internet evolves to a more social and mobile Web where a search engine can no longer tie everything together, Google is threatened as never before.

Locked in intense competition - Continue to read Mike Swift, www.pressofatlanticcity.com

February 28 2012


Google+ users are spending less time on site

Business Week :: Google+’s U.S. users averaged just 3.3 minutes on the site in January, down from the previous month and a fraction of the time Facebook’s members devoted to its service, according to research firm ComScore Inc. The average amount of time spent on Google Inc.’s social network declined from 4.8 per minutes in December and 5.1 minutes in November

Continue to read Brian Womack, www.businessweek.com

Tags: Google Plus

February 11 2012


"Now is the time to quit Facebook" - A movement explained

ReadWriteWeb :: Last week's overvalued IPO, and the fact that Mark Zuckerberg owns more than a quarter of the world's largest social network and refuses to share the cash has put many users over the edge. But months before the IPO rumor even surfaced, there were plenty of folks who had already left Facebook for Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. They are happy to tell you why they left, and they encourage you to do the same. They have joined together on other social networks - Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ - to discuss why they left Facebook, or why they're thinking about leaving Facebook.

Continue to read Alicia Eler, www.readwriteweb.com

January 29 2012


"The President of the United States is on the phone." Like to Hangout on Google+?

O'Reilly Radar :: We're suddenly very close to science fiction becoming reality television, live streamed to large and small screens around the world. On Monday, January 30th, 2012, the fireside chats that FDR hosted on citizens' radios in the 20th century will have a digital analogue in the new millennium: President Barack Obama will host a Google+ Hangout from the West Wing, only a few weeks after the White House joined Google+.

Continue to read Alex Howard, radar.oreilly.com

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