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April 15 2012


Video Ad Units Must be Interactive, Ari Bluman, 24/7 Real Media

Video is enjoying a huge surge in demand says Ari Bluman, president of 24/7 Real Media, a unit of WPP. 

He says in this interview with Beet.TV that 80 percent of RFP's for digital campaigns from advertisiers now include video.

For the industry to succeed with the emerging medium,  it needs to provide creative, interactive units, not just the standard pre-roll and overlay ads. 

This was a reason for the acquisition last year of video ad services firm Panache.

We spoke with Bluman at the IAB Digital Video conference last week.

Andy Plesser



Innovid Expands Interactive Ad Offering with Self-Service Toolbox

Innovid, the New York-based interactive video ad firm that has set the standard for interactive pre-roll with their iRoll product, has recently expanded their service, enabling individuals and small enterprises to create and publish interactive pre-roll in minutes.

In this video interview, Innovid CEO Zvika Netter explains that agencies and publishers can now use Innovid’s iRoll completely self-serviced.  "They can create an iRoll literally within minutes, by themselves."  He explains that, using iRoll, "Anybody can take any existing pre-roll and make it interactive…and run it at scale" on all of the major video ad networks in the United States, from MSN to AOL, Yahoo, and all the major TV networks’ websites.

Netter also talks about another recent announcement from Innovid—agencies and publishers using iRoll can now easily create interactive pre-roll to be screened across multiple devices.  He explains that Innovid is now making it easy "to build it once and run it everywhere."

We interviewed Netter at the IAB Digital Video conference in New York.  Watch the full interview to find out more about what Innovid is doing with interactive video advertising, and how they dealing with the cross-platform issue.

Netter also discusses some of the most popular interactive features of the iRoll, including slideshows, long-form content, ticket sales, coupons and more.


Megan O’Neill


OneScreen Readies Syndication Platform for Publishers

OneScreen, the Irvine, California-based video services company which helps publishers including Dow Jones get content on a variety of platforms, is readying a content syndication platform called Express for Web Publishers.

We spoke with OneScreen CEO Atul Patel at the IAB Digital Video conference last week.


Interactive Video Units Essential, IAB's Seneca Mudd

Interactivity around in-stream video advertising is essential as publishers and marketers seek value in the emerging medium, says Seneca Mudd, Director of Industry Initiatives at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) says in this interview with Beet.TV

We spoke at the conclusion of last week's IAB Digital Video marketplace where Mudd moderated several sessions. 



eMarketer's David Hallerman on the Pardoxical State of Online Video

While online video advertising is expected to jump 54 percent this year, faster than any form of media, according to eMarketer, the industry faces multiple challenges around the emerging medium says David Hallerman, Principal Analyst at eMarketer in this interview with Beet.TV

He sizes up the state of the industry as a parodox where viewers are consuming more videos on more devices, "converging" around the new medium while at the same time the media is fragmenting around multiple devices.

We spoke with Hallerman at the IAB Digital Video summit last week in New York.

April 12 2012


DG's MediaMind and 24/7 Media Have Strategic Partnership

24/7 Media has endorsed DG's MediaMind technology as its preferred platform to third party online video advertising serving, the two companies announced today.

Earlier this week, we spoke with MediaMind GM Gal Trifon about MediaMind and its recent study of completion rates for pre-rolls. 

We interviewed him the IAB Digtal Video conference in New York.

Andy Plesser



Multi-screen Campaigns Drive Brand Lift by 9X, Videology Finds

Advertisers can significantly boost awareness and engagement with ads by using multiple digital platforms, says Todd Bender, VP of Business Development at online video technology firm Videology  during an exclusive interview with Beet.TV at the IAB Marketplace-Digital Video event this week in New York. Videology has released research recently to highlight convergence opportunities.

Those studies show that campaigns run across mobile, the Web and connected TV can bring a nine times increase in brand lift compared to campaigns just run with online video, Bender tell us. He also explains the particular benefits of each medium, and how mobile drives more click throughs, but completion rates are longest in connected TVs, for instance.

Daisy Whitney



Ogilvy's Rob Davis: Standards Needed for Premium Video Content

NEW YORK -- The online video business is in need for standards to make buying ads easier and that includes standards around premium content, says Rob Davis, Executive Director Advanced Video Practice at Ogilvy, during an exclusive interview with Beet.TV at the IAB Marketplace-Digital Video event this week in New York. 

The industry is making progress towards better standards and the IAB released a new set of standards for video this week, including for skippable ads. But what's also needed are standards for what constitutes premium content, Davis suggests in this interview. "I would define it as content developed for the Web for a higher end of target audience, not amateur or user-generated, and with a specific audience in mind," he tells us.

Davis also discusses ad loads, interactive elements, and the growth in choice-based ads. The storytelling needs in online video ads are changing quickly, Davis says, explaining how marketers can rethink their approach in this video interview.

Daisy Whitney


FreeWheel Inks Deal with NBC to Power Olympics Ad Insertion

Online video technology provider FreeWheel scored a big win when it inked a deal recently with NBC to deliver and insert ads dynamically into Olympics programming this summer. 

We caught up with JoAnna Foyle Abel, VP of Marketing at FreeWheel at the IAB Marketplace - Digital Video event this week in New York to discuss the challenges of live sports programming in digital venues.

FreeWheel will handle the ad management for the Games across digital platforms, a daunting task for the 3000 hours of live programming NBC will carry online. Ads can be managed and delivered in a similar form to TV ads, and with guidelines on where and when they should be placed with a pod, FreeWheel has said.

She also talked to us about cross-platform ad strategies. She says media companies need to think about creative for ads and whether the ads they make can scale across devices, sites and different formats. For more details, check out this video interview.

Daisy Whitney

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