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January 28 2012


Blip's Steve Woolf: Web Video Success Comes from Targeting "Narrow Niches"

LAS VEGAS - Steve Woolf, VP of Content for Blip.tv, says that success in creating original Web video content comes from targeting  and connecting with "narrow niches" of special interest groups. 

We caught up with him earlier this month at the International Academy of Web Television Awards at CES. 

Blip.tv won the IAWTV Award for best video platform.  While the win wasn't a true industry triumph as neither YouTube or Vimeo were nominated, it was a clear acknowledgment by the Academy for the big video site's role in cultivating so many aspiring web creators.  

The site served 300 million video views in December, Woolf told me today via email.

Andy Plesser

Disclosure:  Beet.TV uses Blip.tv as its primary publishing platform and has a commercial arrangement.


January 26 2012


Outrigger Media Links Brands and Web Producers in New Marketplace

LAS VEGAS -- Online video advertising firm Outrigger Media is gearing up to launch its content marketplace OpenSlate Studios in March, said Mike Henry, CEO of Outrigger Media during an interview with Beet.TV at CES.

Currently in beta, OpenSlate Studios pairs content producers with brands using qualitative data on the audience makeup, consumer habits and social sharing, he explained. The platform is designed to connect independent producers as well as TV producers with relevant brands.

The New York-based company has 3000 producers using the platform.

We interviewed Henry at the reception for the International Academy of Web Television Awards at he Venetian. 


January 24 2012


iJustine Expands Role with SpikeTV

LAS VEGAS Web star iJustine is slated to host live convention coverage at Comic-Con and E3 for Spike TV on the heels of the work she just did at CES for the network, she told Beet.TV during an interview at CES.

At CES, she fronted Spike's live coverage of the show along with Hollywood star Eliza Dushku. Ezarik has been hosting for Spike TV for about a year and also remains a tremendously popular online star.

Achieving Web success is harder these days because the competition is greater and technology is cheaper, she said. "The hard part is breaking through and making something different that people want to watch and finding the audience and making them happy," she said.

We caught up with her at the pre event reception for the IAWTV Awards at the Venetian.



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"My Damn Channel" Preps for YouTube Originals Launch

LAS VEGAS -- Digital programmer My Damn Channel is slated to launch an originals channel with YouTube in a few weeks as part of YouTube's new content programmer initiative, said Rob Barnett, CEO of My Damn Channel, in an interview with Beet.TV at CES.

So far, 2012 is shaping up to be a strong year for online video with brands and marketers returning with bigger business and repeat spending in online video, he said. What's more, distributors are starting to pay more for original programming. My Damn Channel's project with YouTube centers on a 30-minute live weekly comedy series with 10-minute daily episodes. Other programmers in the YouTube initiative include Wall Street Journal, The Onion, Lionsgate, Fremantle, Hearst and more.

We interviewed Barnett at the IAWTV Awards.  He is a board member of the organization.



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Fine Bros Win IAWTV Award, Prep for Launch of New YouTube Show

Online video superstars The Fine Brothers nabbed an inaugural IAWTV award at the recent CES show for their latest Web series Kids React, which has been generating about 1 million views per episode for each of the 45 episodes so far. We caught up with Ben and Rafi Fine, the creators of the show at CES.

The Fine Brothers are making money on the show via the YouTube partner program, they said. They are also launching a scripted 42-episode weekly narrative sitcom as part of YouTube's new original channels initiative. At the IAWTV awards, Kids React won Best Variety Web Series. In the show, kids age five to fourteen shared their thoughts on pop culture, news and trends.

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January 18 2012


Video Expansion Underway at Huffington Post as Arianna Readies "Fearless Living"

LAS VEGAS -- The Huffington Post has become increasingly video centric as the giant news site integrates video into most of its pages, says Karen Cahn,  General Manger of Branded Experiences for AOL, in this inteview with Beet.TV

Among the new Web-original shows being readied is one starring Arianna Huffington called "Fearless Living," based" the the founder's book about life choices.  The show debuts this spring.

Today, comScore said that AOL had 40 million unique video viewer watching 450 million videos in December.

I spoke with Cahn at the awards program for the International Academy of Web Television on Thursday evening at the Venetian.  Below is a photo of Cahn and the IAWTV chairman Paul Kontonis, a VP at Digitas.




January 17 2012


Yahoo! Passes Facebook for Video Views in December, comScore

Yahoo! has passed Facebook and has essentially tied with Vevo as the second most popular video site on the Web, according to December numbers released by comScore this morning.  The most popular site remains YouTube.

In November, Yahoo trailed Vevo and Facebook in video views, comScore reported.

"We're Gonna Go Crazy with Video in 2012"

Last week at CES, we spoke with Yahoo's video chief Erin McPherson about the company's video efforts which includes a new assocation with Tom Hanks and his animated program Electric City.

Ramping up production, she says "we're gonna go crazy with video in 2012."

We taped this interview at the International Academy of Web Television Awards where Yahoo was a sponsor.  Below is photo of McPherson and Paul Kontonis, chairman of the IAWTV and a VP at Digitas.


Andy Plesser


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Kevin Pollak Finds Big Audience, Creative Freedom with Live Web Program

LAS VEGAS -- Stand-up comedian and actor Kevin Pollak has some 100,000 live viewers of his talk show -- along with one million monthly downloads of the show on iTunes, he tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

He says its growth has come from Twitter and word of mouth, with no traditional marketing. 

We spoke with him after the IAWTV Awards on Thursday night where he was nominated in several catetories but received none.   Shira Lazar of What's Trending nabbed the live show awards.

While he enjoys the freedom of the show, he's "not giving up his day job," and will be co-starring in four upcoming films, he says.

Andy Plesser




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January 16 2012


Rachael Hip-Flores Wins Best Performance in Web Drama for "Anyone But Me"

LAS VEGAS, "Anyone But Me," a scripted web series about gay, straight and ethnically diverse young people in relationships, won two IAWTV web video awards on Thursday night; one for best writing and one for Rachel Hip-Flores who grabbed best female performance, drama.

After the award we interviewed Hip-Flores and the shows producers and writers Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward.


Andy Plesser


Hollywood Writer Gets Boost for Web Series with Glowing New Yorker Review

LAS VEGAS -- Jane Espenson, a veteran Hollywood TV writer and producer, has been getting noticed for her Web series, a comedy about a newly married gay couple titled "Husbands."

We caught up with her on Thursday evening at the IAWTV Awards where she was a presenter.

She said was suprised and delighted with a very positive review of the series by Emily Nussbaum in The New Yorker.  

Andy Plesser


Tags: CES2012 IAWTV

IAWTV to Partner with YouTube and Yahoo! in 2012

LAS VEGAS,  The International Academy of Web Television, which held its first awards program on Thursday night at CES, will have partnerships with YouTube and Yahoo this year, says the organization's chairman Paul Kontonis in this interview with Beet.TV

We spoke with him after the ceremony on Thursday evening.  

Kontonis said the partnerships with the giant video sites will involves educating and organizing a global community of Web video creators, along with content creation.   In an email message he explained:

"Educational events with YouTube to help creators best use their platform. Yahoo is committed to developing original web series programming and we will be supporting their efforts and helping bring the best ideas to life."

He also said that plans are underway for next year's awards.

Below is a photo of Kontonis with Yahoo's Erin McPherson, VP and head of video programming. Yahoo was one of the sponsors of the awards program.


Andy Plesser






January 14 2012


Shira Lazar and "What's Trending" Nab Four Web Video Awards

LAS VEGAS, Shira Lazar and her live show "What's Trending," won four awards at the International Academy of Web Television gala ceremony held Thursday night at CES

She and her team were honored for best live host, live program, directing and social interaction.  

After the ceremony, I spoke with her about the show and the value of live web programming.

Earlier in the day, Lazar hosted a live "What's Trending" show at the Venetian with Robert Scoble, Veronica Belmont, iJustine and Eliza Dushko.  Vizio sponsored.

Andy Plesser

Tags: CES2012 IAWTV
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