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July 01 2013


Kick-start ‘Upstate Girls’

For nearly a decade, photographer Brenda Ann Kenneally has followed the lives of a group of young women living in Upstate New York. The stories of the women of Troy, NY are an intimate and powerful look at the cycle of class separation and economic inequality facing many Americans today.

Working in collaboration with students at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and the Visual Studies Workshop (VSW), Kenneally has been building a multi-platform documentary titled Upstate Girls to tell these stories. The project has now reached a point where its contributors’ hard work and good intentions need financial support. You can help them complete their work on Kickstarter.


According to the 2010 census approximately 20% of the households in Troy are headed by single females. Their jobs have evolved from the factory work of the industrial revolution that earned Troy the name “Collar City” to the post industrial service sector jobs like Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonalds, and other big box food chains that are now cemented in the American landscape. What has remained constant is the women of Troy’s ability to draw on their maternal skills to power them through long days at work and huge family demands when they return home.

The Upstate Girls project is not only a document of the America that we all share with these women, but more importantly a story of the emotional connections that are universal to being human.

The Project

The project’s goal is to create a platform for deep exploration of the complex issues inherent to Upstate Girls‘ stories through an interactive web documentary. Visitors will be able to discover the lives of the women of Troy through videos, photographs, letters, historical documents and scrapbooks and tie the pieces of the stories together in their own way.

The second phase of this work will be to open the database of information Kenneally has gathered over the past 9 years to those people who can activate change. It is the photographer’s hope that this project will reach beyond the traditional audience of documentary photography and news to support research and change.

How to Help

Your donation will help access the resources needed to bring Upstate Girls to its full potential. The students at both RIT and VSW will benefit greatly from collaboration with professional web designers, web programmers, and video editors.

Donate to the campaign by July 24, 2013 to help finance these expenses. Visit the Upstate Girls Kickstarter, Facebook, and Twitter page for more information.

June 27 2013


Introducing the Newest MediaStorm Workshop: Editing Workflows

MediaStorm is proud to announce our newest workshop, Editing Workflows. This one day workshop is a deep dive into the 200-plus step workflow that MediaStorm producers use every day to organize and create our films.

Led by producers Eric Maierson and Tim McLaughlin, participants will learn the keys to organizing and working with large scale projects.

While some editing techniques will be discussed, this workshop is primarily focused on methodology. We’ll be sharing the editing workflow we’ve refined over 7 years to produce more than 200 projects.

This workshop uses Premiere Pro and Aperture, though the principles apply to Final Cut 7 as well.

Applications are now being accepted online.

Upcoming Dates

  • Saturday, August 10, 2013 – Apply by July 10, 2013
  • Saturday, September 7, 2013 – Apply by August 7, 2013

Workshop Details

  • Tuition for selected participants is $500
  • Workshops will be held at MediaStorm’s office and will start at 10 am and end at 6 pm with an hour for lunch
  • Attendees are responsible for their own room and board during the workshop.

Topics covered include:

  • Creating paper and radio cuts
  • Efficient logging
  • Techniques for quickly locating b-roll
  • Syncing two camera interviews
  • Working with large picture archives
  • Exporting and encoding
  • Archiving

Workflow Resources

June 19 2013


Learn to Connect With Your Subjects In New Les Rencontres d’Arles Workshop

Jonathan Torgovnik, photographer and MediaStorm contributor, will teach “An emphasis on the ‘other,’” during the 2013 international festival of photography, Les Rencontres d’Arles. The week-long workshop will dive into the unspoken language and emotional connections between photographer, subject, and environment.

Participants will navigate through the intimate and, at times, intense process of creating a successful portrait, with an emphasis on photographing people in their personal environments, in and around their homes, workplaces, or on the street.

Registration is available online.

About the Workshop

Date: July 8-13, 2013
Location: Arles (Provence, France)
Fee: 780€
Summary: Participants will learn how to meet the challenges of establishing a deep connection with subjects in a relatively short period of time. The workshop addresses the different approaches required when photographing a personal project, or on assignment, exploring a range of light sources, but always with emphasis on keeping it simple and personal. Course content includes:

  • Introduction to photography as a profession
  • One-to-one interview and definition of a photographic project
  • Analysis of the participant’s earlier work and assessment of his/her level
  • Daily photography sessions
  • Individual and group analysis of the previous day’s work
  • Selection of photos with a view to creating a series
  • Discussion of possible outlets
  • One-to-one final interview

About Les Rencontres d’Arles

Les Recontres d’Arles is a summer festival of photography, founded in 1970 by photographer Lucien Clergue, writer Michael Tournier and historian Jean-Maurice Rouquette. The festival shows mostly unseen materials and features over 60 exhibitions, often co-produced with French and foreign museums and institutions. It’s objectives are to come up with new photographic processes, to be aware of the use of new techniques and to offer new concepts in photographic exhibition and a genuine connection with the image.

More information is available on Rencontres-Arles.com.

June 17 2013


Create More Advanced Stories at Maine Media Intermediate Multimedia Workshop

In a week-long workshop, instructors Brad Horn, video journalist at The Washington Post, and Coburn Dukehart, picture and multimedia editor at NPR.org, will build on introductory principles to explore multimedia storytelling’s most common tools in greater depth. Under their expert supervision students will find, shoot and produce multimedia stories using still and video cameras during a week that includes intense daily critiques, lectures and demonstrations.

Register for the workshop on the Maine Media Workshops + College website.

About the Workshop

Date: August 18-24, 2013
Location: Rockport, ME; lodging available
Tuition: $1,095
Class Size: 15
Course Summary: Students learn the basics of shooting video interviews and setting up audio for those interviews. Principals of integrating stills and audio with video are also discussed in detail. Additionally, students are introduced to Apple’s Final Cut Pro as a means to edit and produce the stories they shoot.

Visit workshop page for more information.

About Maine Media

The mission of Maine Media Workshops and Maine Media College is to build dynamic educational communities that foster creative vision, craftsmanship and expression in the media arts. Over the last 40 years, the Workshops has influenced thousands of people – allowing them to remove themselves from the demands of everyday life and join a passionate community committed to learning a new skill or improving one’s work. Visit MaineMedia.edu for more information.

May 21 2013


Eddie Adams Workshop Now Accepting Applications

The Eddie Adams Workshop has announced that the 26th Workshop, which will be held October 11th – 14th, 2013 in Jeffersonville, New York, is now accepting applications.

The Workshop is one of the premier photojournalism events for students and young professionals. It’s a weekend that offers an excellent opportunity to meet the top photojournalists in the world, and to work alongside the best photo editors in the business.


Apply online by May 31st, 2013.

Workshop Details

The Eddie Adams Workshop is an intense four-day gathering of the top photography professionals, along with 100 carefully selected students. The photography workshop is tuition-free, and the 100 students are chosen based on the merit of their portfolios.

May 14 2013


Alexia Foundation Hosts Exhibition: Eyes on the World

Awa Balde, 5, cries after being circumcised. Once a girl passes through the rite of circumcision, she is considered a respectable prospect for marriage. A future husband will sometimes pay a dowry to claim a bride before she becomes a teenager. Photo by Ami Vitale courtesy of Alexia Foundation

The Alexia Foundation will host the opening night of “Eyes on the World” at 25CPW Gallery on June 20th, 2013 in New York, New York.

The evening will feature current work on the clothes factory collapse in Bangladesh, an intimate look at domestic violence, and 2011 Alexia Foundation grant award winner Amanda Berg’s story on teenage binge drinking entitled “Keg Stand Queens.”

Event Details

“Eyes on the World”
25CPW Gallery (located at 62nd Street and Central Park West)
Thursday, June 20th, 2013
6:00 to 9:00pm

“Eyes on the World” will be on display at 25CPW Gallery Friday – Sunday, June 21st to June 23rd, 2013.

A lecture by photographer Amanda Berg will be open to the public on Saturday, June 22nd, 2013 at 4:00pm.


Admission is free. Donations to support The Alexia Foundation are encouraged. Please RSVP to sarahbeth@alexiafoundation.org or 718-753-7607.

More Information

For more information, see the Alexia Foundation event page.

September 05 2012


MediaStorm 2013 Workshop Dates Announced

Methodology photo

We are excited to be entering into our sixth training year at MediaStorm. Each year our workshops attract leading industry professionals looking to advance their multimedia and storytelling skills. We’ve now had more than 100 participants come through our professional workshops and we continue to be humbled by how much they take away from the experience.

John Temple, now managing editor at the Washington Post, told us that our Methodology Workshop gave him, “time to stop and step into a different way of seeing journalism.” He said, “I came away inspired by what’s possible if we commit to a different way of thinking about stories.”

After taking our Storytelling Workshop, Simon Schorno, head of media relations for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in North America, had the following to say, “The passion of the entire MediaStorm crew for documentary storytelling, their professionalism, their willingness to share what they know and their commitment to help the team produce something we could all be proud of were outstanding.”

Each year our workshop participants remind us what an exciting time it is for our industry and how important it is to keep learning and innovating.

In 2013 we’ll be offering three Methodology, three Storytelling, and four One-day workshops at our studio in Brooklyn, NY. We are looking forward to another exciting, innovative and challenging training year. We hope you’ll be able to join us.

MediaStorm Workshop Dates 2013

MediaStorm provides intensive, hands-on educational experiences through our One-day, Methodology, Storytelling and Traveling Workshops. We’ll be offering the following courses in 2013:

January 12 One-day Workshop January 14-18 Methodology Workshop March 23-29 Storytelling Workshop April 20 One-day Workshop July 20-26 Storytelling Workshop August 12-16 Methodology Workshop September 21 One-day Workshop October 19 One-day Workshop November 2-8 Storytelling Workshop December 9-13 Methodology Workshop

Applications are now open. Apply now.

About Our Workshops

MediaStorm offers an array of in-person workshops and online training opportunities to meet your learning needs.

MediaStorm One-day Workshop
One-day overview session focused on the art of digital storytelling.

MediaStorm Methodology Workshop
This workshop is tailored to professionals who want to integrate MediaStorm methods into their curriculum or approach to storytelling.

MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop
Collaborate with a team to research, shoot and produce a documentary project in just one week. Work as a field reporter, editor or observer as part of crew dedicated to the telling of one story. See products from previous MediaStorm Storytelling Workshops.

Online Training
If you’re not able to join us in Brooklyn this year, consider signing up for a one-year subscription to our Online Training. Pay just one fee for more than six hours of video tutorials with MediaStorm staff on reporting and post-production.

We hope you can join us for another great year of workshops in 2013!

Fall 2012 Workshops

We have three remaining workshops in 2012:

October 20 One-day Workshop *Apply by Sept. 28 November 3-9 Storytelling Workshop *Apply by Sept. 12 December 10-14 Methodology Workshop *Apply by Nov. 9

Fall 2012 applications deadlines are approaching. Apply now.

Learn more about our upcoming 2012 and 2013 workshops at mediastorm.com/train.

August 31 2012


Aftermath Project 2013 Grant Cycle Opens

aftermathThe Aftermath Project 2013 grant cycle is now open. The project will be awarding one $20,000 grant for 2013 and naming four finalists. The work of the grant winner and finalists will be published in “War is Only Half the Story, Vol Seven.”

Apply for this years grant at http://www.theaftermathproject.org/.
Application deadline November 5, 2012.

The Aftermath Project is a non-profit organization committed to telling the other half of the story of conflict — the story of what it takes for individuals to learn to live again, to rebuild destroyed lives and homes, to restore civil societies, to address the lingering wounds of war while struggling to create new avenues for peace. Grant proposals should reflect an understanding of this mission and may relate to the aftermath of numerous kinds of conflict, not just international wars.

The project holds a yearly grant competition open to working photographers worldwide covering the aftermath of conflict. In addition, through partnerships with universities, photography institutions and non-profit organizations, the project seeks to help broaden the public’s understanding of the true cost of war — and the real price of peace — through international traveling exhibitions and educational outreach in communities and schools.

Learn more and see previous grant winners’ work at www.theaftermathproject.org.

August 15 2012


Attend Ignite Your Passion: Next Generation Video Workshop

NPPF logoDon’t miss this opportunity to share the excitement and drive for excellence with some of the top visual journalists in the country. Whether you’re just starting your career or are a seasoned professional, this weekend workshop will inspire and IGNITE YOUR PASSION to push to the next level of video storytelling.

Ignite Your Passion Workshop Details

September 14-16, 2012
Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Paul.
$50 General | $40 NPPA Members | $20 Students
Space is limited. Early registration recommended.
Learn more and apply.

This event is sponsored by Gannett Foundation, KARE 11, KUSA-TV, and National Press Photographers Foundation.


Learn more and apply at nppf.org.

Contact bmiddeke@kare11.com with questions about the workshop.

August 10 2012


FotoVisura Pavilion in San Juan Announced

FotoVisura Pavilion San JuanFotoVisura is delighted to announce The 2012 FotoVisura Pavilion in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This four-day contemporary photography event celebrates international and local photography through exhibitions, panel talks, and a portfolio consultation and review.

The event will run from August 30 to September 2, 2012 and will feature exhibitions including “Beyond War: Mexico’s Drug War” by Guest Curator Whitney Johnson, director of photography at The New Yorker, “Falling Eyelids: A Fotonovela” written, directed and photographed by ADÁL, and “Interpolations” featuring Migdalia Luz Barens-Vera.

Exhibitions at the 2012 FotoVisura Pavilion

Beyond WarBeyond War: Mexico’s Drug War
Guest Curator Whitney Johnson, Director of Photography at The New Yorker

Featuring: Eunice Adorno (Mexico City, Mexico), Dominic Bracco II (Texas, US), Alejandro Cartagena (Santo Domingo, Domincan Republic), and Katie Orlinsky (New York, US).

Description: Description: In “Beyond War: Mexico’s Drug War” four young photographers share their perspectives on the ongoing conflict. Each looks beyond the graphic violence to examine the impact of the war on particular communities.

Falling EyelidsFalling Eyelids: A Fotonovela
Written, Directed and Photographed (1979) by ADÁL (Puerto Rico)

Description: “Falling Eyelids” tells the story of a photographer who dissatisfied with his surrounding reality begins to create his own. In time, the photographer is unable to distinguish the reality he invented from the one that was real.

Selected PortfolioSelected Portfolio (Travel Size)
Featuring: Jesús ‘Bubu’ Negrón (Puerto Rico)
Curated by: Jesús ‘Bubu’ Negrón & Roberto Paradise

Description: Selected Portfolio (Travel Size) by Jesús ‘Bubu’ Negrón is composed of 14 photographs laminated on wood that offer a breathtaking journey into the artist’s practice for the past 10 years.

See the full list of exhibitions and events at www.fotovisurapavilion.com.

Interested in participating in the FotoVisura Pavilion?

Contact info@fotovisura.com. Great discount rates are available with the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel and Casino and Delta Airlines.

More details available at www.fotovisurapavilion.com.

May 03 2012


Join Aday.org on May 15

On May 15th Aday.org asks you and people all around the world to pick up your cameras and picture what is close to you. In this unique photographic event, hundreds of thousands of people will work together to create a unique documentation of daily life.

Professionals, amateurs, school children, farmers, social media fans, astronauts and office workers. Cell phone camera, Hasselblad, homemade or borrowed. Aday.org is looking for the perspectives of everyone who enjoys photography. The goal is to inspire perspectives on humankind – today and tomorrow.

All images will be displayed online for you and everyone to explore. Some of them will be selected for a book, others will be displayed in digital exhibitions. Every single one will be saved for future research and inspiration.

Let a part of your life inspire generations to come. Share your perspective! Read more about the project and sign up to participate.

Take your photos on May 15th and upload them between 15th and 22nd May.

Go to Aday.org.

April 20 2012


Upcoming MediaStorm Workshops

MediaStorm is offering several storytelling workshops this spring and summer.

MediaStorm One-day Workshop
April 28 and April 30
MediaStorm is holding two upcoming one-day workshops on April 28 and April 30. Both workshops will be held in Brooklyn NY and taught by MediaStorm Founder Brian Storm.

The One-day MediaStorm Workshop provides an overview of multimedia storytelling approaches while engaging participants in discussion about the most appropriate ways to create a multimedia story. Through real world examples, Brian will share tips and techniques to improve reporting, editing and distributing your multimedia project.

MediaStorm One Day Workshop Logo

Mediastorm One Day Workshop logo

MediaStorm Methodology Workshop
June 18-22, 2012
Apply by May 18, 2012
The MediaStorm Methodology Workshop is designed for educators looking to create curricula based on our approach, for organizational leaders tasked with creating and leading multimedia departments, and for professionals looking to start their own media company or integrate MediaStorm concepts into their organizations.

methodology workshop

MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop
July 28 – August 3, 2012
Apply by June 5
The MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop in New York City is an intensive, hands-on, collaborative experience in advanced multimedia storytelling.

A Unique Approach
The primary goal of the MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop is to create an intimate, character-driven documentary that is ready for publication. Participants will work directly with two MediaStorm producers, in the field and in the editing suite, as part of a crew dedicated to telling a story. Participants will create their stories under the direction of MediaStorm producers in a collaborative, educational and hands-on environment.

storytelling workshop

MediaStorm offers in-person and online training opportunities for storytelling professionals at all levels. Learn more about upcoming MediaStorm workshops and online training at mediastorm.com/train.

April 17 2012


Applications Open for Fall 2012 Transom Story Workshop

Transom logoApplications for the Fall 2012 Transom Story Workshop are now available. The workshop will take place from October 1 – November 30 in Woods Hole, MA. Master radio instructor Rob Rosenthal will run the eight-week program for nine beginning producers. Applications are due June 1 by midnight EST.

The Transom Story Workshop is an eight-week, full-time training workshop for beginning producers. Learn more by reading the Workshop FAQ.

The cost of the workshop includes a license to Hindenburg Journalist, Transom.org’s favorite new audio editing software. Participants will also receive a free one-year account with the Public Radio Exchange and members of the Association for Independents in Radio will receive a travel stipend.

All the things you’ll need for your application including the rundown on room and board, are listed in the Workshop FAQ. There is a $40 application fee.

Contact info@transom.org with any questions. Click here to access the online application.



April 12 2012


Dart Society Benefit and Auction May 17

Dart Society Invitation

The Dart Society will be holding a benefit and auction at the gallery 25CPW in New York City on Thursday, May 17, beginning at 6 p.m. The benefit will honor Joel Simon of the Committee to Protect Journalists, photojournalist Lynsey Addario, and writer and documentarian Sebastian Junger for their commitment to excellence and compassion in the coverage of conflict, trauma and social injustice.

Tickets to the event, which will feature live and silent auctions of photography and books by Dart Society members and their colleagues, are $75 for one ticket and $100 for two. Auction items may be viewed here. Proceeds from ticket sales and auction items will be used to support the Dart Society’s outreach programs to journalists covering trauma and to support Dart Society Reports, which showcases the best work in trauma journalism.

Please click on the invitation above (or here) to purchase tickets or to make a donation; if you’d like to send a check, visit the Dart Society website.

April 01 2011


Apply now for the Kalish – Deadline is May 2

Applications are currently being accepted for The Kalish – If you are a visual editor looking to sharpen your visual story-telling skills or fine-tune them to better fit a digital newsroom, you want to apply for this workshop. If you need convincing, see what Kevin Riddell, a recent graduate from the Ohio University School of Visual Communication, has to say about his experience at the 2009 Kalish Workshop:

The Kalish Experience | Kevin Riddell from Danny Gawlowski on Vimeo.

Visit the Kalish site for more information and to apply.

February 22 2011


MediaStorm Multimedia Storytelling Workshop to be held at LOOK3, June 8, 2011

MediaStorm has partnered with LOOK3 to offer a one-day Multimedia Storytelling Workshop on June 8, 2011, the day before the Festival of the Photograph launches.

This one-day workshop will provide an overview of multimedia storytelling approaches. Through real world examples and open discussions with participants, Brian Storm will share tips and techniques to improve reporting and editing and discuss the most effective tools for specific jobs and the most appropriate ways to create a multimedia story.

This workshop is designed for anyone interested in multimedia storytelling, no experience is necessary. We will be looking primarily at multimedia methodology and theory- this is not a workshop to learn how to use your new audio recorder- it’s a workshop where you will be asked to look deeper, into the when and why of different storytelling techniques and approaches.

For more information, and to register, please visit: Multimedia Storytelling at LOOK3. You can also buy your Festival passes at that site – General Admission tickets are being offered at an Early Bird Discount until March 15.

January 18 2011


Apply now for 2011 Kalish Workshop, to be held June 20-24

The 2011 Kalish Workshop will be held June 20-24, at Ball State University. If you’re interested in becoming a better visual editor, you should definitely check this Workshop out. Faculty Member Scott Sines tells us more about what you’ll find at this year’s Kalish:

There are jobs out there for multi-media producers. There are jobs out there for visual editors who have creative ways of curating, quality, User Generated Visuals. There are jobs out there for visual editors who can communicate across all platforms; mobile, tablet, web and print. And today’s reality is that many visual editors are working with freelancers.

There are career paths out there for those editors who excel in these areas and Kalish 3.0 is designed to address these new opportunities in visual storytelling. For over 20 years we’ve been training editors, producers, photojournalists, professors and students in visual editing. There are nearly 1,000 Kalish alums working in the industry today. Past faculty has included both Emmy and Pulitzer Prize winning editors, including Brian Storm, Geri Migielicz, Sue Morrow, Kenny Irby, Randy Cox, Scott Sines, and John Rumbach. Other experts in visual storytelling will join us over the course of the four day workshop.

All the values of The Kalish remain: leadership, managing by example, and the ethical treatment of people and images. Those themes are the framework for four days of intense, exhausting discussions about visual storytelling. Establishing narrative, selecting the media mix, editing to the narrative, and producing the story are in our curriculum. We combine a mix of lectures, hands-on exercises, critiques and group discussions to create a more complete learning experience.

Most exciting is that Kalish 3.0 marks the workshops’ transformation to a digital first focus. Most traditional print sessions have either been replaced with digital discussions, or modified in a cross-platform context. New in Kalish 3.0 are sessions in User Generated Visuals with discussions about recruiting the visual talents in your community, strategies for raising the level of contributed work and integrating community members as a part of your organizations’ news coverage strategies. Many visual editors are now working with freelancers and community members so we’re retooling our ethics session appropriately.

Ball State University hosts the workshop and offers state of the art computer labs for the hands-on exercises. The registration fee for the four day workshop is $650 and there is affordable lodging nearby. For more information see our website at www.kalishworkshop.org or contact Scott Sines, Associate Editor/digital at The Commercial Appeal, 901.529.5843.

January 03 2011


LUCEO Announces Second Annual Group Show in NYC at 25CPW

LUCEO is pleased to announce their second annual group show at 25CPW in New York City, titled Altered States: How We Live Today. Brian Paul Clamp, owner of CLAMPART, a NYC gallery specializing in modern and contemporary paintings and photography curates this year’s event. The show opens with a gallery reception Wednesday, January 19 beginning at 6pm. In addition to limited edition fine art prints, a limited edition exhibition catalogue designed by Deb Pang Davis and edited by Mike Davis will be for sale. We look forward to you taking part in this exciting event.

Signed copies of the show catalogue, designed by Deb Pang Davis and edited by Mike Davis, are available for a limited time on the LUCEO website.

Altered States: How We Live Today
LUCEO Group Exhibition
Curated by Brian Paul Clamp

25 Central Park West at the intersection of 62nd street
New York City

Gallery Reception: Wednesday, January 19 beginning at 6pm
Exhibition Dates: January 19 – 29, 2011

October 04 2010


Event announcement: W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund Grant Award Ceremony to be held October 20, 2010

The Board of Trustees of the W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund Cordially Invites You to

The Annual Ceremony Presenting

The 31st Annual W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund Grant for Humanistic Photography & The 16th Annual Howard Chapnick Grant for The Advancement of Photojournalism

Come view the compelling photojournalism of this year’s finalists, and fellowship and grant recipients.

Photograph by W. Eugene Smith, © W. Eugene Smith, Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Doors Open at 6.30pm
Ceremony at 7pm
Reception to Follow

Asia Society Auditorium
725 Park Avenue at 70th Street
New York, New York 10021
Free. Seating is First Come, First Served

The W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund was established in 1979 to support and encourage photographers producing humanistic photo stories in the style of legendary LIFE Magazine photojournalist W. Eugene Smith who sought to expose the truth about issues affecting and afflicting humankind. Between 1980 and 2009, the fund issued grants to 32 recipients. This year’s honorees were chosen from among 182 entrants representing 32 countries. Each year, a newly formed international jury reviews proposals from photographers seeking assistance to complete major projects.

The Howard Chapnick Grant was established in 1996 to encourage and supports leadership in fields ancillary to photojournalism, such as editing, research, education and management. The Grant was established to honor the memory of Howard Chapnick, and acknowledge the value of his enormous contribution to photography.

The W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund Is Supported by Generous Contributions from:

American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP)
Open Society Foundations
Asia Society
Blurb, Inc.
Canon USA

June 15 2010


Missouri Photo Workshop now accepting applications, deadline July 14

The Missouri Photo Workshop was, “a defining time for me as a photographer. I will take MPW skills with me for the rest of my life, ” said Chad Ziemendorf who last year photographed MPW61 and joined hundreds of other photographers who say that the Workshop has changed their lives.

The Caregiver by Chad Zimendorf/MPW 61, 2009

The Caregiver by Chad Zimendorf/MPW 61, 2009

David Alan Harvey who photographed MPW19, in 1967 has said, “The Missouri Workshop was a watershed experience in my life. It was the single most important experience that I had in my early twenties that pushed things forward for me from then on. I use that Missouri philosophy every day of my working life now at both National Geographic and with Magnum.”

MPW has documented small town America for six decades, shaping the working methods of more than 2,000 photographers from around the world. Guided by some of the world’s leading photographers and editors, participants are challenged to develop both their researching and visual storytelling skills.

Sedalia by Donna Coveney/MPW32, 1980

The deadline for application is July 14. Some scholarships are available.

Check out the Web site for more background information on the Workshop and for the downloadable application.

Faculty this year will include: Dennis Dimick, National Geographic executive editor, Randy Cox, senior editor for visuals at The Oregonian, Lois Raimondo, former staff photographer at the Washington Post and now teaching at West Virginia, Kim Komenich, former staff photographer at the San Francisco Chronicle and now teaching at San Jose State, MaryAnne Golon, former director of photography at Time magazine and now photography editor and media consultant, Randy Olson freelance for National Geographic, Melissa Farlow, freelance for National Geographic, and others. The Missouri Photo Workshop is sponsored by the Missouri School of Journalism, with significant support from Nikon Professional Services and the Missouri Press Association Foundation.

“When I came back from the Workshop to my job at the Los Angeles Times I felt so energized and confident…I felt like I could find stories anywhere and get the job done,” said Beatrice de Gea who photographed MPW56 in 2004.

We hope you will apply or tell a photojournalist friend who you think would be interested.

MPW62 will be held in Macon, Missouri September 26 – October 2.

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