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July 06 2011


‘Page One’ Excerpt - How The New York Times learned to stop worrying and love the blog

Poynter :: To coincide with the release of “Page One: Inside The New York Times,” NPR’s David Folkenflik edited a book by leading thinkers about where media is headed. In this essay, former New York Times reporter Jennifer Lee describes how the Times has adjusted to the seismic changes in media.

[Jennifer Lee:] For years, the third-floor waiting area of the old New York Times building at 229 West 43rd featured a massive replica of the first page of the first edition of the newspaper. I must have walked by that replica thousands of times before I finally paused for a closer look. But what struck me most that day, as I studied that front page, was a single thought. - This looks like a blog. It reminded me that newspapers have evolved —and evolved again.

Continue to read Jennifer 8. Lee, www.poynter.org

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