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July 01 2013


CNBC Launches “TV Everywhere” with Major U.S. Carriers

ENGLEWOOD CLIFF, NJ – CNBC has launched  its live, linear programming for the desktop.   It can be watched by subscribers to several of the largest cable and satellite operators in the United States including Cablevision, Comcast, DISH and Verizon.  This “first phase” of the service launched last month.

Viewing via the desktop, notably in the workplace, will greatly expand the footprint of the business television network. It will provide a new source of advertising as entirely different ad inventory can be served into the live stream, explains Kevin Krim, SVP and GM of CNBC Digital, in this interview with Beet.TV

Krim, the former global digital head of Bloomberg, also speaks about the emerging of opportunity for news producers and advertisers in the emerging, real-time, socially charged media landscape.

April 20 2010


Business Insider: Bloomberg.com’s new look

Business Insider has grilled Kevin Krim, global head of Bloomberg Digital, on the site’s new design.

Krim says:

We felt it was critical to create a new platform, a new palette, a new canvas to deliver a must-use site for news throughout the day, every week. We already have a good global audience, we want to grow that.


We’re also focusing on aggregation. We’ll link to third party sites if we think its relevant to our audience, we’ll show it, no matter who it’s done by. There’s not a lot of options for business people. When they wake up in the morning, we want to be their one stop.

He also admits the re-launch is part of some serious rivalry:

BI: So, basically you want to kill your rivals like the Wall Street Journal, FT, Reuters?

KK: That’s the idea.

Full post at this link…

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