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September 18 2011


Hugh Grant: Met police behaviour is worrying and deeply mysterious

Guardian :: Hugh Grant has accused the Metropolitan police of behaving in a "worrying and deeply mysterious" way after Scotland Yard invoked the Official Secrets Act to demand journalists reveal their sources. As a senior Liberal Democrat called on the attorney general to block the "extremely bizarre" use of the act, Grant warned that police were turning on the "goodies" after Scotland Yard applied for an order under the 1989 act to require the Guardian to identify its sources on phone hacking.

Continue to read Nicholas Watt, www.guardian.co.uk

July 20 2011


UK - David Cameron widens inquiry on media regulation to include the BBC and social media

Guardian :: Prime Minister David Cameron wants takeover rulings taken out of politicians' hands and Ofcom given power to act at earlier stage. Furthermore he has broadened the terms of the inquiry into the conduct of the media to include social media. PM Cameron was setting out the formal terms of reference of the inquiry to be led by Lord Justice Leveson, an appeal court judge. The inquiry has become something of a behemoth, leading Don Foster, the Liberal Democrat media spokesman, to assert he could not see how it could be completed within its timetable of a year.

Continue to read Patrick Wintour, www.guardian.co.uk

April 25 2010




The News of the World lies again.

If you see their graphic, the survey results show that the opinions of British voters have not changed too much after the two last national TV debates…

So perhaps the smearing press campaign is not working?

And also that this survey for the News of The World gives Cameron’s party 36 percent, six points ahead of Labour on 30, with the Liberal Democrats at 23 percent… but if the findings were turned into votes on May 6, Labour would be the biggest party with 280 seats, four more than the Conservatives.

But let’s keep in mind that according to the poll almost HALF of voters admit that they could change their mind before May 6.

Read here the full data, that only experts will be able to process, so the graphic will work better as another misleading tactic of the News of the World.

It’s a shame because Ipsos MORIS website still at this time is not giving the right interpretation of the survey.

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