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August 20 2012


The HuffPost Live is a Video Engine for the Huffington Post

The newly launched HuffPost Live is streaming 12 hours of programming daily, but it may be that most of the consumption of the content is via edited clips created from the shows. The clips are seen on the pages of the Huffington Post and are widely syndicated.

In the first two two days of the new Webcast, some 220 videos were created, a Huffington Post  spokeswoman told us.

Late last week, we sat down with HuffPost Live chief Roy Sekoff for an overview of the shows' unique community engagement, studio talent, the use of Google Hangouts, advertising on the site and the production of video on demand programming.

Sekoff was the founding editor of the Huffington Post.

Andy Plesser


August 17 2012


Google Ups its Video Conference Platform with "Cameraman," HuffPost Implements

Google Hangouts On Air, a video conference tool on Google+, which is getting traction from big publishers including The New York Times, the HuffPost Live and the NFL, has recently added a tool to allow producers to screen contributors via video before they join the live show.

The Cameraman utility is being used by producers at the newly launched HuffPost Live to pre-screen.

Yesterday at the New York Google offices, we we spoke with Steve Grove who heads communities for Google + about the evolution of Hangouts as a professional news platform.

While some viewers watch Hangouts on Google+ and YouTube, most publishers use the embed code and place the conferences on their own pages where they get most of their views.

Last week the company announced that Android devices allow users to stream live to Hangouts On Air, with iOS coming soon.  (Most phones with front-facing cameras phones allow participation in Google+ Hangouts.)

Earlier this week we reported how The New York Times is using Hangouts.   Here are the plans for Hangouts at the NFL.

Andy Plesser

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August 16 2012


The New York Times, the Huffington Post Embrace Google Hangouts as Live Video Platform

After testing Google Hangouts for the past six months on a number of interactive video projects, The New York Times has embraced Hangouts as a primary social video platform says Lexi Mainland, Social Media Editor of The New York Times, in this interview with Beet.TV

The Times has done a number of Hangouts, most recently with Olympics athletes in the weeks prior to the London 2012 Olympics. 

The paper has plans to use Hangouts around the upcoming political  conventions.  Those hangouts will feature op-ed columnists Gail Collins and Frank Bruni coupled with citizens of various political persuasions.

In this interview, Mainland explains the value of the Hangouts from a production, economic and social media perspective. 

Athough participants in the video chats need to be on Google+, the videos created by the Hangout are streamed on YouTube and embeddable onto the paper's pages, she notes.

Google Hangouts and The Huffington Post LIve

The just launched Huffington Post Live streaming network uses Google Hangouts as the platform for the show's guests who are participating from various locations outside the studio. 

Andy Plesser

August 15 2012


Webcasting Graphic, War Video from Syria, Bambuser Plans Product Offering for Broadcasters, Marketers

LONDON - Stockholm-based Bambuser, the creator of a mobile video App and distribution platform, which has become widely used by activists in the Arab Spring, and today is streaming (graphic) videos of the conflict in Syria, hopes to grow its business by providing a "white label solution" to broadcasters and other enterprises says Hans Eriksson, Executive Chairman in this segment from the Beet.TV video journalism summit at the Financial Times.

Bambuser's first global media client is the Associated Press, as we reported earlier this year.

Andy Plesser



August 02 2012


Streaming Video of London 2012 Olympics is "Huge" for Verizon FiOS

Verizon FiOS, a leading  provider of broadband and cable TV services to consumers in the U.S., is giving customers access to over five thousand hours of live streaming video from the London 2012 Olympics, via NBC Sports, on various digital devices. 

Consumption of the digital offering is "huge," says Maitreyi Krishnaswamy, Verizon Director, FiOSTV, in this video inteview.  She says that digital activation around the Olympics is four times greater than other "TV Everywhere" events. She says that the ISP has served up over 6 million minutes to digital devices as of today.

Krishnaswamy notes that consumers are watching the digital video mostly on the desktop, about two thirds, vs. about one third on mobile devices.

In this interview, she says that the streaming of the Olympics will have a profound impact on future of streaming live, linear programming -- both on consumer behavior and on digital strategy of cable companies and other content providers.

This is the first of three interviews with Krishnaswamy.

Andy Plesser

July 31 2012


U.S. Video Services NeuLion to Stream 2014 and 2016 Olympics in China

PLAINVIEW, NY -- NeuLion, a U.S.-based digital video services company, has won the contract with China Central Television (CCTV) to provide video streaming services for the 2014 Winter and 2116 Summer Olympics in China, the company says.

Late last week, the International Olympics Committee announced that it had awarded the rights for the upcoming games to the Chinese broadcaster for $160 million.

NeuLion is streaming HD quality video of the London 2012 Olympics for CCTV as we reported earlier this month.

NeuLion was founded as a private company in 2004 by executives of Computer Associates.  Computer Associates founder Charles Wang is chairman of the company.  Mr. Wang is also owner of the NY Islanders professional hockey team.

We interviewed Wagner at the company's headquarters for this video about streaming the London 2012 Olympics in China.  We have republished that interview today.

Andy Plesser


July 26 2012


Britain's Sky News Introduces Timeshifting via the iPad

LONDON - Sky News, the satellite news channel in Great Britain, has introduced the functionality for viewers to timeshift live programming via its iPad app, says Rob Owers, Producer/Team Leader for the iPad at Sky, in this segment from our recent video journalism summit at the offices of the Financial Times.

Viewers can review and share video content up to seven days past the original air date, he says in this video.

Timeshifting has been introduced recently to some live news channels via London-based Livestation, as we reported last month

SnappyTV, a small San Francisco start-up has provided its time shifting and sharing  technology to Turner Sports.  Big live streaming sites including Livestation and Ustream have provided users to time shift and share live programming for some time.

Owers says the the time shifting functionality of the Sky News app was created in-house.

Andy Plesser


April 19 2012


Livestream Debuts Camera-Mounted Wireless Streaming Device, New Ad-Free Pricing

LAS VEGAS -- Livestream, the popular free-webcast service which claims some 30 million users, demo'd at the NAB conference some big developments including a camera-mounted device to stream video directly to the Web via WiFi or cellular, and a new ad-free model for event producers.

Yesterday at the Livestream booth at the NAB Show we spoke with Livestream founder and CEO Max Haot about the latest news and trends in live programming.

Thanks Max and the Awesome Livestream Team!

Before out interview, Livestream produced and streamed a 45-minute Beet.TV Webcast hosted by Ashley J. Swatz, head of the interactive TV unit at Digitas.   Really good show.  You can find it here.

Andy Plesser


April 17 2012


New Live Streaming Standard Championed by Akamai at NAB

LAS VEGAS -- Some 50 of the industry's leading video services companies are rallying around a unified live video streaming protocol known as DASH, says Akamai's Will Law, Principal Architect, Media Division, in this interview with Beet.TV

Members of the DASH Promotors Group includes Akamai, Adobe Microsoft, Qualcomm, Netflix and several others.

Law explains why standardization is essential.

Also in the interview, he explains Akamai's strategies around increased global demand for video streaming.

Andy Plesser


March 28 2012


Al Jazeera's Online Success Powered by London-based Livestation

With very limited cable distribution, Al Jazeera turned to London's Livestation, a portal for dozens of global broadcasters, to take its satellite signal and stream it on the Web, explains Livestation CEO Lippe Oosterhof in this segment from the Beet.TV Executive Summit in Vieques, Puerto Rico.

He says the events of the Arab spring generated nearly 4 million monthly views for the Qatar-based news network in the U.S. 

In response to Technology Review editor Jason Pontin's question about the success of the network, Oosterhof explains the unique editorial vision and execution of the news channel.

Andy Plesser

Editor's Note:  Thanks very much to Lippe for traveling from London to join us for the #BeetRetreat.  We are grateful for his attendance and contributions.


March 19 2012


The Wall Street Journal Video Channel Launches on London's "Livestation"

VIEQUES, PR -- The Wall Street Journal's expanding slate of live business programming, has gone live on the Livestation, the London-based global portal for live news, says Lippe Oosterhof in this interview with Beet.TV

The WSJ Live joins other business programmers including CNBC and Bloomberg on the distribution channel. 

Livestation takes the live, satellite telecasts of several other world's major broadcasters including BBC, CNN, France24, Russian's RT, Al Jazeera and others, and streams them on the Web and on various digital devices.  (Many of these channels are restricted to certain countries in keeping with the regional agreements of broadcasters.)

We spoke with Oosterhof at the Beet.TV Executive Retreat in in Vieques were he was a participant.

In the interview, he explains the value of distribution of the channel to broadcasters including increased reach and revenue.  He says the start-up has garnered 75 million live views in 2011 which he calls a "transformational" year for live news.

The BlackBerry Has Live News App

Responding the widespread use of the BlackBerry in emerging markets, notably the Middle East, Livestation has launched a live App on the BlackBerry.  It is presently live on its Apple iOS device and plans to introduce its Android platform this week, he says.  The content is also distributed via Roku, Boxee, Google TV and will soon be part of the Samsung connect TV environment, he says.

Andy Plesser



February 09 2012


CBS Interactive Readies Three-Day Grammy Build-up, Lands GM & Target as Sponsors

CBS is kicking off a robust slate of pre-Grammys programming online starting on Friday February 10 for the three days leading up to the music industry awards night on Sunday February 12, said Marc DeBevoise, Senior VP and General Manager, Entertainment, at CBS Interactive in this interview with Beet.TV

CBS has signed on Target and GM as the lead sponsors for the extended online coverage prior to the event.

CBS is also offering a Grammys mobile app for iPhones, iPads and Android devices. DeBevoise explained that the expanded online video and new media efforts serve two purposes -- they help promote the on-air telecast and also give CBS a chance to connect with viewers in a new way. The three-day online coverage includes live streaming of pre-Grammy events such as pre-show concerts.

He expects usage to peak during the three hours of live red carpet coverage before the award show itself. But once the awards show starts, viewers will need to tune into the broadcast channel.

Daisy Whitney


September 16 2011


Dispatch from Disrupt: Intercast Network Unveils Live Video Display Unit

SAN FRANCISCO -- At the TechCrunch Disrupt conference,  Intercast Network launched a product which allows broadcasters to distribute their programming live via a rich display unit with accompanying social tools and e-commerce functionality.

On Monday we spoke with Intercast's Melissa Thompson for an overview and a demo.

Here's the story on Intercast by TechCrunch's Sarah Perez.

This is the first of several segments from the show, so please stay tuned!

Andy Plesser

July 22 2011


Live Video Coming to eCommerce Sites Soon

While nearly half of major ecommerce sites have some sort of video on their pages, very few have live video streaming, but that will change says Stuart Schultz who just launched a skincare ecommerce site with both live and on demand clips.

We spoke with him about the launch of BeautyRX Skincare which uses video for both advice and product demonstration.  The site running live, scheduled segment.

Before launching the site, Schultz produced a regular video skincare show on Blip.tv called WatchDermTVdoC.

For video on the site, he is using Wistia, a small online video platform which provides an unbranded player and comprehensive analytics, Schultz notes in the interview. 

The site was designed by Jane Creative, New York.

Last month we reported on how video increases engagement and sales on ecommerce sites.

Andy Plesser




July 14 2011


ESPN Has Big Hit with Women's Soccer, Online and on TV

Yesterday's semi-final World Cup soccer between France and USA generated 450,000 unique video views on ESPN3.com, the company said today.

On television, the match was seen by 3.3 million viewers, says the company citing Nielsen data.

In a first for world soccer competition, iPad owners, who are subcribers to Verizon FiOS and Time Warner Cable and Bright House could log onto their devices anywhere in the U.S. to watch the matches. 

The number of streams on the iPad are not available, but downloads of the free ESPN3 App has reached 2.3 million, a spokeswoman told Beet.TV via email.

In June, we spoke with Tim Connnelly, VP for Digital Distrubtion for Disney/ESPN about streaming the Women's World Cup games on the iPad. We have republished that interview here.

Andy Plesser

June 11 2011


Google is Building a "Global Classroom" with 'YouTube EDU"

Having launched just over two years ago as a hub for college and universitie YouTube channels, YouTube EDU has become a destination for education, providing an index for a broad range of topics and campus activities, says Angela Lin who manages the education program at YouTube.

The YouTube site integrates content from 400 colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, Europe, Israel and Australia.  A total of seven years of video is available on the site, says Lin in this exclusive interview with Beet.TV

She says the aim of the Google unit is to "build a global classroom." 

The channel has some primary school videos, but will add a great deal more in the months ahead, she says.

Dartmouth and Stanford "First Movers" in Streaming Commencements

This Sunday (6/12), YouTube will live stream its first commencement address from the Dartmouth campus in Hanover, New Hampshire with featured speaker Conan O'Brien.  Later that day, YouTube will stream the Stanford graduation ceremonies.

We spoke with Lin today in Google office in New York.

Andy Plesser



June 02 2011


TokBox Predicts the "Realtime Boom" of Video Chat

Micosoft's recent acquisiton of Skype is emblematic of a global move to live video chat, says Janine Yoon, VP at San Francisco-based TokBox, provider of a free video chat API for publishers.

The program allows as many as  20 participants to appear in a screen at one time.

Soon, video chats will be recorded for later use, Yoon told Beet.TV in this interview last week at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference.  This will be one of serveral "premium" services to be rollout this year, she adds.

Earlier this month, the company announced that it had released an API for WorldPress blogs

Andy Plesser


May 19 2011


Revision3 is "Biggest" Internet TV Network with 70 Million Monthly Video Views, CEO Jim Louderback

Revision3, the San Francisco-based programmer of lifestyle and technology video shows geared to 13-34 year-old males, is "the largest over-the-top" television network in the United States, says CEO Jim Louderback in this interview with Beet.TV

He claims the network has 17 million monthly unique viewers who consume 70 million video views, citing internal numbers.   He says the company is profitable.

We caught up with Louderback at the Streaming Media East.

He told us that Revision3 will once again produce the live streaming of the Digitas NewFront conference in New York on June 9.  He says that this year, the show will be streamed live on YouTube.

Andy Plesser



May 04 2011


MSNBC.com Prez: Sunday Was "Very Interesting for Online Video Viewing"

The announcement late Sunday evening by President Obama that Osama Bin Laden had been killed created extraordinary traffic for MSNBC.com and pointed the emerging role of online video viewing in cable-connected homes.

In this interview with Beet.TV, Charles Tillinghast, President of MSNBC.com, says there were some 300,000 simultaneous video views of the President's announcement, a very high number during non-work hours.

While it is difficult to say how many of these online viewers also subscribe to cable, Tillinghast says the high numbers indicate how consumers multi-task around breaking news, watching television but using the Web to get briefed when they join a story, in what he calls "reading in" and "watching in."

Viewership Sunday night on MSNBC, the cable channel, passed 1.1 million, according to TV Newser.  Here's a report in The New York Times about broadcast television viewership that night.

We spoke with Tillinghast late yesterday afternoon at the WPP Global Video Summit where he was a speaker. The event was hosted by Kantar Video, a WPP unit.

Andy Plesser


Reuters Bringing Live Video News to Publishers Big and Small

Reuters, a leading provider of live news video to television broadcasters around the globe, is now making a rich offering of live video feeds available to  digital publishers, says Chris Ahearn, president of media for Thomson Reuters, in this interview with Beet.TV

The new offering, called Reuters Live Stream, launched last week with the the Royal Wedding.  The new service was used by the Tribune Company for several of its newspapers.

While live streaming of major news events is common on cable sites such as MSNBC.com and CNN.com and FOX.com, live programming is not generally available to smaller publishers.  Ahearn sees a big opportunity for his company as live video becomes increasingly part of the digital offering -- both online and on mobile.

The offering is a changing daily menu of several live streams, from White House press briefings to the closing bell of the New York Stock Exchange.

The service is a commercial product which Reuters charges according to the size of the publisher and content use.

The Associated Press has been streaming live programming recently, mostly special events including the Oscar's Red Carpet coverage and the Royal Wedding.   The AP provides its service in an alliance with the New York-based Livestream.

Andy Plesser

Disclosure:  Beet.TV is published daily by Thomson Reuters on the Reuters Insider subscription service.




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