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April 03 2013


New from MediaStorm–480 Votes for Care

MediaStorm is pleased to announce 480 Votes, a new client project for CARE.

This project was produced in collaboration with Ripple Effect Images and support from the Harbers Family Foundation.

The project is a short, character-driven video piece that shows the life-changing impact CARE’s programs have had on the life of a woman in rural Peru. The piece extends beyond the surface of what the organization provided and speaks to the psychological effects of empowerment.

Project Synopsis: Lourdes Pilco is a middle-aged woman who’s spent most of her life working backbreaking jobs for little money. With the help of CARE, Lourdes was able to send her children to school while setting a new standard for women in her community.

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April 26 2012


Crisis Guide: Iran Receives Overseas Press Club Award for Online Excellence

Crisis Guide: Iran produced by MediaStorm and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) received the 2011 Overseas Press Club (OPC) award for Web: Online General Excellence. The OPC awards have been recognizing online journalism since the 1940s and this year they added six new categories for online coverage to acknowledge the changing media landscape.

Crisis Guide: Iran Poster

Crisis Guide: Iran was honored for its superb use of multimedia in a timely and in-depth study of Iran’s politics, economy and nuclear program. The seven-chapter publication was recognized for using interactive graphics, archival slideshows, graphs, timelines and video interviews to showcase the history and government of the country in a visually pleasing and accessible way.

Crisis Guide: Iran Page

Crisis Guide: Iran is the seventh in a series of guides produced by MediaStorm and CFR that look at major international issues, including Pakistan, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Korean Peninsula, Nuclear Energy, the global economy, global covernance, and climate change. Crisis Guide: Pakistan was awarded the OPC Award for Best Use of Multimedia in 2010.

With this project, MediaStorm and CFR aimed to create a site that was immersive in experience, allowing the user to focus on the complex history of Iran and the issues facing the country as a whole. The guide draws on insights from more than 25 leading analysts, government officials, and journalists to explore Iran’s challenges and offer a range of expert opinions on the policy options to address them. It also uses multimedia elements to trace the country’s history, examine its oil-driven economy, and survey its controversial nuclear program.

Crisis Guide: Iran Graphic

The awards were presented last night at the 73rd Annual OPC Awards Dinner in New York. The club presented 27 awards in categories ranging from photography to online commentary. In addition to MediaStorm and CFR, the winners for online and web coverage are foreignpolicy.com, GlobalPost.com, The Financial Times and ProPublica, Virginia Quarterly Review and The New York Times. Congratulations to all the winners.

April 12 2012


New Stories from the March 2012 MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop

We are pleased to launch two new stories produced in the March 2012 MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop.

From March 24-30, 2012 a team of journalists collaborated with MediaStorm at our workshop to create, Remember These Days and A Hundred Different Ways.

During the MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop participants work directly with MediaStorm staff to create an intimate, character-driven documentary in just one week.

Remember These Days image
For Walter Backerman, seltzer is more than a drink. It’s the embodiment of his family. As a third generation seltzer man, he follows the same route as his grandfather. But after 90 years of business, Walter may be the last seltzer man.
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A Hundred Different Ways
In 1987, Catherine Russell first stepped on stage in the play, Perfect Crime. Twenty-five years and only four missed performances later, she’s in The Guinness Book of World Records for the most performances by an actor in a single part.
Watch it now.

We are currently accepting applications for two upcoming MediaStorm Storytelling Workshops in 2012. Learn more and apply here.

  • July 28, 2012 – August 3, 2012 Application deadline: June 5
  • November 10, 2012 – November 16, 2012 Application deadline: September 12

Learn about other upcoming workshops and online training on our MediaStorm Training page.

June 01 2011


MediaStorm launches African Air by George Steinmetz

Flying in a motorized paraglider over one of the most diverse continents in the world, George Steinmetz captures the stunning beauty of Africa’s landscapes and people. His pictures, taken over 30 years, show not only the spectacular patterns of the land, but also the potential and hope that the continent encompasses.

Watch African Air.

May 12 2011


MediaStorm’s Online Multimedia Training

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our Online Training.

When we began our in-house Advanced Multimedia Workshops three years ago, we could not have anticipated the influx of customized training requests that we would get. We recognize that there’s a large need for multimedia instruction, both for those just getting started as well as for experienced video and still journalists, and we’ve spent the last couple of years traveling around the world, talking with other multimedia journalists and formulating an online curriculum. Whether you’re looking for instruction on gathering multimedia in the field or looking to refine your post-production workflow, we’re sure you’ll find something in here that will help elevate your multimedia skills.

You can select from three Training Modules – a Reporting Track, a Post-Production Track, or The Making Of: The Amazing Amy, or you can opt for a full subscription that includes everything (along with other Modules that we’ll be producing throughout the year). Full information on the different programs and pricing is available at our Online Training page.

We also have options for classrooms and organizations – if you’re interested in multi-user pricing, please fill out this form and we will get back to you soon.

If you have any questions after checking out the site, please feel free to send us an email at edu@mediastorm.com.


MediaStorm Multimedia Workshop launches The Amazing Amy

From March 5-11, 2011, a team of four multimedia journalists collaborated with the MediaStorm team at our MediaStorm Multimedia Workshop. Participants spent a week reporting, editing, and producing The Amazing Amy.

The Amazing Amy
The Amazing Amy by Terje Bringedal, Torsten Kjellstrand, Espen Rasumssen, and Finn Ryan
Using humor and a love of fantasy, “The Amazing Amy” connects with audiences through performing strenuous yoga-based contortion acts in New York City.

We will be holding two more MediaStorm Multimedia Workshops in 2011:

  • July 23-29, 2011 – Application Deadline: Friday, May 27, 2011
  • November 12-18, 2011 – Application Deadline: Friday, September 16, 2011

Visit our site for additional information, and to apply for upcoming workshops.

December 28 2010


MediaStorm produces Portraits of Heroes at Home for Sears

MediaStorm and Sears recently collaborated to produce Portraits of Heroes at Home. Sears hired photojournalists, John Moore and Shaul Schwarz, to document the stories of four soldiers. Heroes at Home is an ongoing program to aid military families founded by Sears.

Portraits of Heroes at Home

Portraits of Heroes at Home follows Pulitzer Prize Winning photojournalist John Moore as he creates portraits of four soldiers, and learns of their harrowing injuries on the battlefield and their remarkable stories of physical and mental recovery.

October 01 2010


MediaStorm launches Undesired by Walter Astrada

In India, all women must confront the cultural pressure to bear a son. The consequences of this preference is a disregard for the lives of women and girls. From birth until death they face a constant threat of violence.

Undesired tells the story of these women and girls.

This project was made possible with support from the Alexia Foundation.

March 23 2010


New MediaStorm Advanced Multimedia Workshop Projects Launched, Additional Workshop Dates Added

From March 6-12, 2010, we held our sixth MediaStorm Advanced Multimedia Reporting Workshop. Three teams of talented professionals, along with MediaStorm Producer Eric Maierson and guest producers Scott Anger and Rick Gershon, conceived, reported, and produced the following projects:

Take Care by Gillian Laub, Henrik Björnsson, Elena Ghanotakis, and Laura Varma
Virginia Gandee’s brilliant red hair and dozen tattoos belie the reality of this 22-year-old’s life. Inside her family’s Staten Island trailer her caregiving goes far beyond the love she has for her daughter.

Close to Home by Mary Beth Meehan, Michele Asselin and Maria Finitzo
Roxanne Pickering is a Brooklyn resident bound by family and economics to live near the Gowanus Canal, a polluted waterway recently declared an EPA superfund site.

Johnnie Footman: New York City’s 90-year-old Cabbie by Jan Johannessen and Charlotte Oestervang
Johnnie Footman, 90, may be the oldest cabbie in New York City. His age limits his time in the cab, but he remains young at heart carrying a cigar in his mouth, a fake spider around his neck, and a cap reading: “Old Dude made of Achey Breaky Parts.”

The MediaStorm Advanced Multimedia Reporting Workshops in New York City are intensive, hands-on educational experiences in advanced multimedia storytelling.

Over the course of a week, participants work in three-person teams, reporting and editing in collaboration with a seasoned multimedia professional to produce a multimedia project for distribution across multiple platforms.

We will be holding two more Advanced Multimedia Reporting Workshops in 2010:

  • Workshop Seven: July 17-23, 2010 – Application Deadline: Monday May 3, 2010
  • Workshop Eight: November 6-12, 2010 – Application Deadline: Monday September 13, 2010

Go here for additional information on the workshops, and to apply.

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