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July 07 2011


With brands becoming their own content generators, publishers have to adapt to the new landscape

WWD Media :: “The magazine media landscape has evolved over the past couple years where normal or typical is the ‘abnorm,’” said MediaVest’s Robin Steinberg, adding that marketers want to test and learn the new frontiers of publishing with approaches that go far beyond print to cover mobile, social networking and e-commerce. As brands expand their activities on Facebook and Twitter, ramp up their e-commerce operations and move more and more into becoming their own content generators, they are demanding magazine companies adapt to the new media landscape.

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March 09 2010


Top Ad Execs’ Tips on Online Video Ad Dollars

When asked the biggest challenges in online video advertising this year, top executives at media agencies like Starcom and MediaVest say they're most eager to target audiences better and to access more sophisticated data around viewership.

At last week's 4A's conference in San Francisco, which drew top brass from ad agencies and brands, I caught up with MediaVest's President Donna Speciale, Starcom USA CEO Lisa Donohue, and 4A's Managing Director Harold Geller. Here's what they had to say about this year's Web video hurdles in this week's New Media Minute.

Daisy Whitney

Editor's Note:  Daisy's New Media Minute is produced and sponsored separately from Beet.TV.  We are pleased to publish her segment regularly here.  AP

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