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January 23 2012


Twitter takes the world: microblogs explode overseas, attract global brands

Forbes :: It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment, but sometime during the last six months the game changed dramatically for Twitter and its overseas imitators. After years of questioning how many people really use Twitter or whether Twitter would ever develop a meaningful business model, the blogosphere started speculating about the date of Twitter’s inevitable IPO. This has been accompanied by a surge of investor interest in China’s microblogging platforms, known as (Sina Weibo) “weibo,” as well as would-be Twitter clones such as Russia’s Futubura, owned by Mail.ru, and Singapore’s Mig33.

[Elise Ackerman:] The reason for the abrupt change of focus is the surprising success of Twitter’s advertising model.

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July 11 2011


Facebook alternatives - Eight mobile social media networks for emerging markets

memeburn :: The development of MXit, South Africa’s incredibly successful answer to Facebook as been well covered in the past. MXit’s success has largely been down to the fact that its focus was directed at mobile phone users, and it found its niche in providing a cheap alternative to SMS.

So what other interesting mobile social networks are being developed in the emerging markets? memeburn has looked for networks that are experiencing rapid growth or show some innovation that is likely to capture a bigger following in the near future: The Grid, Veepiz, Motribe, LinkedAfrica, Telfree, Mig33, Steetspark, Vshkole - an overview

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