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June 20 2013


New CEO Wants Shazam To Be Destination, Not Utility

CANNES – After branching out from identifying music to enabling TV ad interaction, now mobile app Shazam wants to start aggregating its wealth of user data to encourage greater user engagement.

“Expect to see us do more and more around content and engagement, and becoming a more of a destination app around music instead of an identification utility solely,” Yahoo alum and recently-appointed Shazam CEO Rich Riley told Beet.TV in this interview during Cannes Lions.

“Sixty-five million people used Shazam in May. We want to make sure they’re not just using us when they hear a song they don’t know – we’d like them to come to us any time. We’ll be surfacing music, showing them what other people are Shazaming, we’ll have the social aspect, more content, more video.”

These upgrades will likely include lists of popular and current tracks and will continue in around a month, Riley said, adding that Shazam plans similar features for its TV efforts.

April 07 2013


VEVO Plans for Cable, Satellite & Global Expansion of Music Video Channel

VEVO’s new 24-hour digital linear music video channel, that launched last month at SXSW, plans to expand its distribution via satellite and cable –v and will move into global markets with region and language-specific programming , says Rio D. Caraeff, CEO and President of the giant music video site in this interview with Beet.TV

In interview, Caraeff speaks about the opportunity to expand the business with its existing infrastructure which will  not need a “million dollar” Times Square studio.

Andy Plesser

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September 04 2012


Nokia debuts free music streaming service in the USA

For how long?

Nokia :: Nokia today announced the launch of its free music streaming service Nokia Music in the USA. Nokia Music is a free mobile experience exclusive to Nokia Lumia handsets, providing consumers with a simple and delightful way to discover and enjoy music. Consumers can stream music from a suite of over 150 exclusive playlists that are curated and kept up to date by an expert team of US based musicologists. The playlists span a wide spectrum of musical genres from underground Detroit house tracks to New York Philharmonic favorites. Nokia Music also offers playlists created by global artists such as Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

Announcement here press release, press.nokia.com

HT: discussed here "Listen up Pandora: Nokia Music now playing in U.S. for free" - A report by Kevin C. Tofel, gigaom.com

Tags: Mobile Music

September 02 2012


MTV embraces Viddy ("Twitter for Video") for big music show coverage

Beet.TV :: MTV is having scores of its staffers at the September 6 Video Music Awards use Viddy, a video sharing platform that allows users to upload and share 15-second videos, says Colin Helms, MTV's SVP for Digital in this interview with Beet.TV.

A interview by Andy Plesser, www.beet.tv

August 25 2012


August 18 2012


Global digital music sales to top $8.6b in 2012: Streaming revenues drive growth

Strategy Analytics :: Online streaming revenues will grow at almost five times the rate of download revenues in 2012, according to Strategy Analytics' latest Global Recorded Music* Forecast. Streaming revenues will increase 40% in 2012 - to $1.1 billion - whilst download revenues will increase by 8.5 percent to $3.9 billion (see Chart 1). Therefore, streaming services will take over as the leading revenue growth engine for the music industry in 2012, generating an extra $311 million - $8 million more than downloads at $303 million.

A press release, www.strategyanalytics.com

Tags: Music

August 17 2012


Drip.fm has indie labels eager to become subscription music services

paidContent :: Waves of music labels are keen to join a recently-launched new platform that promises higher returns than big-name streaming services. But can Drip.fm, which charges the same for just a few tracks each month that Spotify does for millions, entertain users as well as owners?

A report by Robert Andrews, paidcontent.org

Tags: Music Startups

August 14 2012


Google+ 'Studio Mode': Self-marketing for musicians

... soon available on GoogleTV (right?). How long will musicians need the music industry?

VentureBeat :: Music over online conference lines or video-conferencing software mostly sucks — because the conferencing world is optimized for voice, not song. Google’s trying to change that — and bolster its social network, Google+ — by adding Studio Mode to Hangouts on Air. Studio Mode is a special treat for audiophiles … and bands that want to connect with fans.

A summary by Johne Koetsier, venturebeat.com

April 26 2012


A research model: Using last.fm data to map geographic flow of music

The Atlantic Tumblr :: By tapping into the last.fm API, these Irish researchers modeled the geographic flow of musical influence (PDF direct download link). They were able to identify where certain tastes frequently originated, and draw a hierarchy of influential cities.

HT: John Herrman, BuzzFeed

Continue to read and watch the graphic here: theatlantic.tumblr.com

Tags: Music

April 25 2012


Spotify competitor Deezer launches in Canada, Australia and New Zealand

The Next Web :: Music streaming service and Spotify rival Deezer today announced it has launched its platform in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, further expanding its service outside of Europe (where it says it covers 46 countries).

Continue to read Matt Brian, thenextweb.com

Tags: Music Spotify

April 20 2012


Sony-led group wins EU approval to buy EMI publishing

Reuters :: A Sony-led consortium won EU approval on Thursday to buy EMI's music publishing business for $2.2 billion, on the condition that it sell the worldwide publishing rights of artists including Robbie Williams and Lenny Krativz.

Continue to read Robert-Jan Bartunek, www.reuters.com

Tags: Music

April 15 2012


iMusician.org: Website for unsigned and independent label musicians

Silicon Republic :: This week’s tech start-up to watch is iMusician.Org, a new website that’s aiming to reach out to unsigned and independent label musicians, giving them a platform to be seen and heard. The site has just launched in beta mode.

A first look - Continue to read Carmel Doyle, www.siliconrepublic.com

Tags: Music Startups

April 12 2012


Rising curve for audio streams: The Cloud brings advertisers into music market

emarketer :: Can a new generation of cloud-based streaming models revive the industry? “The short answer is maybe,” said Paul Verna, eMarketer senior analyst and author of the new report, “Cloud-Based Music Streaming: Emerging Opportunities for Brands.” “Key trends are pointing in the right direction, including positive technology adoption forecasts, a profusion of social sharing activity connected to music, video channels that are generating revenue and expanded marketing opportunities around music content.

a rising curve for audio streams, from 320.5 million in the first week of 2012 to 494 million during the week of March 4, 2012

Continue to read www.emarketer.com

March 28 2012


RapidShare declared legal in court, with a twist

TorrentFreak :: A Higher Regional Court in Germany has ruled that file-hosting service RapidShare operates legally in Germany. The verdict is the result of a long-standing legal battle between the Swiss-based file-hosting service and music rights group GEMA. It’s not all good for RapidShare though, as the company now has to monitor external websites for incoming links to infringing files.

Continue to read Ernesto, torrentfreak.com

Tags: Music

February 08 2012


Pandora vs. Spotify: Who will win the battle for streaming music?

Mashable :: Once upon a time, the future of streaming music rested squarely on the shoulders of Pandora Radio. Built on the Music Genome Project, Pandora creates customized “stations” based on similarly-matched artists, songs and styles. Several years ago, users clamored over to Pandora, finding its selection startlingly accurate. Pandora played songs users actually wanted to listen to — as if by magic. Often, users would discover new artists and download songs separately on iTunes.

Soon, Pandora developed a solid mobile app, and its corner on the market seemed sewn tight. Pandora had the elusive “cool factor.”

Then came Spotify.

Continue to read Matthew Bryan Beck, mashable.com

January 20 2012


January 09 2012


Nielsen: Online music sales beat CDs for the first time in 2011

memeburn :: Spend enough time on the internet and you would be forgiven to think that physical music sales died a long time ago. In the real world, though, plenty of people still by CDs (and a few buy vinyl as well). 2011 was a watershed year for digital music sales, though, as, according to Nielsen SoundScan’s year-end report for 2011, in the U.S., digital sales finally trumped physical sales for the first time last year

Figures & tables - Continue to read Frederic Lardinois, memeburn.com

Tags: Music Study

December 18 2011


BBC Radio Cymru: Welsh-language musicians strike over 'unfair royalties'

Guardian :: Now Welsh-language musicians are to take industrial action and metaphorically down microphones and guitars in protest at how they are being treated in post credit-crunch Britain. For three days from Monday, as many 450 musicians and composers, folk singers, pop stars and hip-hop artists are demanding that the Welsh-language station BBC Radio Cymru does not play their work. After a change in the way their royalties are calculated, a three-minute song played on the station now earns £5.75. Previously a song would bring in almost £150.

A reduction from £150 to £5.75 doesn't look understandable, indeed.

Continue to read www.guardian.co.uk

Tags: BBC Music

November 19 2011


STHoldings labels to leave Spotify, Napster, Simfy, Rdio - they're "detrimental to music purchasing"

A study with consequences. 

Digital Music News :: Spotify and similar access models are discouraging other forms of music purchasing - not encouraging them - according to a recently-released finding from NPD Group and NARM. In fact, access has been deemed 'most detrimental' to monetization across nearly all demographic categories.

Continue to read Paul Resnikoff, www.digitalmusicnews.com

Wire :: Tracks from over 200 record labels will be removed from Spotify, Napster, Simfy, and Rdio. Labels distributed by STHoldings include Hessle Audio, Skull Disco and Mordant Music. Out of 238 labels, which specialises in techno, grime, dubstep, and bass music, only four said they did not want their content removed from the streaming services. STHoldings said decision was prompted by the study of the NPD Group and NARM.

Continue to read www.thewire.co.uk

November 12 2011


Google music's new service set to launch, without all the music

AllThingsD :: Google, which tried to launch a music service earlier this year but couldn’t get all of the big music labels on board, is ready to try it again. But it still doesn’t have all of the big music labels on board. Conventional wisdom in the music business is that you can’t launch a service without three of the big four signed up.

Continue to read Peter Kafka, allthingsd.com

Tags: Google Music
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