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March 12 2010


Nexus One—- iPhone?s Challenging Rival is Coming

ePathChina. constant attention com’s One Nexus: Nexus is used 2e 1 Android operating system, which has been produced by HTC in Taiwan International Electronics Co., LTD.

According to The Evening News, after a long wait, Google finally released its own telephone company brand Nexus One, 5, who was preparing for a strong attack on the premium market position held with the iPhone.

On 5 January, Google released its own brand of smartphone Nexus official. Vice President of Product Management Mario Queiroz announced the Nexus a mobile phone at the launch at Google headquarters in California.

Queiroz excited that this is a new stage for development mobile platform Android, the only place for the interactive web and mobile phones.

It has been reported to sell this set a new Google Phone based on Google Google http://. com / phone. Consumers can buy a nexus of two ways in the United States. It is directly purchase the unlock version, whose price retail is $ 529, the other must be accompanied by a two-year cost-month contract with T – Mobile, its price contract is $ 179 per month is $ 80.

The name of the Nexus had been inspired by science fiction film Blade Runner. His back is a 2D barcode, which use all Nexus can distinguish a cell phone.

For the formulation that NEXUS is one outside of Google “iPhone killer” Google is not internally too many comments. But analysts believe doubt, Google wants to society in a situation where change iPhone surpasses the others – in the market for smartphones.

Queiroz said: “This is a super cell phone that can offer consumers more choice.”

The body of Google Nexus One will be manufactured by HTC in Taiwan. For a variety of indicators, there are always power struggles between the interfaces between the first and the iPhone.

The size of the overall target, Google Nexus is a bit longer than Apple’s iPhone, but it’s a bit thinner and lighter than the iPhone.

As for the screen, Google Nexus greater. She also acknowledged, Nexus Technology OLED, which allows their color brightness and contrast of the iPhone LCD.

In addition, Nexus one with a 5 megapixel camera and an LED flash lamp, which is more than 3-megapixel camera iPhone.

Article source: http://www. epathchina. com

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March 11 2010


The First Ever Google Phone ? the Google Nexus One

Most people have waited until the internet mogul Google could eventually reach the cell phone market. After numerous rumors about cyberspace, we now know that this is the introduction of Google Nexus One, the first phone sold exclusively through Google “true”, 5 Published in January 2010. Just to clarify – the Smartphone is not produced by Google, is manufactured by HTC, who is well respected in the industry of mobile telephony. Indeed, this information is clearly stated in the Nexus service to ensure that buyers are aware that the phone is not made by Google.

There are several sites with pictures and videos on this phone, which gives us a vision of what it looks like and how it works.

What is a nexus Looks Like

The Nexus is one slim and the Apple iPhone and HTC myTouch. Leaked Photos of Nexus One have already shown that the phone comes in two colors – brown and gray. The smartphone is a 3rd with 7-inch touch screen offers 480 by 800 pixels. Although there is no formal statement about the dimensions, it seems that the Nexus-one is more or less the same size as the iPhone, thin, with the exception of the Nexus One, a little bit.

The design seems really quite simple and elegant, with only four buttons at the bottom of the phone and the volume rocker on the side. This is to make a classic, modern appearance, which certainly also a hit with mobile users.

As one works Nexus

The Nexus comes with the Android-2. 0. 1 operating system, except it has a three dimensional aspect to the application bar. There are also a lot more variety when it comes to the home screen. You will see an icon below to see which show you all the startup screens available, similar to what would be your Palm webOS or a Mac Expose. It comes with integrated Wi-Fi, which is the standard for smart phones at the time.

The Nexus, each with a Snapdragon processor with 1 GHz performance. After verification, it seems that the Nexus, a 512 MB of RAM and an additional 512 MB of ROM s. It also comes with a microSD card of 4 GB is expandable up to 32 GB. It has a proximity sensor, a light sensor and an accelerometer, comes with a decent 5 megapixel camera with LED flash.

How do I get the Nexus One

After reading this article, you’ll probably want to get their hands on the Google-Nexus One. In the United States is expected to be approximately $ 180 with a plan from T-Mobile or $ 530 for selling his. There is no word on whether it is available in other countries soon.

Moby1 visit the best mobile phone contracts to find. You’ll find the best Google Nexus One contracts. In addition, you will find the best deals for pay-phones.

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February 28 2010


Windows Phone 7 Vs Nexus Vs Iphone. Phone’s Dog Fight

The battle begins between 3 dogs, the Google-Nexus, the Apple iPhone and Windows 7 phone.

Windows will earn 7 Phone / Beat Apple’s iPhone and Google Nexus? It is understood that Microsoft has the look, feel, touch and your phone software in Windows 7-Series, the name of a comic Microsoft changed selected. Let me discuss a few points here. Comment below if u agree or not, or even if you’re neutral.

Which is better? Who will win the battle? What is the future?

My research and reflections on 3 phones so far. I speak of the best phones we also have the windows will soon be released Telefon 7

1. Apple has found the greatest iPhone App Store where users want and what they can. Google gives applications and it does very well. Do not forget to mention the browser on Google Android 2. Viewed 0 and a range of never surprising, as Google Apps “glasses” and many more. And by the way, is Google Maps on the GPS and Google Maps iPhone production actually own. The only thing that is missing is Google Nexus is the games. And we hope that Google knows how. We, cons, I do not know much about Windows 7 by phone. Naturally, they call it, and built-in hubs. We do not want that Microsoft is against us, for each application they have to pay. For several years, Microsoft will certainly loose in application development.

So, now Apple’s gains so far in the case of applications and games available.

Get Windows 7 Phone Games and Apps http://www. WindowsMobile7. Info

2. 3GS Apple does not have Flash Player. Stupid Apple does not know how they do it, if she really knows how the iPhone will be better for surfing the web. And he is still surfing the Internet, without a flash, a loser. Google is doing very well. Telephone Windows 7 will certainly have. And if you flash you do not even have a long list of games, because you can easily play Flash games on major sites like clip flash game mini. Com, “and so on…

It is clear that integration and internet browsing is better in the Nexus Google. Google has the engine more useful and powerful search and knows how to improve the experience of surfing.

Nexus, Google wins in this case.

3. Okay, now see for individualization. We do not want a fake phone that shows the same screen, each time we open our phone. I think Steve Jobs and Apple work. Go to Steve and to think. Google Nexus interface and adaptive function is so perfect. Personalization is free. The Nexus is, I have a big clock on the home screen or a major weather or even my face-book widget. I can go into many small icons, widgets, or can I use 7 screens, where I put my most used widgets. Google makes it so perfect. Apple iPhone provides a model. No adjustment. And he looks so pale.

Windows 7 Phone Screen Shots impressive. Probably the Phone screen, 7, have to choose the best and personalization. We must wait until it is published.

Nexus, Google wins again.

Get Windows 7 Phone Games and Apps http://www. WindowsMobile7. Info

4. About what multi-tasking? And if Apple comes with the new iPhone with the built-in Flash Player and adaptation in the next version? Do I need to show an hour in the queue outside the room price Apple buy? How much should I pay again? I have to pay several hundred dollars every six months, when Apple introduced a new function, then calls it 4GS and 5GS and so on?

Well, Google does not know consumers can afford a new phone features for each additional purchase. We update the latest OS and Android, or by telephone. So if I have a hero HTC with Google 1st 5, so I can update it with Android 2nd 0 if it is published. As (I updated and it’s free), I am a new phone. I can covert my old HTC Hero Nexus. Telephone Windows 7 is also flexible in that case, as we have in the past with Windows Mobile versions seen.

So once again Google wins.

Thus, a total of Future Nexus Google now. It is already flash, 5 MP camera, multitasking, adaptation, and all maps and full navigation. Google Android also an important market for applications and they have less aps Apple but they were amazing and useful applications, and is still every hour.

Apple iPhone will soon be dead. If you do not believe me, see sales fall. Windows Mobile 7 safely compete, but ended up losing anyway. Microsoft has no DNA, and consumers do not know what people really want. So my final thought:

“Google is in the article in the market for mobile telephony.” Google is the WINNER!

Please comment or add your thoughts.



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February 24 2010


What Ensquared Would Tell Google About On Nexus One Insurance

Apple and AT & T with a path green before two years to make innovation on the iPhone and no link is worrying time, without making the issue of insurance iPhone. If your camera buyers of the iPhone was lost for some reason he was carrying a case of “bad luck” and simply a threat to consumers by the Heads of State and Government. With the technology of the iPhone so far when it seems it was a risk that the iPhone user was ready to run. Now, with similar devices, the phone does not grow with insurance options may negatively to a competitive economy, a critical link We must fight on the capital. In the present situation the only supplier / distributor of insurance for the iPhone available from Apple Care extended warranty, which is significant given the small and there is a gap in the accident damage, loss and theft cost. This has been partially filled by companies such as SquareTrade Safeware, and others on the Internet, but not totally a political and not at the point of sale. The loss or break an iphone in an accident can be very expensive.

The facts of the telephone company in the insurance you: Smartphone at the iPhone and Nexus A level of compensation for loss, theft or damage is about $ 500. This brings them in relative terms, the arena of the laptop and can be a costly experience can be when it will be a serious accident as a supplier does not subsidize phones in the same second contract. In addition, smartphone technology more complex, sensitive and cost of repairs is still so high that compensation is often independent of the insurer best solution.

The Nexus One is a new entry in the mobile arena, and he does not claim that it is positioned directly on the iPhone. He, however, make a long climb up two important reasons:

iPhone cut the innovator reference touch screens on mobile devices, building a new paradigm in the order of inclusion, which is growing exponentially and is a great attraction for worship iPhone

The fact that Nexus is, in fact, a Google phone, and no doubt Google is an innovator in the Central and time changer note is the channel, even from mobile devices and removes some of the direction of iPhone on the channel.

Nexus When we asked advice There is no doubt that this is an enormous gap in size in the fabric of the iPhone phone insurance. On this platform, the attack must be made.

How an insurance website phone experts would Ensquared: Nexus One is well advised to fix responsibility for the underwriters a strong connection to a phone-insurance program for your device: A, take the extended warranty , damage beyond the attack and also Nexus Nexus A lost and stolen by a well. The fact that the device is sold unlocked and not affiliated with any service provider requires thinking outside the box. In the same way that manufacturers of equipment in a tie with telephone service providers could Nexus another insurance company to approve an interview (perhaps even a small subsidy) for the insurance options on the interface between a type. Made a significant and important benefit would be contrary to competition that this aspect has been totally ignored. This is a track open right now. Ensquared number 1 of the Insurance Authority on the phone has a very good view of the participating mobile phone insurance market, which would be called into question, including its own strategic alliances. Insurance phone is often a weak central hidden in each unit to buy but could not be propelled to the forefront of reasons to buy a unit for another – especially in the highly expensive smartphone. The mobile strategy, however,

For more information on Nexus One Phone Insurance, Nexus Insurance, Insurance Google Android, Android insurance can be found at www. ensquared. com

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February 19 2010


Would Google Nexus One affect other wireless operators??

Google has announced its much hyped â??superphone,â?? called Nexus One in the first week of January. The mobile handset is powered by its own Android 2.1 operating system and is said to be the powerful device that will compete with Appleâ??s iPhone 3G S.

The Google Nexus One is available directly from Google with a price tag of $529 (unlocked). Also, consumers can buy the device from T-Mobile at $179 with a two-year contract. Google added that the device will also be available through Verizon Wireless in the US and Vodafone in the UK in due course.

Nexus One to affect sales of other Android based mobile phones

Meanwhile, it is suggested that the new device from Google will hold the sales of other Android based smartphones and therefore, various mobile vendors like Sony Ericsson, Motorola, etc would prefer other mobile platform for their new devices. This will create an enigma for the search giant to use its platform on its own devices against already existing Android based phones.

Nexus Oneâ??s networking problem

Nexus One, which runs on Android OS and HTC’s hardware was built to work at 3G speeds in the US on the AWS 1700/2100 MHz frequency band. In contrast, Verizon, AT&T and Sprint all use the 1900 MHz band for their 3G networks, hence the Google phone is incompatible with this band. But, AT&T and the Google phone share a 2G frequency — 850 MHz via GSM, which allows voice calls but quashes its data transfer feature.

According to a leading analytics firm, the Google sold only 20,000 units of Nexus One in its first week of sales. It is pretty disappointing number compared to Appleâ??s iPhone first week sales numbers. Further, the device is facing number of complaints about its 3G connectivity.

The Nexus One has already received and the news isnâ??t good for Google right not. Things will certainly get better for Android, but the Nexus One had so many expectations based on the amazing specs of the phone.

Other missing features in the Nexus One

No VoIP: It was reported that the search giant will introduce VoIP-only plan with its device and will be a game changer to other vendors. It will provide free calls to its consumers in the country. But, the rumor turned out to be false and the device is the same as other handsets, while making calls.

Android 2.1 OS: It is reported that the company will also introduce new Android software besides Nexus One. But, the company launched the device with same Android 2.1 OS in the superphone, which was already appeared in Motorola Droid.

Multitouch missing:
Playing 3D games or pinching to zoom in Google Maps (like in iPhone) are missing in the Nexus One. The Nexus Oneâ??s hardware is able to handle input from more than one finger at a time, but the software does not support it.

Music Player App is not upto the mark: People have complained about the app and said that the Android based music player has never upto the quality compared with iPhone.

Third-party applications: Apple has about 100,000 third-party applications in its App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch, whereas Google Nexus One and other Android platform offer about 18,000 apps only.

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February 14 2010


Google Nexus One will be Listed Firstly on the North America and Europe

North American time January 5th, Google launched its first Gphone Nexus One as scheduled. Therefore, it is quite natural that the listed information of the Nexus One becomes the limelight of the public. Currently, there is more exact information released. This long-anticipated Google’s own-brand Gphone will be sold in the coming short weeks.

Google Nexus One will take the lead in landing in North American market and European market, furthermore by cooperating with carriers Verizon and Vodafone. According to relevant personage in the Vodafone, Nexus One will appear on the UK market, followed by France, Germany, Spain and other European countries.

As for the price, the Vodafone’s official selling price of Nexus One haven’t announced formally, but according to its partnership company Vivendi revealed before, Vodafone will launch a kind of smartphone whose price is below 200 Euros, it undoubtedly should be Nexus One. It believes that the selling price will have little difference in the other European markets. Nevertheless, it is just the contract price; the price of bare mobile phones will be about $530 which is less than RMB 4,000 Yuan, it is still very attractive.

Google’s Gphones are really focal points of the public and inline enterprises. As an electronics dropshipping company, epathchina.com also provides a great many Android mobile phones. Certainly, epathchina.com keeps a constant attention to the Google Nexus One, from the initial various hearsays to the current authoritative information.

Besides, epathchina.com releases some other kinds of high quality China cellphones and services. No matter which function or shape customers prefer, customers will hunt their most satisfied cellphones. Moreover, all models of excellent cellphone accessories released for sale. Whatever mode consumers need, they can buy a cheap and compatible one for their cellphones.

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Google Introduces Nexus One to Public

After weeks of anticipation from techies the world over, Google has unveiled to members of the press the Nexus One, its first consumer electronics device previously known as the Google Phone.  Set to compete with Apple’s iPhone and Research in Motion’s BlackBerry, the HTC-made Nexus One runs an updated tweak of the Google Android OS.

Apart from what are expected from smartphones developed post-iPhone-touchscreen display, 5-megapixel camera, and stereo Bluetooth for headphones-the Nexus One pulls off features that impress us.  The phone includes a Global Positioning System, two microphones (one for noise cancellation), and a speech dictation technology, which transcribes what you speak on the Nexus One as you compose e-mails, tweets, and Facebook status updates.

Reactions, however, were not as mind-blowing as Google might have expected.  “The Nexus One has attractive features, but many of them were already available on other phones that use Google’s Android operating system,” wrote Jessica Guynn of Los Angeles Times.

Michael Gartenberg, an analyst from Interpret research firm, says that the new phone provides a perception that not all Android phones are created equal.  “If I was a (Motorola Droid) customer who just bought the phone a month ago, I might not feel so good.”

The Nexus One is now available on Google’s online store for US$529 if you want it unlocked or $179 with a two-year contract from T-Mobile.  Similar offers will be available from Verizon Wireless and United Kingdom’s Vodafone within this year.  It is also expected to be shipped in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Image source:  Google

Kris Andrews writes for Gadget.com, delivering you with the latest tech and gadget news and updates that you need.

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Any Video Converter 3.02 – Google Nexus One Converter And Support New Encryption Dvd

January 27, 2010, Anvsoft Inc releases Any Video Converter Pro V3.0.2 and Any DVD Converter Pro V4.0.2. In the new version, Any Video/DVD Converter Pro is added Google Nexus One output profile. Users can easily convert their videos to Nexus One by selecting this profile. Any DVD Converter Pro is updated to support directly ripping and converting all encrypted DVD no matter what DVD copy protection method is used. The newly released DVD movies including G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, District 9, Inglourious Basterds, The Proposal and etc. are supported. With new Any DVD Converter Pro V4.0.2, you can avoid converting the potential fake main movie titles and get the scenes played back in the right order.

New Any Video/DVD Converter Pro 3.02/4.02 which is available at: http://www.any-video-converter.com/ adds some new useful options and functions, updates engine and fixes some bugs:

1. Add new DVD navigation mode to show the progress of Opening DVD;

2. Update the mplayer engine;

3. Add Ripping DVD tittles in DVDNav mode and Show fake tittles in copy protected DVD disc two options to DVD Tab in Options;

4. Add Avoid incomplete conversion option to Advanced Tab in Options;

5. Fix the bug that controlling the slider in DVD preview or Clipping mode is not accurate;

6. Update the language files;

7. Add mp2 audio output in the DVD PAL output profile;

8. Add new DVD analysis capabilities to analyze the structure of new encryption DVD, get the accurate position of the main titles and not show the fake titles;

9. Fix the bug of displaying error when merge videos;

10. Add Google Nexus One output profile;

The Nexus One is an Internet and multimedia enabled smart phone designed by Google, Inc, which runs the Android open source mobile operating system. Being a multimedia enabled smart phone, Nexus One can play videos encoded by H.263, H.264 and MPEG-4 codec, play audio formats including MP3, AAC+, Ogg Vorbis, WAV and MIDI. Using new Any Video/DVD Converter Pro 3.02/4.02 can easily convert all kinds of video formats or DVD to MP4 videos playable on the Nexus One. There is a Google Nexus One MPEG-4 Movie output profile for you to choose to start converting.

With new DVD analysis capabilities, Any DVD Converter Pro V4.0.2 can analyze the structure of almost all new encryption DVD. When users insert DVD to Any DVD Converter Pro which is in default settings, the program will display the DVDNav mode to tell the users what is going on. After the analysis, Any DVD Converter Pro will tell the users where the main titles are. This function can prevent users from converting the wrong titles to save users’ time. Also, new Any DVD Converter Pro can handle some new encryption DVD which are difficult to be ripped and converted.

Some bad quality DVD and videos will be fast forward or incomplete after conversion. Now, the new mplayer engine and new option Avoid incomplete conversion for new Any Video/DVD Converter Pro 3.0.2/4.0.2 can help users fix those problems. When users check this option, that means adding -noskip option in mencoder command. With this option, the output videos from those bad quality DVD or videos will play normally.

New Any Video/DVD Converter Pro 3.0.2/4.0.2 (http://www.any-video-converter.com/) is designed with user-friendly and easy-to-use graphical interface. Also, Any Video/DVD Converter Pro is famous for its fast converting speed and excellent video quality.

For more information or questions about Any Video/DVD Converter Pro Series Software, please visit http://www.any-video-converter.com/


Contact Information


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Will Google Nexus One Be The New Benchmark For Smartphones?

Released in January 2010, the HTC manufactured Google Nexus One has been one of the most anticipated mobile phone releases since the Apple iPhone. A plethora of advanced applications and its Android operating system, coupled with the HTC built quality, the Google Nexus One is sure to be a hit. The fact that internet giants Google have put their name on a phone indicates that there will surely be no compromises with this handset.


The Google Nexus One measures 119×59.8mm and is just 11.5mm thick. It weighs in at 130g so is comfortable to hold and operate. The large 3.7” AMOLED capacitive touchscreen displays 480×800 pixels in WVGA resolution offering unparalleled display clarity and brightness. An accelerometer is built into the phone which senses when the phone has been tilted and rotates the onscreen image accordingly so it can be viewed in both portrait and landscape forms. Trackball navigation is included as support to the touchscreen navigation, similar to that found on several Blackberry Models.


Users are alerted to incoming calls and messages via vibration and ringing with the option to use MP3 music files as ringtones. A speakerphone is included allowing hands free communication. A 3.5mm audio jack can be used for hands free kits as well as listening to music with a pair of compatible headphones.


Internal memory in the Google Nexus One is 512MB RAM and 512MB ROM. A microSD slot is found on the handset with 4GB of memory included. This can, however, be expanded to up to 32GB allowing plenty of storage for media files, applications, contact info and other files.


A wide range of connectivity options is available with the handset. GPRS and EDGE are included, both in Class 10 versions. HSDPA is available at speeds of up to 7.2Mbps and HSUPA at up to 2Mbps. WiFi access allows users to take advantage of various hotspots at various locations around the country. Bluetooth v2.1 is installed as standard enabling direct transfer of files and data between Bluetooth compatible devices.


The Google Nexus One is equipped with a camera boasting 5MP which operates at a pixel resolution of 2560×1920 pixels. Features of the camera include autofocus and LED flash, smile detection and the increasingly popular geo-tagging facility whereby users can tag the location where a picture was taken. Video can be recorded in D1 at 720×480 pixels at a rate of 20 frames per second. Pictures and videos can be directly uploaded to YouTube and Picasa via applications which allow direct access to these sites.


A whole host of available features make it easy to see why there has been so much hype about this phone. A range of music and video file formats are supported by the phone’s media player. These can be easily transferred to and from a computer via the microUSB (v2.0) port. Extra features include noise cancellation with dedicated microphone, digital compass and voice memo recorder.


This range of applications and software requires some very capable hardware. A powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8250 1 GHz processor certainly fits the bill, and adequately compliments the Android v2.1 operating system.


Many will see the HTC Google Nexus One as one of the first major rivals to Apple’s iPhone 3G and its easy to see why.  

If you like the Google Nexus One check out the Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB

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February 13 2010


Nexus One Phone Release Date

Alright consumers get ready to buy Googleâ??s nexus One phone. The word is out that you can buy Google phone directly from Googleâ??s store or through a carrier of your choice. Google is in process to add more carriers to provide service on Nexus One phone. Some of the carriers will start giving services by 2010 end. T-Mobile will start selling online services to users right away and Vodafone and Verizon will start giving service by mid 2010. The current <strong>Nexus One phone release </strong>is through Google operated web stores only.

 Google clearly is trying ti beat apple corporation in his core competence. Like Apple beat Sony in MP3 player category same Google is trying to do with Apple. Google is coming out with cool features such as voice enabled keyboard and cool widgets to access YouTube videos. The idea is to provide new experience to users to access web enabled application and give social networking a new meaning.

 The current sales pitch only through Google web stores are to create more hype abut the phone as phones are not available in market. Also it gives added advantage to Google to streamline their production release and same time they can structure their release step by step. Getting in to agreement with different carriers in world and providing services in well released manner.

 It will be interested to see how iPhone consumers will react to new features of Nexus One Phone. Clearly the cool features of Nexus One have created ripples in iPhone community. No body accepted to break current monopoly of iPhone in smart phone so easily. If Googleâ??s nexus One phone lives up to the expectation of smart phone community and there is freedom to choose carriers and economical monthly plan then this is knockout punch to iPhone.


Read fulll article, please visit … Nexus One Camera
Consultant – interest in many fields.

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