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August 02 2011


TPM, Talking Points Memo, ad sales revenue up +88pc

Talking Points Memo | Press Release :: TPM Media LLC, publisher of the digital news outlet Talking Points Memo (TPM), closed out a strong second quarter with the biggest ad sales month in the site's history in June. In the first half of 2011, ad sales revenue grew +88% over the same period in 2010.

[Josh Marshall, editor, publisher:] We've had strong sales growth since we started our direct ad sales program in the spring of 2009. And it's based on a really compelling story. We have this very loyal, highly engaged, influential, affluent and educated audience.

Megan Garber, Niemanlab, discusses the reason-why TPM was able to increase its (direct) ad sales, while the whole news industry is still suffering.

Continue to read talkingpointsmemo.com

Discussed here Megan Garber, www.niemanlab.org

June 25 2011


The problem of real-time verification - SwiftRiver: add context to content

Niemanlab :: One of the biggest challenges news organizations face is the real-time aspect of newsgathering: the massive problem that is making sense of the torrent of information that floods in when breaking-news events take place. How do you process, and then verify, hundreds and often thousands and sometimes millions of information pieces (SMS, photos, tweets and more discrete data points), even before those points transform into something that resembles useful information?

[Jon Gosier] .. it is all about adding context to content

SwiftRiver Dataflow 1 from Ushahidi on Vimeo.


A team at Ushahidi has been working on that problem since early 2010, developing a way to help users manage large quantities of data more efficiently — and to help verify and prioritize information as it flows in from the crowd.

Continue to read Megan Garber, www.niemanlab.org

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