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February 12 2011


Hello My Name is Bobbi Newman

Hello I am Bobbi Newman, I am a librarian in a public library. I’m responsible for our website, online services, new and emerging technology and training and development for staff and the public. I am also speak and provide training for libraries nationally and internationally. 

I am dedicated to helping libraries find their place in the digital age. I’m passionate about 21st century literacies and the role of all libraries in equal access and opportunity for all. My professional interests include digital and technology based services, the digital divide, and improving existing services through expanding traditional methods, while creating innovative new practices. I write about these and other issues at Librarian by Day.


February 11 2011


Ari Katz, IREX

I am Ari Katz, deputy director for technology and civil society at IREX, a international development nonprofit based in Washington, DC. I work on programs that use technology to help organizations and institutions better fulfill their missions in a variety of ways - with youth, with libraries, with schools, and with governments.   My priorities include figuring out how to bring access to information in new and engaging ways to those who could benefit from it, and trying to integrate libraries more into the development dialogue. IREX brings well-managed projects in a number of countries to collaborations. We have learned that tech can't be dropped in on its own - where it has potential is integrated into a supportive environment of experimentation, learning and capacity building. 

Check out www.irex.org and http://irexgl.wordpress.com/ for more about what we do.

You can find me on twitter at @katzistan or @irextech.



Hello From Snowy Kansas!

I am the Digital Branch & Services Manager at Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library. That really means this - I'm in charge of technology and all our web and social media services.

My professional/personal priorities? They sorta blend - I love connecting people to the content they want, and to each other. I do that by building web experiences that rock, and by teaching others to do it, too.

In our neck of the woods, we bring project planning and creativity to our collaborations, as well as a knack for goal setting. Our main needs from collaborators? That really depends on the project - we are very purposeful in selecting collaborators or partners for a project.

But that's just my library. In general, libraries love partnering with non-profits and other types of organizations! We don't generally have much funding - but we make up for that in creativity, a deep, deep knowledge of content in all forms and where to find it, and in working with our local communities.

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