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August 23 2012


#NBCFail? Chloe Sladden: NBC-Twitter Olympics coverage drove people into prime time

New York Times :: According to Twitter and NBC, the jokes and critiques of the NBC-Twitter Olympics coverage made up only a slim minority — under 0.5 percent — of all Twitter messages about the Olympics. They say Twitter commentary drove more viewers to turn on their television sets and watch the games than ever before, even hours after the events had actually happened.

A report by Nicole Perlroth | Nick Bilton, bits.blogs.nytimes.com

August 11 2012


The Olympics safeguards the BBC for another generation

The Next Web :: It has been a phenomenally successful Olympics for Great Britain & Northern Ireland, securing third place in the gold medal table behind the might of the USA and China. But rowers, cyclists, runners and boxers aside, it has been a massive event for broadcasters too, in what the BBC was touting as the first digital Olympics. And its success on this front couldn’t have come at a better time.

A report by Paul Sawers, thenextweb.com

August 07 2012


BBC: From starting gun to smartphone, delivering the Olympics to your device

A must-read ...

BBC Internet Blog :: At the end of last week, I talked about the trends in multi-platform viewing behaviour that we're observing as this mass of data flows in. Today I want to explain a bit more about how our interactive coverage gets from the event itself to the device at your fingertips, wherever it is around the country that you are watching.

A report by Cait O'Riordan, www.bbc.co.uk

Additional (also more technical) information:

"Building the Olympic Data Services," by David Rogers, BBC

"Olympic Data Services and the Interactive Video Player," by Oliver Bartlett, BBC

HT: Phil Fearnley, here:

BBC - BBC Internet Blog: From starting gun to smartphone: delivering the Olympics to your device bbc.in/NZGSOY

— Phil Fearnley (@PhilFearnleyBBC) August 7, 2012

Social? These are the mobile Olympic games

paidContent :: Half of searches and video streams are coming from mobiles and tablets during the Olympic games. Has the mobile internet reached a tipping point? New Google data would seem to suggest as much.

Facts & Figures - A report by Robert Andrews, paidcontent.org

August 06 2012


Eight-in-ten following Olympics on TV or digitally: High marks for NBC's Coverage

Pew Research Center | People Press :: Large majorities of Americans are following coverage of the Olympic Games in London. Nearly eight-in-ten (78%) say they have watched or followed Olympic coverage either on television, online or on social networks.

Findings Pew Research Center, www.people-press.org

HT: Mark Little

August 04 2012


BBC - Digital Olympics: Week one in numbers

BBC Internet Blog :: It's the end of the first week of London 2012, a week that's seen record numbers of people accessing the BBC's Games coverage online and across mobile, tablet, connected TV and Red-Button. As data flows in, my team and I have been looking at exactly how the Olympics is being consumed by audiences across devices.

Key insights - A report by Cait O'Riordan, www.bbc.co.uk

HT: and summary Paul Sawers, "BBC's Olympics: Weekends More Popular for Mobile", thenextweb.com


London Olympics: Controversy in Twitter feeds

Los Angeles Times :: Several hours before a semifinal race this week, Michael Phelps alerted his fans that he planned to take a nap. At roughly the same time, across town, basketball star LeBron James was visiting a sneaker shop. And, apparently, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt needed a shave. "Just posted a photo," he said. It seems that every moment of the 2012 London Olympics so far has been documented — 140 characters at a time — on Twitter. The popular microblogging service has become more than just a forum for athletes and fans to share their thoughts. It is a part of the story at these Games.

The social games - A report by David Wharton, www.latimes.com

August 03 2012


Sina Weibo: A digital megaphone to more than 300 million Chinese

Associated Press | Tech Wire Asia :: China’s Twitter was raucous Thursday with horn-tooting over Beijing’s gold rush at the London Olympics, a digital reflection of the nation’s exuberant mood — embellished with flashing emoticons. Earlier passions have been ignited on the site by a deadly high speed rail crash and outrage over factory pollution.

A report by AP, www.techwireasia.com

August 02 2012


25pc drop could confirm Hastings' 3Q fears: Olympics streaming saps Netflix traffic

Variety :: It turns out Netflix may not have been paranoid after all about the threat posed by the Olympics to its streaming business. Streaming activity for the Los Gatos, Calif.-based company dropped 25% in the U.S. on Sunday from "normal levels," according to research from Procera Networks, a technology provider for broadband networks.

A report by Andrew Wallenstein, www.variety.com

August 01 2012


Free Olympic video feeds from 40 European broadcasters draw millions

Guardian :: A European Broadcasting Union website giving access to free and legal TV coverage of the Olympics by 40 broadcasters across Europe is attracting millions of users a day. The Eurovision Sports website allows viewers to tune in to coverage by all major broadcasters across Europe and to the raw, commentary-free feeds of 12 main sports a day.

A report by Lissa O'Carroll, www.guardian.co.uk


London 2012: How swimming photographers make their underwater moment

New York Times :: As Al Bello struggles to wedge his lean body into his scuba gear, it appears that taking the photographs has to be the easy part.

A report by Andrew Das, www.nytimes.com

July 31 2012


Google’s 300 million user Olympic experiment

Dan Barker's Blog :: Google have launched lots and lots of Olympic content within their main search results. They have also created a neat user interface to join all of this together and, in doing so, have essentially created a giant Olympics ‘website’ with tens of thousands of pages, all integrated directly among search results themselves. Other search engines have included medal tables, and basic information around The Games. This goes a little further, removing much of the reason for searchers to visit the official London 2012 site and broadcaster sites. It also points to the future of Google’s “Knowledge Graph” project, and how this may affect other website owners.

Continue to read here Dan Barker, www.barker.dj

"Introducing the Knowledge Graph: things, not strings" - Google Blogspot

HT: David Moth, in "Are commercial aims behind Google's Olympic SERPS?", econsultancy.com

July 30 2012


Olympic Opening Ceremony: Hidden camera of a performer

You will find a camera everywhere ...

eye wasthere | YouTube :: This is footage [15:03] taken from a hidden camera that I built into my costume (almost invisible to the naked eye) to give a performer's perspective during the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony. The footage you see is taken from the Pandemonium Section (Industrial Revolution) just after 9pm GMT Friday 27th July 2012.

Uploaded/text written by eye wasthere, www.youtube.com


NBC Olympics Twitter Tracker measures ‘real-time pulse’

Lost Remote :: A big part of the recent Twitter-NBC Olympics partnership was that they would be bringing back the Twitter Tracker they used back in 2008, but in a bigger way on devices. The tracker can be accessed within the NBC Olympics iPad app and it’s proving to be one of the best ways to discover what games are worth watching at the moment, and here’s why.

A review by Natan Edelsburg, www.lostremote.com


'Social Olympics': Officials ask Londoners to go easy tweeting and texting

The Next Web :: There was further controversy around television coverage of the 2012 Olympics Games in London this weekend after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) asked spectators in London to “take it easy” and avoid sending large numbers of text messages, tweets and other communication through their mobile phones.

A report by Jon Russell, thenextweb.com


London Olympics kickoff inspires 119m tweets on China's Sina Weibo

The Next Web :: Chinese netizens have taken to the first “Social Olympics” with gusto, posting more than 100 million messages about the opening ceremony on microblogging service Sina Weibo on Saturday. An official infographic from Sina broke down the specifics on the 119 million Olympics-related tweets posted as of 12pm on July 28.

A report by Josh Ong, thenextweb.com

July 29 2012


Twitter users help jam Olympic cycling broadcast

"Social Olympics": Not only the athletes face challenges ...

AP | Boston :: The IOC says social media users helped cause problems for traditional broadcasters during the first big event of the London Olympics.

Details - Continue here www.boston.com


London 2012: Row after NBC drop opening ceremony '7/7 tribute'

Guardian :: The US broadcaster NBC is facing growing criticism after editing their delayed coverage of the London 2012 opening ceremony to replace the "memorial wall" tribute section with a Ryan Seacrest interview with Michael Phelps.

A report by David Hills, www.guardian.co.uk


Olympic Games 2012: BBC apologises for 'appalling coverage' of men's cycling

The Observer | Guardian :: The BBC had to apologise for its coverage of the Olympic cycling yesterday after it was savaged by viewers angry at repeated mistakes, poor audio and lack of graphics. A BBC spokesman said: "The pictures are provided by the host broadcaster OBS to all global rights holders, these are not BBC produced pictures."

A report by Daniel Boffey, www.guardian.co.uk

July 28 2012


How social was the Olympics opening ceremony?

Bluefin Labs :: As expected, the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics was huge in social TV. How huge? 94.2% of all social TV comments in primetime (7pm to 12midnight ET) last night were about the Olympics Opening Ceremony. And what were the top moments that got people Tweeting?

Infographic, continue here Tom Thai, wordpress.bluefinlabs.com

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