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April 19 2012


"The Third Wave" of The Video Revolution: "It is Acceptable to Pay for Content"

LAS VEGAS - Thanks in part to the wide-spread use of paid services for video on demand including Amazon, Netflix and Hulu, it is now "acceptable to pay for content," says Brightcove's Eric Elia in this interview from the NAB Show.

Elia, VP, TV Solutions, is a member of the founding team of Brightcove.  He gives an overview on evolution of online video and its dramatic transformation over the past 12 months withs with proliferation of tablets, connected TV's and the emergence of paid scenarios.  He says we are in the "third wave."

At the show, Brightcove announced a new payment service for its clients.  Elia sees considerable opportunities for the paid scenario for entertainment programming, quality instructive video and for "Netflix-like" subscription services in various markets

He also addresses developments around digital rights management and explains the new arrangement with Google's Widevine unit to provide protection to Brightcove customers.

More on his "Third Wave" thesis in a post up on TechCrunch.

Andy Plesser


December 07 2010


Verizon's "Flex" Will Download Premium Video to Apple Devices in "Early" 2011

Subscribers to Verizon FiOS TV now have the abiilty to download a range of premium video to rent or buy onto several devices including Windows PC's, theBlackberry Storm2, HTC HD2, Motorola Droid 2 and Droid X.

Unlike offerings of Comcast which allows subscribers to stream programming, a program referred to as "TV Everywhere" -- the Verizon program could be called "TV Anytime." 

(Comcast introduced live streaming to the iPad last month.)

The program, called Flex View, debuted last month throughout the United States.

In an interview with Beet.TV, Joe Ambeault, Verizon's Director of Consumer Product Development, says that the service will be available on Mac OS and iOS devices "early" next year. 

He says that Flex works on non-Verizon mobile devices.

Ambeault speaks about having solved DRM issues.  He says that in the future, some form of Flex will be available to consumer who aren't subcribers to the home TV service.

Andy Plesser


April 25 2010


Cisco Has "Cached" Solution for Looming Demand for Internet Video

SAN JOSE, Calif --Exploding bandwidth consumption, resulting from HD and 3-D video, gaming and teleconferencing will create unprecedented  demands on Internet services providers.

Last month, our West coast bureau chief Daisy Whitney visited Cisco's company headquarters for this chat  with Suraj Shetty, Vice President, Worldwide Service Provider Marketing.

In March, Cisco announced CRS-3, its new platform for caching big files one the "edges" of the Internet, near users. 

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

April 12 2010


Kit Digital Ramps up Video Services with 1100 Customers As Revenue Doubles in 2009

Kit Digital, the Prague-based video services company, has over 1100 customers around the world. It recently reported $47 million in annual revenue and is growing organically and through acquisitions including the Feedroom and last month's $18 million purchase of Multicast.

Last week, we sat down with Kaleil Isaza Tuzman, chairman and CEO for an update.  He calls the company "the biggest video enablement company you probably never heard of."

Kit purchased Roo in 2008 and later went public.  The company has a market cap of about $200 million.

According to Tuzman, about 20 percent of the company's revenue comes from online, most comes from IPTV and mobile carriers.   Most of its customers are in the Europe and Asia where IPTV is more pervasive.

Andy Plesser, Execuctive Producer

March 24 2010


Fox Readying "Hulu-Like" Mobile Video Site Called Bitbot

Today, Fox is expected to announce a Hulu-like service for mobile devices that will offer a range of content from Fox, NBC Universal, and Discovery, according to a report in GigaOM

The free application comes with sneak previews, and full content will have a $10 a month subscription fee. It is expected to launch "in several weeks."

Last month in San Francisco, we caught up with Gregg Colvin, VP of Business Development for Fox Interactive to speak about syndication strategy for the network.  He said that micropayments and subscriptions around mobile content is a growing business area for the network.

Gregg was a participant in the online video summit.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

March 10 2010


CBS Interactive's CHOW Finds Appetite for 30 Second Food Videos

SAN FRANCISCO - Jane Goldman, editor in chief of CHOW, the CBS Interactive food site, is finding success with instructional videos as short as 30 seconds.

Daisy Whitney interviewed Goldman at Beet.TV's roundtable in San Francisco last month.

Half joking, she told Daisy that CHOW keeps its online video clips short because she has a short attention span.  "You can say so much in 30 seconds...there's no need to stretch it out over minutes."

Goldman talked about CHOW's video series "You're Doing it All Wrong."  Since there is never a lot that's new in food, these short videos rehash recipes and tell how we are making common mistakes.  For example, it's best to grate the cheese to make grilled cheese sandwiches.

Goldman was the former executive editor of the Industry Standard, then launched CHOW which was acquired by CNET in 2006 and later became part of CBS Interactive.  Last year, she  was given the added role of editor and chief of TV.com.

Allison Salewski, Associate Producer

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