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March 25 2013


[French] Le CR - Storytelling - L’art de narrer une histoire pour les ONG

Le StorytellingEst-ce qu’il y a une recette pour bien narrer une histoire pour son ONG? Quel message doit-on communiquer aux adhérents? Comment utiliser les médias sociaux pour partager son histoire?

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May 26 2011


NetSquared Local Organizer Spotlight: Camilla Burg from Paris

Every month, the NetSquared Community comes together offline at NetSquared Local events around the world to mix, swap stories and ideas, build new relationships, and collaborate to help the local community. Our local organizers are volunteers dedicated to helping create local opportunities for learning, sharing and using technology to make a difference. In this Organizer Spotlight series we bring you interviews with organizers from around the world.

We're happy to introduce: Camilla Burg!

Camilla is the lead organizer of the NetSquared Local/Wiser Tuesday group in Paris, France. You can check out her profile and ways to connect on the NetSquared Local Organizer Team page. Are you in Paris? Connect to the NetSquared group here!


Tell us who you are in less than 140 characters.

A nature--loving, community-networking aficionado and French-food worshipping yogi


How do you spend your time when you’re not organizing Wiser Tuesday events?

Other than my main job which is working on communications and outreach for WiserEarth.org (a social network for individuals, grassroots communities and organizations working on social and environmental change), I am a volunteer English teacher at a local school and I help out a nonprofit organization here in Paris called InformEthic  which is trying to build bridges between those working in the field of technology and nonprofits in France. In my spare time I practice a form of yoga called Anusara which signifies “following your heart.’


What inspired you to organize these events in your community?

It was an idea that came from a WiserEarth (WE) member who suggested that we needed to have a way of bringing local WE members together in order to share projects we are working on, to connect and exchange ideas around using technology for social change. Since we didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, we felt that the NetSquared local events would be a good format for us to follow at WiserEarth. As a result, we set up a WiserTuesday gathering here in France. This was made a lot easier as we were lucky enough to be offered a meeting space by La Ruche, a collaborative workspace for social entrepreneurs in Paris. I am now helping to grow face-to-face gatherings among other ‘wiser communities’ around the world as I am truly inspired by the energy that can be created in bringing changemakers together.


What’s the hardest part of the job?

I don’t really find any of it hard as I really enjoy meeting people working in many different areas and on different projects. There is, however, a busier time which is just before and just after a gathering – that includes setting up the event and then afterwards, writing a report of what happened and sharing this with everyone. But then that’s enjoyable too.


How do you measure the success of your events?

We work on the basis that whoever comes to an event are the people who are meant to be there. Sometimes there are 10 of us and other times 40 of us. I feel that each event is special in its own right because of the people who make the effort to turn up in the first place, to share what they are doing and take part in the discussions. Success for me is when someone leaves an event with a new idea, an email address, the possibility of being able to work on someone with a project, or with a warm and fuzzy feeling that they are indeed part of a wider community working on social change.


Tell us about the best Wiser Tuesday event. What did you learn from that experience?

One of our most successful events was around the theme “Are you a good social networker?”. We started off the event with an exercise to show how powerful social networking sites can be in connecting people with similar interests. We invited participants to initially spend 5 minutes getting to know 5 other people and learning 5 interesting facts about them. We then asked them how much people remembered including date of birth, where they were born without pen or paper…  After that we asked everyone to do the same exercise but with post-its. Of course we found it a lot easier to remember everything as it had been written down. We then stuck the results on a wall and we were able to read all of them and find out who shared birthdays, similar interests etc. We used Clay Shirky’s ‘Here comes everybody’ model to demonstrate that the post-its had become the social object around which we were coalescing. We learned that it was a powerful networking exercise and a fun way to lead into our presentations and discussions that evening about using social networks for social good.


What’s the local social-web-tech scene like in Paris?

It seems to have really taken off in the 2 years since I moved here. The word ‘social innovation’ is on everyone’s lips right now.


How do you envision Wiser Tuesday events evolving over time?

I think that the Internet and specifically social media tools have really come of age over the past year, especially with the dramatic events that have been taking place in North Africa and the Middle East where social networking platforms such as Twitter and FaceBook are helping to spur democratic change. I think we will see a greater number of grassroots communities and changemakers gathering face-to-face in different parts of the world to better understand how we can effect change using social technologies and how we can work together more effectively to address the critical issues affecting our planet.


What’s your change-the-world philosophy?

"It is possible that the next Buddha will not take the form of an individual. The next Buddha may take the form of a community – a community practicing understanding and loving kindness, a community practicing mindful living. This may be the most important thing we can do for the survival of the earth." - Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist teacher

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi



What else do you want to say?

Drop by to say hi to me at WiserEarth: http://www.wiserearth.org/user/Camilla or if you’re in Paris, do drop by to one of our gatherings


Learn more about NetSquared Local:

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August 26 2010


NetSquared Campfire Paris - Event Presentation

As we reported in the Camfire Paris event recap, the event in Paris was a huge success! Recently, the organizers put together a slideshow summarizing the event. This slideshow includes loads of resources from the day, including key stories, outcomes, and interesting findings:

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NetSquared Campfire Paris - Event Presentation

As we reported in the Camfire Paris event recap, the event in Paris was a huge success! Recently, the organizers put together a slideshow summarizing the event. This slideshow includes loads of resources from the day, including key stories, outcomes, and interesting findings:

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July 07 2010


NetSquared Campfire Paris - Event Recap

The Paris Campfire, one in a series of NetSquared Camp pilot events, was a great success! The unconference, held on June 26, brought together those interested in the field of social innovation to discuss the meaning, ideas and initiatives that are the driving force for social innovation. The lead organizer, Camilla Burg, provides a great overview of the event below:

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June 21 2010


One Week to Net2 Campfire in Paris!

NetSquared Campfire LogoThe NetSquared Campfire in Paris is less than one week away! The unconference tickets are now sold out, but everyone is welcome to participate virtually. If you're already on the guest list, let us know what you're most excited for in the comments section below.


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May 04 2010


WiserEarth.org Goes Multilingual and Plans to Bring International Sustainability Offline in Paris

WiserEarth logoWiserEarth.org, a nonprofit that offers social networking for the international sustainability movement, launched today in French, Portuguese and Spanish beta versions. This effort was realized thanks to more than 10 months of work by a team of 43 volunteer translators based in Brazil, France, Mexico and the US.

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March 08 2010


2h27: l’heure du blog pour apprentis-journalistes

Le lancement d’un blog, c’est toujours un peu émouvant. Mon groupe de 10 étudiants de première année à l’école de journalisme de Sciences Po Paris vient de lancer 2h27.fr. C’est un projet qui s’étale sur une période de trois et c’est le premier contact pour certains d’entre eux avec la publication sur le web. Premier contact et premières interrogations autour de l’idée (assénée par mes soins) que les traces de cette présence en ligne vont demeurer accessibles pendant des années.

Le blog parle de ce qui se passe en pleine nuit, à 2h27, à Paris. On y croise ceux qui travaillent, ceux qui errent, ceux qui fêtent, ceux qui insomniaquent, ceux qui veillent et tous les autres qui ne sont pas dans leur lit à cette heure-là.

Depuis des années déjà, je suis convaincu (et je ne suis pas le seul) que le blog constitue le meilleur des exercices possibles pour approcher les différentes dimensions et les enjeux de la présence en ligne pour des journalistes professionnels. Le sujet a déjà été abordé dans ce billet: A quoi ça sert de bloguer pour un journaliste?

Passez faire un tour sur le blog 2h27.fr et n’hésitez pas à laisser un message aux auteurs.

En savoir plus

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January 21 2010


Press Gazette: French journalists’ five day social media experiment

Five journalists from French speaking radio stations – France Inter, France Info, RTS and RTBF radio -  are to restrict their sources to Twitter and Facebook for five days “in an effort to determine the value of information received through social media,” reports Press Gazette, via Le Parisien.

Le Parisien reports that under a project called “Behind closed doors on the net”, which will take place between the 1 and 5 February, the journalists will have no access to TV, radio or print media and will have to get a view of world events through social media alone.

Full story at this link…

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November 20 2009




Well, today’s “une” is good.

Instead of the predictable and boring EU new mandarins, Libé played the football card in a big way.

So, I am sure that today they well sell more copies.

Plus, they have a terrific double spread on pages 2-3.

football double spread libe

This is magic!





Well designed.

These two pages are going to become a classic!

Congratulations to the INNOVATION team that was working this week in Paris, and to the Libé staff.


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