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July 30 2011


A (false) clean bill of health? - Harbottle & Lewis clearing letter 2007 for News International

New York Times :: When a Parliamentary committee first confronted The News of the World with charges of phone hacking in 2007, the paper’s owners produced a reassuring, one-paragraph letter from a prominent London law firm named Harbottle & Lewis. Now two people familiar with internal discussions between News International and Harbottle & Lewis, who spoke on the condition of anonymity given the criminal investigations, said company executives urged Harbottle & Lewis to write a letter giving News International a clean bill of health in the strongest possible terms. But in the years since the letter was written, various revelations have confirmed that phone hacking was endemic at the tabloid. 

An investigation - continue to read Jo Becker | Don Van Natta Jr., www.nytimes.com

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