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December 30 2011


Nieman Storyboard’s top 10 posts for 2011

During the last days of December, we’ve been tweeting down Storyboard’s top 10 posts for the year. In case you haven’t been following along, here they are, all in one place (in reverse order):

10. Internet phenom Maud Newton’s “Why’s this so good?”:

Raymond Chandler sticks it to Hollywood.”

9. Chris Jones, Esquire writer at large, talks with Nieman narrative instructor Paige Williams:

On reporting for detail, the case against outlining and the power of donuts.”

8. Storyboard editor Andrea Pitzer’s “Why’s this so good?”:

Gene Weingarten peels the Great Zucchini.”

7. Peter Ginna, publisher and editorial director of Bloomsbury Press, with

When journalists become authors: a few cautionary tips.”

6. Science and culture writer David Dobbs’ “Why’s this so good?”:

Michael Lewis’ Greek odyssey.”

5. Atlantic senior editor Alexis Madrigal’s “Why’s this so good?”:

Truman Capote keeps time with Marlon Brando.”

4. Science writer Carl Zimmer’s “Why’s this so good?”:

McPhee takes on the Mississippi.”

3. Two celebrated Esquire writers visit Harvard:

Gay Talese has a Coke: reflections of a narrative legend in conversation with Chris Jones.”

2. Nieman Lab assistant editor Megan Garber’s “Why’s this so good?”:

David Foster Wallace on the vagaries of cruising.”

1. Pedro Monteiro’s look at storytelling in the tablet and app future:

Story, interrupted: why we need new approaches to digital narrative.”

Thanks for your support in 2011. We’ve had a banner year here, with a lot of new contributors and record numbers of visitors. We look forward to bringing you even better coverage of new narrative projects and ideas in 2012. Happy New Year!

June 15 2010




I meet Trevor Ncube more than one year ago in Montreux during the Swiss Press Congress.

In his presentation, he made a strong case for this project, and I offered him our help as an INNOVATION pro-bono work.

So INNOVATION is very proud that last week NewsDay was able to hit the sreets of Harare.

The first 20,000 copies inaugural issue was sold our in a few hours, and now Trevor believes that the paper will double its circulation in less than six months.

INNOVATION’s Pedro Monteiro has been the consultant behind the project, ad he deserves our gratitude.

As you can imagine, his work has not been easy.

A country in deep crisis.

With no press freedom.

And just two dozens of journalists to produce a daily newspaper…

But the lack of local resources was not a problem because all the NewsDay team had a strong will to produce a real newspaper in a very surreal country where President Robert Mugabe has been in power since Zimbabwean independence in 1980, and a media crackdown saw the last independent daily newspaper banned by his party in 2003.

NewsDay will not win many awards, but I am sure that will win the hopes and hearths of a country needed of real journalism.

As Trevor Ncube said in the first issue: this is not a regular newspaper but the “hope of a tortured nation”.

Trevor Ncube, the founding chairman of NewsDay, was the host of the World Newspaper Congress in South Africa a few years ago and he wrote the preface of that year’s INNOVATIONS IN NEWSPAPERS report.

So we wish to him and the NewsDay team all our best.

The paper needs more help, so if you are willing to support this cause please write to Trevor at:


NEW DAILY in the Streets

Watch here a video about the NewsDay launch.

Follow its story on Twitter.

February 03 2010




Days before the launch of the Apple iPad, INNOVATION started this Facebook Page about Digital Narratives.

The new Page is a showcase of the best digital narratives and digital news design for the iPad, mobile apps, tablets and websites as selected by Pedro Monteiro and Juan Senor.

You can subscribe here.

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