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September 08 2010


Andorid audio editing apps: no joy for Journos?

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I’m currently putting together stuff for my Digital Newsroom module for this year.

One of the things I ask the students to do is to record and edit a short audio vox-pop*.We have a number of audio recorders of varying levels of ‘quality’ at the Uni and access to Audacity and Adobe Audition. But I don’t stipulate what the audio should be recorded on or how it’s edited. My line is always ‘if you can do it and submit it by banging nails in to a piece of wood, go for it”.

I want the students to explore the range of resources that are out there and I’m always keen to add to the list of possible tools and resources they can use. So Uber blogger and font of endless multimedia journalism info Mark Luckie couldn’t have timed his latest post better.

The post highlights 3 Unique ways to record, edit, and publish your audio. It includes Monle, a four track editor for iphone/touch which is useful if you use you phone to record your audio interviews. Which got me thinking about the students who might want to use their mobile to record audio but don’t have an iphone or touch.

Android audio apps?

I see a lot of iphones at work but I also see a serious number of Android based phones so I thought I would do a quick scoot around and pick one or two apps that none Apple users could consider. And the result…



Move along now, nothing to see.

Well, OK, there was one; ringdroid which, on the surface, looks pretty good. But that was it.

Iphone/touch is the platform of choice

From my reading round its seem the stumbling block is  a dodgy audio api on android – delays etc. But I was genuinely surprised that there wasn’t at least an attempt to try. Maybe it’s too niche!

I’m nervous of the eulogizing that goes on of the iphone/touch as the ‘tool of choice for multimedia journalists’ but I have to say that as an all in one device (the new touch in particular) it’s looking pretty good.

If you know about a good audio recording/editing app on Android or other mobile platforms for that matter, please let me know.

* Before the anti-vox brigade have a go I should say that this is part of a series of competency ‘tests’. I want to be sure that the students have exprimented with recording audio and vox is an easy ‘reason’ to record audio.

Update: Transom.org has a nice article looking at the Monle and Hindenburg audio apps.

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July 12 2010


What phone(s) should I buy? Or not?

I’ve been debating my phone strategy: I now have a two-generations-old iPhone on AT&T and a Nexus One on T-Mobile plus an AT&T laptop card.

Do I buy the new iPhone 4? Do I buy a new Android? Do I shift on Android from T-Mobile to Verizon? Do I move to one phone and platform? If so, which one? Do I get mifi? How do I convince my wife it’s not insane to buy new phones? (The last one’s the toughest because when she looks at me like I’m crazy, she’s right.) So here’s my rationale and rationalization:

I think I need to get the iPhone 4 to understand the impact of things like FaceTime and the things Jobs et al will invent (see my previous post). But I do think I need to see what develops on Android (see another previous post). T-Mobile just doesn’t work for me, though I love their unlimited month-to-month plan. So I’m thinking I may get the Droid X on Verizon and use it to tether as a mifi. I’d then cancel my T-Mobile account and my AT&T laptop card and end up almost even. Well, close enough for jazz and me.

What’s your advice?

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February 28 2010


Windows Phone 7 Vs Nexus Vs Iphone. Phone’s Dog Fight

The battle begins between 3 dogs, the Google-Nexus, the Apple iPhone and Windows 7 phone.

Windows will earn 7 Phone / Beat Apple’s iPhone and Google Nexus? It is understood that Microsoft has the look, feel, touch and your phone software in Windows 7-Series, the name of a comic Microsoft changed selected. Let me discuss a few points here. Comment below if u agree or not, or even if you’re neutral.

Which is better? Who will win the battle? What is the future?

My research and reflections on 3 phones so far. I speak of the best phones we also have the windows will soon be released Telefon 7

1. Apple has found the greatest iPhone App Store where users want and what they can. Google gives applications and it does very well. Do not forget to mention the browser on Google Android 2. Viewed 0 and a range of never surprising, as Google Apps “glasses” and many more. And by the way, is Google Maps on the GPS and Google Maps iPhone production actually own. The only thing that is missing is Google Nexus is the games. And we hope that Google knows how. We, cons, I do not know much about Windows 7 by phone. Naturally, they call it, and built-in hubs. We do not want that Microsoft is against us, for each application they have to pay. For several years, Microsoft will certainly loose in application development.

So, now Apple’s gains so far in the case of applications and games available.

Get Windows 7 Phone Games and Apps http://www. WindowsMobile7. Info

2. 3GS Apple does not have Flash Player. Stupid Apple does not know how they do it, if she really knows how the iPhone will be better for surfing the web. And he is still surfing the Internet, without a flash, a loser. Google is doing very well. Telephone Windows 7 will certainly have. And if you flash you do not even have a long list of games, because you can easily play Flash games on major sites like clip flash game mini. Com, “and so on…

It is clear that integration and internet browsing is better in the Nexus Google. Google has the engine more useful and powerful search and knows how to improve the experience of surfing.

Nexus, Google wins in this case.

3. Okay, now see for individualization. We do not want a fake phone that shows the same screen, each time we open our phone. I think Steve Jobs and Apple work. Go to Steve and to think. Google Nexus interface and adaptive function is so perfect. Personalization is free. The Nexus is, I have a big clock on the home screen or a major weather or even my face-book widget. I can go into many small icons, widgets, or can I use 7 screens, where I put my most used widgets. Google makes it so perfect. Apple iPhone provides a model. No adjustment. And he looks so pale.

Windows 7 Phone Screen Shots impressive. Probably the Phone screen, 7, have to choose the best and personalization. We must wait until it is published.

Nexus, Google wins again.

Get Windows 7 Phone Games and Apps http://www. WindowsMobile7. Info

4. About what multi-tasking? And if Apple comes with the new iPhone with the built-in Flash Player and adaptation in the next version? Do I need to show an hour in the queue outside the room price Apple buy? How much should I pay again? I have to pay several hundred dollars every six months, when Apple introduced a new function, then calls it 4GS and 5GS and so on?

Well, Google does not know consumers can afford a new phone features for each additional purchase. We update the latest OS and Android, or by telephone. So if I have a hero HTC with Google 1st 5, so I can update it with Android 2nd 0 if it is published. As (I updated and it’s free), I am a new phone. I can covert my old HTC Hero Nexus. Telephone Windows 7 is also flexible in that case, as we have in the past with Windows Mobile versions seen.

So once again Google wins.

Thus, a total of Future Nexus Google now. It is already flash, 5 MP camera, multitasking, adaptation, and all maps and full navigation. Google Android also an important market for applications and they have less aps Apple but they were amazing and useful applications, and is still every hour.

Apple iPhone will soon be dead. If you do not believe me, see sales fall. Windows Mobile 7 safely compete, but ended up losing anyway. Microsoft has no DNA, and consumers do not know what people really want. So my final thought:

“Google is in the article in the market for mobile telephony.” Google is the WINNER!

Please comment or add your thoughts.



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January 26 2010


LG GW990 Opens a New Era for Smart Phones

Smart phone technology has been one of the fastest advancing daily-use technologies of today. Already we are seeing reports of better processors and even testing of new network bands such as 4G. Of course, in order to push industry standards, devices that make the most out of current technology have to pave the way. This is probably what the LG GW990 will do for the mobile phone industry. While other smart phones like the HTC Nexus One and the Nokia N900 are impressive devices, their specs are still within the range of what we normally expect from a high end device.

The GW990 goes past expectations in terms of hardware; the main focus of the device is its new Intel Atom processor and the SoC (system on a chip) Moorestown. But with its large dimensions and not so familiar platform, will people warm up to this new device?

Device Specifications

This is one mobile phone that really breaks new ground in terms of specs. The screen alone is large, sized at 4.8 inches diagonally, it makes up for phone’s uncommonly large size. The device is still slim enough to grip comfortably at least. The large screen’s biggest bonus is the 1024 x 480 pixels of resolution, delivering what is the highest resolution available in a mobile phone screen.

The device also comes with 16GB of internal memory and about 512 MB of RAM. We expect the device to be compatible with the latest microSD cards but have yet to confirm if it can handle the newer 64GB SD cards that have been reported to be under production. For power, this mobile phone gets its juice from a massive 1850 mAh lithium ion battery. The large capacity is for more than just increasing usage time; the screen and the new Atom processor would certainly need a lot of power too.

A New Breed of Processors

LG’s brave new direction in mobile phone development does not stay at the exterior level.  Even the core of the phone uses new technology. Unlike most other mobile phones that rely on ARM chips, the LG GW990 will be using the new Intel Atom; Moorestown.

When the device popped up at the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, it was among the many other Moorestown devices at the Intel booth (which included an impressive tablet called Open Speak and the a mobile phone by Aava).

Moorestown relies on the Moblin Linux operating system; and it is quite unlikely that other OS will be used with the chip. Performance wise, the processor handles loading of apps and functions quite easily. It even supports multi tasking. Representatives from the Intel booth are confident that the device handles single and multi threading faster than even a dual Cortex A9 CPU.

Aside from its speed, the new Atom also promises to be more power-friendly, using only a tenth of what previous Atom processors needed.

New Phone, New OS

Details on the exact features on the version of Moblin operating system that is used on the GW990 have not been revealed, but the initial demos showed that the OS will be skinned with the LG S-Class user interface.

You can visit Moby1 to compare all the best mobile phone contracts. Where you can find the best deal for LG GW990 on contract. You can also search through the best deals available for PAYG phones.

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