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January 17 2010


Digitalsmiths Teams with Microsoft, Readies News and Sports Deals

Digital media and metadata company Digitalsmiths paired up with Microsoft to demonstrate a technology partnership between the two companies, Digitalsmiths CEO Ben Weinberger told me at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

At the show, Microsoft demonstrated how Digitalsmiths can help add more interactivity to Silverlight movies so viewers could click on a character, actor or object and link back to more information on places like Bing, Weinberger said. Expect more details on the technology demonstration soon, he added. Digitalsmiths works with television and movie studios to manage the metadata and rights relating to their assets, so they can wring more revenue from their existing and library content. Customers include Warner Bros., TMZ, Paramount and others.

Weinberger also shared some details on where Digitaltsmiths is headed next -- the news and sports business. Digitalsmiths will announce new deals shortly in this area, marking the first time the company will apply its tools to a live viewing environment. "Now it can be applied to things like news and sports that are more temporal. We signed a deal and will announce soon," he told Beet.TV.

The company inked a deal late last year with Paramount to create a clip portal for its licensees to use when they need content from Paramount movies. "The content is then delivered with clip they want, what you want, how you want it delivered," he said. 

Digitalsmiths makes money via a license fee, with its fees increasing as traffic and volume for its customers grow.  

-Daisy Whitney, Senior Producer

November 29 2009


NBC Sports Showcases the NFL Online with DVR-Type Control -- Winter Olympics Next

SAN JOSE -- NBC Sports is demonstrating the highly interactive functionality of its online experience with Sunday Football.  Much of this functionality will be part of NBC's Winter Olympics online presentation.

At Streaming Media West, we caught Bob Cowherd and Michael Moser of Vertigo, the San Francisco-based Interactive consultancy which has created the online experience for NBC Sports using the Silverlight software platform from Microsoft. 

The football viewing experience is quite impressive.  Viewers can watch in real time, selecting from various cameras. Viewers can shift to earlier plays, watching slow motion in a  DVR-like  experience.

The NFL provides just the Sunday Football game free online.  Tonight (11/29) at 8 p.m. ET,  try to catch the Steelers vs. the Ravens.  The stream is only available during the game.  (Just in the U.S.)

Earlier this month, we spoke with the NFL's Laura Goldberg about the the league's digital strategy.  Last month we spoke with Microsoft's Brian Goldfarb about Silverlight.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

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