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February 15 2011


Intro Dzemia Sulkiewicz-Nowicka

I'm president of BDR, small polish NGO. I'm interested in finding new, better ways to serve non-profits through technology.

February 11 2011


Ari Katz, IREX

I am Ari Katz, deputy director for technology and civil society at IREX, a international development nonprofit based in Washington, DC. I work on programs that use technology to help organizations and institutions better fulfill their missions in a variety of ways - with youth, with libraries, with schools, and with governments.   My priorities include figuring out how to bring access to information in new and engaging ways to those who could benefit from it, and trying to integrate libraries more into the development dialogue. IREX brings well-managed projects in a number of countries to collaborations. We have learned that tech can't be dropped in on its own - where it has potential is integrated into a supportive environment of experimentation, learning and capacity building. 

Check out www.irex.org and http://irexgl.wordpress.com/ for more about what we do.

You can find me on twitter at @katzistan or @irextech.



Hello from shufang (Taiwan)

I am now  director of Frontier Foundation, Taiwan. Frontier Foundation is an organization to aggregate the care and love toward Taiwan and to transform that into the practical ground level, community and social action. From policy research, training for community organizers, media watch, to information society practical action plan, Frontier Foundation is devoted to facilitation of the connection among minorities and Internet, and the participatory discussion within organizations.Our team established various web service information portal, including the first female service information network, female Internet forum, female mailing list, disability information network, aboriginal e-tribe, TechSoup Taiwan ,Nettuesday Taipei and sahana-taiwan.We are asking "how NPOs can work together to have more impact to our socity, with those ICT tools." "How to create more space for NPOs to share and work together?" 

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