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August 31 2012


Twitter attack sparks call for changes to laws against cyber bullying

Herald Sun :: The push comes after TV personality Charlotte Dawson was admitted to hospital this week after receiving a barrage of abuse from Twitter trolls, telling her to “go hang yourself”. Senator Conroy is urging Twitter to be accountable and take its international complaints seriously.

A report by Claire Connelly | Alicia Wood | Rosie Squires | Jonno Nash, www.heraldsun.com.au

August 28 2012


Diaspora* will now be a community project

Diaspora* Foundation :: Diaspora has grown into something more than just a project four guys started in their office at school. It is bigger than any one of us, the money we raised, or the code we have written. It has developed into something that people all over the world care about and are inspired by. We think the time is right to reflect this reality, and put our code where our hearts lie.

[Daniel | Maxwell:] Today, we are giving control of Diaspora to the community.

Announcement by Daniel | Maxwell, blog.diasporafoundation.org

HT: and discussed here: "Diaspora Founders Distance Themselves From Project, Turn It Over to Users"  Liz Gannes, AllThingsD

Comments on Twitter:

Former social darling Diaspora* intends to transform into a 'community-run' project tnw.to/n3RT by @alex

— The Next Web (@TheNextWeb) August 27, 2012

Founders of Diaspora, Intended as the Anti-Facebook, Move On nyti.ms/SJO1o9

— NYT Bits Blog (@nytimesbits) August 27, 2012

Diaspora Is Now Community Property: 'It Was Never Supposed to Be a Startup' betabeat.com/?p=60070 via @betabeat

— Diaspora (@joindiaspora) August 27, 2012
Tags: Social Web
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August 26 2012


End of utopia? Social media, Twitter are echo chambers, only confirming our views

Guardian :: The internet, it was once claimed by theorists such as Clay Shirky, author of Here Comes Everybody, was supposed to be democratising and empowering, giving a voice to those marginalised by the elite of opinion formers dominating the media and politics. These days, even Shirky has moved to distance himself from that earlier utopian idealism.

[Peter Beaumont:] How do we escape the hysteria that threatens to erode public debate? The blogosphere, increasingly fuelled by toxic language, is hindering honest engagement rather than encouraging it.

An essay by Peter Beaumont, www.guardian.co.uk

August 25 2012


DataSift launches new simple methods of social data filtering

The Next Web :: For those drowning in data, this week provides good news from DataSift, the social data platform company. The firm is launching Push and Query Builder to make it simple for almost anyone to mine and filter through data across the social Web.

A report by Jamillah Knowles, thenextweb.com

Tags: Social Web

August 24 2012


Empire State Building shooting leads to social media payday for one Instagrammer

WBEZ 91.5 :: As the world tries to figure out the motives of the Empire State Building shooter, one random Instagram photo provides a window into the dirty underbelly of photo licensing for wire services.

A report by Andrew Gill, www.wbez.org

HT: Jim Romenesko, here:

Instagram photo at Empire State Building shooting provides window into dirty underbelly of photo licensing. bit.ly/OAonhA

— Romenesko (@romenesko) August 24, 2012

Social TV scorecard: The 10 most social industry sectors?

AdAge :: To look at the usual social-media landscape for brands without the Olympic effect, our editorial partner Bluefin Labs, the Cambridge-Mass.-based social-TV analytics company, has been parsing first-half-of-2012 data to come up with a series of what it's calling Social TV Brand-scape views.

The top 10 social industry sectors - A report by Simon Dumenco, adage.com

August 19 2012


USA Network brings advertisers into its social TV journey

eMarketer :: In his role at cable television channel USA Network, Jesse Redniss heads digital strategy for the network’s portfolio of TV shows. More recently, Redniss, along with some large brand advertisers, spearheaded a number of innovative social TV efforts. He spoke with eMarketer’s Lauren McKay about USA’s social TV activations and why the network is seeing more brand advertisers become interested in infusing TV programs with social media.

A report by www.emarketer.com

Tags: Social Web

Is social media marketing at a saturation point?

eMarketer :: Nearly nine in 10 US companies with at least 100 employees will use social networks for marketing activities this year, eMarketer estimates. With so many companies tapping social networks to build brand awareness, gain new customers and keep current ones loyal, how much room is left for growth?

A report by www.emarketer.com

August 14 2012


Klout update: Increased accuracy, more transparency, new site design

Klout :: Social media is evolving every day. Today, we’re introducing some of the most significant product updates in Klout’s history. With these updates, we’ve concentrated on helping everyone to gain a clearer, more accurate understanding of how they influence other people through the ideas they share.

The changes explained here Joe Fernandez, corp.klout.com

Tags: Social Web

August 13 2012


Facebook, Twitter play key role in Syrian uprising: Also for infiltration

Reuters Twitter account was recently hacked and also "false reports about Syrian rebel losses" were posted. Thomson Reuters mentioned that they had no clue of who's behind the hacking. Does that kind of hacking have any impact at all? A doubt raised by Dan Murphy, Christian Science Monitor.

Times Of India :: The battle for Syria is raging on the ground but also on social media, where people on both sides of the conflict are hacking, posting and spamming in a frenzied propaganda war. The Twitter feeds of news organisations have been hacked by pro-regime elements, videos purporting to show atrocities in Syria are regularly posted to YouTube and pro- or anti-government messages often flood Facebook pages.

A report by mbx/al/bm, timesofindia.indiatimes.com

August 10 2012


How to make a dead cat bounce on Twitter

New York Times :: I’ve been told that in the olden days, reporters would write articles on these things called “typewriters.” And get this: These machines weren’t even connected to the Internet! The tools have since changed. We have blogs, smartphones, digital cameras and Wi-Fi. The job of a reporter has changed, too.

Content promotion - A report by Nick Bilton, bits.blogs.nytimes.com


For a good cause: 7 ways to use social media for social change

memeburn :: Instead of following the latest trend, why not use your social media super-powers to make a difference? We already know how to spread news fast, share images and videos, organize friends, and empower others all by using the same social media tools that we use in our everyday lives. Isn’t it time we put them to use towards a good cause?

Here are a few ways in which you can use social media for social change - A collection/report by Megan Bernstein, memeburn.com

Tags: Social Web

Visible Technologies' social media monitoring: Multiple projects, regions or languages

The Next Web :: On the same day social data company DataSift announced it was targeting Wall Street with two key finance hires and a New York office, Visible Technologies has rolled out a new version of its social media monitoring platform, allowing users to access data across multiple projects, regions or languages.

A (non-critical) product description by Paul Sawers, thenextweb.com

August 09 2012


Trendrr hires Nielsen social media expert

Trendrr :: Trendrr.TV, the real-time social TV measurement, insight and social curation service, has named Meghann Sills Elrhoul, former Manager of Analytics at Nielsen, as its new Vice President of Client Services and Analytics, as the company expands to meet a growing demand for real-time insight into the television, media and brand industries.

[Mark Ghuneim:] Opportunities in the social TV market have exploded as the public increasingly engages in synchronous viewing.

A report by blog.trendrr.com

August 07 2012


Mapping the South Africa Twittersphere: Lessons learned

News diffusion mechanism: You need not to connect to everybody, but you should know how to reach the majority of people and how to reach out to the connectors, who connect "the dots".

memeburn :: We went one step further by mapping and visualizing a large proportion of the actual network of connections the underlies the South African Twittersphere. In our network, people were connected if one person followed another person. The way in which we collected our data ensured that it was biased towards collecting people with many connections rather than few connections. In this way, we were able to collect a network of over two million people stretching far beyond the borders of South Africa.

A report by Kyle Findlay, memeburn.com

August 01 2012


Through the lense of social media: The horrible truth about Beijing’s new homeless

Tea Leaf Nation and social media reporting: "We source our materials from major social media services in China, including, but not limited to, Sina Weibo, Sina Blog, Tencent Weibo, Sohu Weibo, Mop Community and Tianya Community." (Quote source)

Tea Leaf Nation :: The recent devastating floodwaters that hit China’s capital ten days ago may have receded, but thousands of residents who dwell in Beijing’s basement tenements–many migrant workers with few other options in the expensive capital–have been left homeless, their subterranean flats flooded. And it appears that authorities, as well as many netizens, couldn’t seem to care less.

Tea Leaf Nation on Twitter

A handpicked report by Jimmy, tealeafnation.com

July 30 2012


GetGlue's social TV app aims to unify the fragmented second-screen experience

ReadWriteWeb :: GetGlue is set to push out a major update of its social TV app later this summer. The new version, GetGlue HD, aims to take the second-screen experience up a notch by layering video clips and advanced discovery tools on top of the app's legacy check-ins and social chatter. The result is a more comprehensive guide to what's on television, who's watching and what to tune into next.

A review by John Paul Titlow, www.readwriteweb.com

July 28 2012


Reuters’ Anthony De Rosa: Twitter is a “beacon” leading to more in-depth reporting

TPM Idea Lab :: Reuters Social Media Editor Anthony De Rosa recently talked to TPM about Twitter, verifying digital information and unplugging on weekends.

Interview by David Taintor, idealab.talkingpointsmemo.com


How social was the Olympics opening ceremony?

Bluefin Labs :: As expected, the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics was huge in social TV. How huge? 94.2% of all social TV comments in primetime (7pm to 12midnight ET) last night were about the Olympics Opening Ceremony. And what were the top moments that got people Tweeting?

Infographic, continue here Tom Thai, wordpress.bluefinlabs.com


Security services to get more access to monitor emails and social media

... not its content

Guardian :: Britain has quietly agreed to measures that could increase the ability of the security services to intercept online communications, experts say. Although the Home Office is at pains to stress that the draft communications and data bill, which is going through parliament, will not involve checking the content of emails and social media,

A report by Mark Townsend, www.guardian.co.uk

Tags: Social Web
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