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August 01 2011


Mobile innovation - Suicides of workers, Foxconn to replace staff with 1 million robots in 3 years

Xinhuanet | English News :: Foxconn is not only the world's largest maker of computer components and employer of 1.2 million people. The company, which assembles products for Apple, Sony and Nokia, has recently been in the spotlight after a string of suicides of workers at its massive Chinese plants, which some blamed on tough working conditions. The Taiwanese technology giant, will replace some of its workers with 1 million robots in three years to cut rising labor expenses and improve efficiency, said Terry Gou, founder and chairman of the company, late Friday. The currently 10,000 robots will be increased to 300,000 next year.

Time machine :: Foxconn has been in the news due to a series of suicides of workers at its Shenzhen/China plant - (here one of three videos available on YouTube; Engadget published a translated version of the original Chinese article, "The fate of generation of workers: Foxconn undercover", see link below): 

Continue to read yan, news.xinhuanet.com

Original article about the Foxconn suicides in English Richard Lai, www.engadget.com

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