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July 01 2013


When building new news products, lightweight experimentation is key

Joey Marburger went into some detail for Source on the creation of The Washington Post’s The Grid. The Grid is meant to be a dynamic and interactive platform for staying up to date on breaking news stories, including an “even mix of photos, instagrams, tweets, articles, videos, animated gifs, quotes, and other content types.”

Marburger explains the collaborative process of building the front and back ends of The Grid and also offers some thoughts on responsive design — but most useful is his explanation of why flexible prototyping is important to building a product that can be widely and productively repurposed.

The media industry has to try new things. When we started conceptualizing The Grid we had no idea where it would take us. Prototyping unlocked more ideas and furthered the concept of The Grid to where it is today. It allows us to try new designs, test new features quickly, and above all, move fast. The Grid changed the culture of how we develop products in the Washington Post newsroom. Yes, the product has been successful, but many more products have been successful because of it. The cultural needle has shifted and that is what technologists do. They change how we work.

July 11 2011


Facebook alternatives - Eight mobile social media networks for emerging markets

memeburn :: The development of MXit, South Africa’s incredibly successful answer to Facebook as been well covered in the past. MXit’s success has largely been down to the fact that its focus was directed at mobile phone users, and it found its niche in providing a cheap alternative to SMS.

So what other interesting mobile social networks are being developed in the emerging markets? memeburn has looked for networks that are experiencing rapid growth or show some innovation that is likely to capture a bigger following in the near future: The Grid, Veepiz, Motribe, LinkedAfrica, Telfree, Mig33, Steetspark, Vshkole - an overview

Continue to read Rowan Puttergill, memeburn.com

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