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September 05 2011


A (no longer) "secret" union - How Tony Blair was taken into the Murdoch family fold

Guardian :: It was a relationship that began in political controversy but progressed to a secret family union: Tony Blair, it was revealed, is godfather to Rupert Murdoch's nine-year-old daughter, Grace, the second youngest of his six children. In a culmination of 15 years of political intimacy, the former Labour prime minister was present at the star-studded baptism of the child on the banks of the Jordan, at the spot where Jesus is said to have undergone the same ceremony, according to an article in Vogue magazine.

Continue to read Dan Sabbagh, www.guardian.co.uk

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September 05 2010



Tony Blair STM

“No party can succeed in today’s world unless it’s also about wealth creation.”

“Having a valet unpack your suitcase is very odd,” he says, shaking his head as if he didn’t enjoy the cosseting. “Old Labour used to talk about the working class and upper class, but staying with the royal family made me realise I’m definitely middle class.”

“One of my views in politics is don’t make enemies deliberately because you end up making so many accidentally,” he muses.

He is clear that Brown didn’t have the psychological equipment, or the smile, for the job. “He was never going to be user-friendly in the way that modern politics demands, but he could have won the election as a big, serious person.” Blair’s great fear is that the new Labour project died with his leadership.


Tony Blair: Exile from main street

Three years after he quit No 10, has the dust settled for Tony Blair? He talks candidly with Lesley White about Brown, Bush, Iraq and the world he has left behind

A brilliant interview, in today Sunday Times Magazine, worth to subscribe to all the pay walls of the world.

(Pictures by Harry Borden)

December 02 2009

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