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May 30 2013


PhotoShelter Releases Guide to Pricing Corporate & Industrial Photography

PhotoShelter and Wonderful Machine recently published Pricing Your Work: Corporate & Industrial Photography offering insights from Wonderful Machine CEO Bill Cramer to help create estimates and fee structures for your work.

The guide includes tips on what to charge for corporate and industrial shoots, how to find clients and get smart with contracts, plus the main factors that influence the value of an assignment.

Get your free guide now.

About PhotoShelter

PhotoShelter is the leader in portfolio websites, photo sales, marketing and archiving tools for photographers. Over 74,000 photographers worldwide use PhotoShelter to power their success online, with customizable website templates, searchable photo galleries, e-commerce capabilities, and bulletproof image storage. Learn more at www.photoshelter.com.

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May 09 2013


Cool Tools: pdf2html

Lu Wang's pdf2htmlEX project takes PDFs and converts them into HTML5 documents while preserving the layout and appearance of the original.
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April 08 2013


MediaStorm Guide to Installing Missing Final Cut Pro Codecs for Premiere Pro

This article is part of a new series of posts with tips and tricks from our producers’ experience working with Adobe Premiere Pro after years of working in Final Cut Pro. To read more about why we made the switch, check out this post.

This great tip comes from Jonathan Grubbs via Josh Meltzer.

Should you install Premiere Pro on a machine without Final Cut Pro, you will find your machine missing some key codecs such as ProRes. The solution is straightforward.

Quit Premiere Pro.

Download the ProApps Quicktime Codecs from the Apple site.

You’ll receive an error if you try to install the codec package without FCP on your system.

Install ProApps QuickTime codecs

The workaround is to first install the free application unpkg.

Drag the ProAppsQTCodecs.pkg file on to the unpkg icon.


Unpkg wil extract the components to your desktop.


In the Finder select Go > Go to Folder… (Command-Shift-G). Enter /Library/QuickTime.

Drag the component files in to this folder. You’ll need to click Authenticate and enter your root password.

Open Premiere Pro and the new codecs will be available.

To learn more about how our producers are using Adobe Premiere Pro see our other blog posts on the topic. Also, follow our producers’ twitter feed @PrProShortcuts for Premiere shortcuts.

To learn more about our production style, you can purchase a copy of our Post-production Workflow. Readers who purchase our current Final Cut Pro and Aperture workflow automatically receive the Premiere workflow when it is released.

MediaStorm offers several online and in-person training opportunities at mediastorm.com/train.

Have you made a recent switch in your editing software? Let us know about it in the comments below.

April 04 2013


MediaStorm Introduces Asset Parser for Final Cut Pro 7 and Premiere Pro 6

Today we are releasing our Asset Parser for public use. This free online tool created by the MediaStorm production and development staff generates a list of all image, video and audio files used in a project.

When it’s time to color correct photography, rather than scanning the timeline for image names, we use the Asset Parser to create a quick list. These file names can then be copy-and-pasted into Apple’s Aperture or a similar application to locate the necessary photographs.

Here’s an example of an asset list generated by the parser.

In addition to speeding up your color correction workflow, this list can be used as a guide for other tasks, such as manually archiving your work.

The Asset Parser works with both Final Cut Pro 7 and Premiere Pro 6.

Try using the Asset Parser with your project at tools.mediastorm.com/asset_parser.

September 01 2012


How Apple and Google could make QR codes mainstream

TechCrunch :: QR codes make a lot of sense. One of the most challenging things about the gluttony of digital offerings is bridging the gap between the digital and physical world. Mobile devices present the opportunity to do this better than ever. If I’m standing at a store, and they want me to follow them on Twitter, mobile devices allow me to follow them immediately, as opposed to waiting until I get home to do it. QR codes simplify it even more.


A report by Brenden Mulligan, techcrunch.com

Tool used here qrcode.kaywa.com (helps you to generate QR codes like the one above)

Mark the date: October 24th, 2012: QR World Expo, London

Tags: Tools

August 30 2012


Cambridge University Press launches an API for its dictionaries

TechCrunch :: Cambridge University Press just launched a new API that is meant to make it easy for developers to add data from a variety of the organization’s dictionaries to their own sites and mobile apps.

A report by Frederic Lardinois, techcrunch.com

Tags: Tools

August 29 2012


Gradually moving away from Twitter: Announcing Watermark and App.net integration

Note: Watermark/Tweet Marker Plus is a paid service to manage tweets (archive, save, ...). It also allows you to search the tweets of your friends.

Manton.com :: I'm renaming Tweet Marker Plus. Its new name — to better reflect its gradual move away from Twitter and syncing — is Watermark. As part of the relaunch it immediately gains a new feature: App.net posts. You can now add an App.net account and it will download any posts from your friends, making them available for search. Watermark is already storing tens of millions of tweets, and I'm excited to start adding App.net posts to that archive as well.

A report by Manton Reece, www.manton.org

HT: Josh Ong, TNW

August 24 2012


The White House: Online petitions system 'We the People' now open source

The White House :: I'm thrilled to announce that we are publishing the source code for We the People, the online petitions system that has been a popular way for the public to connect with the White House over the past year.

[Macon Phillips:] There is so much that can be done to improve this system, and we only benefit by being able to more easily collaborate with designers and engineers around the country - and the world.

A report by Macon Phillips, www.whitehouse.gov

HT: Nieman Lab

Tags: Tools

August 16 2012


Evan Williams, Biz Stone reveal 'Medium' - Jalees Rehman: But do we need it?

CNN :: There's yet another way to post writing and photos and share them with other people online. Medium is a new blogging tool for people who feel constrained by Twitter and overwhelmed by Blogger or Tumblr. Its founders are Evan Williams and Biz Stone, who co-founded Twitter and Blogger, so they know about blogging, both long and short form.

A report by Heather Kelly, edition.cnn.com

Discussed here:

Fragments of Truth :: When we look at our Twitter feeds, Facebook updates or the millions of blog posts that are generated, it is difficult to claim that the quality of information being exchanged is improving. However, improving the quality of exchanged information seems to be a rather lofty goal and it is not clear that a new platform will necessarily achieve that. "Medium" will apparently rely on two key principles: Rating and Organizing.

[Jalees Rehman:] Do we need another information sharing platform?

An opinion piece by Jalees Rehman, fragments-of-truth.blogspot.de

Jalees Rehman on Twitter

August 11 2012


Cyberhoarding: The 5 best services for saving stuff online

VentureBeat :: Five content-saving services have hit the market, but only the fastest and easiest to use will win. My organizational obsession led me to pit my favorite organizational apps, and a few I’ve barely used, against each other to figure out which reigns supreme. To wrangle years of newspaper clippings, recipe cards, photos, and videos into an organized space, I decided to put Evernote, Springpad, Clipboard, Bitly’s Bitmarks, and Minilogs, a new link-saving service, to the test.

A review by Sarah Mitroff, venturebeat.com

Tags: Tools

August 10 2012


Visible Technologies' social media monitoring: Multiple projects, regions or languages

The Next Web :: On the same day social data company DataSift announced it was targeting Wall Street with two key finance hires and a New York office, Visible Technologies has rolled out a new version of its social media monitoring platform, allowing users to access data across multiple projects, regions or languages.

A (non-critical) product description by Paul Sawers, thenextweb.com

August 09 2012


rt.ly: Stories about food being clicked statistically disproportionately in Brooklyn?

bit.ly's realtime engine and lab experiment is making nice progress. Latest feature improvements: city level searches and pagination.

Bit.ly (via email) :: We added a few improvements to rt.ly (bit.ly's real-time service) in the last week. For example, you can now do high-resolution location queries down to the city level, like “show me all of the stories about food that are being clicked statistically disproportionately in Brooklyn? We also added pagination, so you can see the full set of results that match a particular query.

Try this realtime search: stories about food that are being clicked statistically disproportionately in Brooklyn


Paul Bradshaw: 'Two reasons why every journalist should know about scraping'

Journalism.co.uk :: Journalists rely on two sources of competitive advantage: being able to work faster than others, and being able to get more information than others. For both of these reasons, I love scraping: it is both a great time-saver, and a great source of stories no one else has. Scraping is, simply, getting a computer to capture information from online sources.

[Paul Bradshaw:] ... to scrape also led me to a number of stories which were being hidden, while having the dataset to hand meant I could instantly pull together the picture of a single day ...

A how to guide by Paul Bradshaw, www.journalism.co.uk

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August 07 2012


Archiving tweets isn’t as easy as it seems

Between deleted tweets and posts that disappear into the timeline void, it's a pain to keep track of and find information more than a few days old on Twitter. So how hard could it really be to build a capable Twitter archiver for reporters? Read More »

Qualtrics Site Intercept: A real-time intelligence service from a family run business with $70m in funding

TechCrunch :: Qualtrics has released its Site Intercept technology. It’s a hallmark event for the family run Provo, Utah company. Now it’s time to see if it really will disrupt the stodgy world of market research and change the way we view the ways data gets collected and acted upon in real-time for online marketing purposes.

A report by Alex Williams, techcrunch.com

August 04 2012


NewsWhip: Social news monitoring, 'tracking the work of a billion editors' to find trends

About-Page | NewsWhip :: NewsWhip's technology tracks all the news published by about 5,000 English-language sources –about 60,000 news stories each day. It gathers social data for each story – how many shares, likes, tweets and comments it has – at repeated intervals, building a live picture of how popular it is, right now. With this information, it calculates a social speed at which each story is travelling. The process is unique, new, and patent pending.

[NewsWhip:] We live in a world of too much information. With thousands of stories published each day, how can you find the best quality and the most compelling? We think the answer lies with people.

Visit the site here www.newswhip.com

HT: A review by Paul Sawers, thenextweb.com

August 03 2012


List of tools for digital journalists and news organisations

List will be updated regularely and will be directly available via the main navigation on top of this blog

Audioboo - a mobile & web platform that allows you to record and share audio (e.g.: BBC Radio Cornwall

Bambuser - to live stream video (e.g.: was used during Arab Spring)

iMovie - to edit your video footage (e.g.: j-school tutorials)

Livestream broadcaster - portable wireless encoder for your own video live streams

Liquid Newsroom - (not public) a platform for real-time news curation and ultra-fast editing

Publish2 - content re-packaging and curation tool and platform, local advertising

ScribbleLive - platform and tools for live blogging and real-time news

Storyful - a newsgathering platform

Storify - compose your social media stories

Twitpic - share photos with the Twittersphere (e.g. Janis Krums photo of the Hudson river plane crash)

YouTube - to host your videos or to launch your own news channel

Help me to develop this list further!

Tags: Tools

July 30 2012


MediaStorm Post-production Workflow Released for Final Cut Pro X

post-production-workflowWe have released a new version of the MediaStorm Post-production Workflow for Final Cut Pro X.

The workflow takes advantage of many of the new FCP X features and reduces the number of steps from the previous FCP 7 version.

While MediaStorm producers tested and refined the original MediaStorm Post-production Workflow for FCP 7 over seven years and more than 100 projects, we created the workflow for FCP X based on limited work with the new software. At the moment, it is a work in progress.

The updated workflow is bundled with the original FCP 7 workflow and includes access to MediaStorm’s Apple Aperture Workflow and MediaStorm’s Final Cut Asset Parser. Everyone who previously purchased the workflow will receive complimentary access to the FCP X document.

About the MediaStorm Post-Production Workflow

Developed over seven years, the MediaStorm workflow covers every phase of editing, from organizing assets through outputting final projects and archiving. Covering more than 200 steps, our approach efficiently streamlines the editing process with a focus on organization and creativity.

The MediaStorm Post-production Workflow includes:

  • The full 200-step workflow MediaStorm uses everyday with Final Cut Pro 7
  • The new workflow for Final Cut Pro X
  • Exclusive access to MediaStorm’s Apple Aperture Workflow, including information on how to best use the image management program in conjunction with Final Cut Pro
  • Exclusive access to MediaStorm’s Final Cut Asset Parser, a tool we developed to quickly generate a list of asset names used in a Final Cut 7 project
  • Time-saving software suggestions for transcribing audio, syncing and converting and editing video
  • Integration of more than 10 MediaStorm tutorials to help you choose the right music, color correct your video, work efficiently with subtitles, and backup and archive your files effectively
  • Helpful tips on organizing, naming and selecting assets

The MediaStorm Post-production Workflow takes into account best practices from more than 100 multimedia projects by MediaStorm producers.

Online access to MediaStorm’s Post-production Workflow, including MediaStorm’s Apple Aperture Workflow and Final Cut Asset Parser, can be purchased for a one-time fee of $14.95.

Click here for details.

Have you used our Post-Production workflow with FCP 7 or FCP X? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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