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July 23 2011


How to measure social influence on Google+ (Plus)? ("talk" not "count")

Venture Beat :: VentureBeat tapped Joe Fernandez, CEO and founder of social influence monitoring firm Klout, to talk about how users can measure their influence on Google+. Although Klout isn’t measuring Google+ influence (yet), Fernandez gives some solid advice on how to build a great reputation and “score” on the service.

[Joe Fernandez:] When measuring your effectiveness, consider more than how many people have you in their Circles. Instead, [look at] how many people react to your content and how much reach those people have. Influential people on the system get the most +1′s, shares and comments from other influencers.

Continue to read Jolie O'Dell, venturebeat.com

July 05 2011


How Facebook people see Google+ and its ("lack"?) of understanding social

Quora :: The following question or better statement has been posted to Quora: How Google+ Shows That Google Still Doesn't Understand Social. In a typical way it received answers from the Quora community among them was a post by Yishan Wong, who had "worked at Facebook for 4.5 years and ... owns a non-trivial amount of equity in Facebook."

He wrote: "In July of 2010, I wrote a brief answer stating that then-Googler Paul Adams' internal presentation about social (see: http://venturebeat.com) indicated that the state-of-the-art in thinking about social inside Google was much further behind than previously thought Yishan Wong's answer to Should Facebook be worried about Google Me?). Rebekah Cox concurred with me in the comments and a few other people asked us to elaborate. We declined to at the time, because it's complicated."

[Yishan Wong:] However, this week, Google's early release of Google+ demonstrates why (Google still doesn't understand social.

The kick start of a debate - continue to read Yishan Wong, www.quora.com

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