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May 14 2013


Image Hosting Pioneer Photobucket Expands Video Storytelling

Photobucket’s mid-April site relaunch aims to provide users with a single hub for all their photos and videos — in their original size, says David Toner, VP of marketing for Photobucket. Once photos are uploaded to the site, users can share, edit and post their photos to any website.

The 10-year-old site — one of the very first image hosting sites — is still one of the top two players in the photo storage space and is currently up to 21 million uniques.

“It’s important to us, and it’s important to consumers to be available across every device, whether that’s your PC where a majority of photos or videos are still trapped, as we like to say, because people have loaded them there from cameras, loaded them there from phones. But it’s not really a place where you want to manage your photos,” Toner says.

Currently, around 35 percent of photos come from smartphones. An auto-uploader for smartphones allows users to seamlessly upload photos to the Photobucket cloud. A new tablet uploader app is in development.

Unlike many social sites and other photo storage sites, Photobucket does not compress users’ images and uses a tiered subscription model to maintain that feature.

Beet.TV spoke with Toner in this video interview in our New York office.

August 01 2011


CNN's iReport at Five Years: "Core of How We Tell Big, Breaking Stories"

On Tuesday (August 2), hundreds of citizen reporters around the world will attend Meetups organized by CNN to mark the fifth year anniversary of its iReport.

CNN iReport has over 800,000 registered contributors in virtually every nation, says Lila King, Participation Director at CNN Digital and longtime head of iReport, in this interview with Beet.TV

CNN is the leader in integrating UGC into mainstream media news coverage, surfacing content onto both on television and on CNN.com.  Says King, contributions of citizen reporters have become "core of he the way we tell big, breaking stories."

The five years of iReporter have found that editors at CNN have expanded the scope of their work as news "gatherers" to news gatherer/curators.   

In the segment she explains the vetting process around contributed content.

A CNN spokeswoman tells Beet.TV via email that the there are 2.6 million monthly views of iReport content and that an average of 15,000 videos and photos are uploaded monthly to the site.

We spoke with King last week at our studios in New York.

Andy Plesser


February 24 2011


"How Vimeo became hipster YouTube"

Vimeo has become the video sharing site for many videographers and profesional film makers. With its ad-free player and high quality playback, it has become the "hipster YouTube," writes John Patrick Pullen in Fortune magazine.

Last August, we sat down with Vimeo GM Dae Mellencamp for an overview on Vimeo's growth and unique appeal to the creative community.  We have republished this video today.

Andy Plesser.

January 13 2011


Amazing But True: SundaySky Will Create 1.4 Million "Videos" in January

SundaySky, Tel Aviv/New York-based start-up with 50 employees, using no video camera or production staff, will produce 1.4 million video clips this month for a range of big retail and real estate corporate customers including Overstock.com and the History Channel.

The company pulls customer data into a customized template which creates videos with movement, music, narration and graphics and video.  This is all done automatically.  

Most of the clips we have seen have little original video, but are a sort of multi-media presentation and are surprisingly well done.

The clips are hosted and published on a SundaySky player.  They are search optimized.

"Living," Dynamically Updated Videos -- Video Advertising Next

When the clips are produced, they remain "living" -- meaning they can be updated with new price and other information.  Clips can also be customized on the fly for individual users.

In this interview with Beet.TV. Yaniv Axen, CTO and co-founder, says that the company will soon create automated, dynamically updated online video ads.

The company, which was formed in 2006, and has been mostly under the radar until last year.  It raised a $9 million venture B round in October 2010.

A company spokeswoman told your correspondent that the company has produced 15 million videos.

Andy Plesser


November 23 2010


Metadata Merger: Digitalsmiths Acquires to Gotuit

Digitalsmiths, company which creates metadata around video images, has acquired Gotuit, a company which produces human metadata authoring, the companies announced today.

Earlier this month, at the New Tee Vee Live conference, we spoke with Digitalsmith's CEO Ben Weinberger for an update on his company and on the growing value of metadata around video.

More on the deal by Ryan Lawler at New Tee Vee.

Andy Plesser

September 27 2010


Dailymotion Hits 70 Million Monthly Uniques with 57 Percent Jump in North America: Launches in Australia, Next Morocco

PARIS -- Dailymotion, the Paris-based online video site, has registered a 21 percent rise in unique visitors around the globe to reach 70 million, according to the latest numbers from comScore Media Metrix.

According to comScore, monthly unique viewers to Dailymotion in North America has jumped to 15 million, a 57 percent increase over the same twelve-month period. (See below.)

Citing internal Omniture numbers, the company says it now streams over 1 billion video views per month globally.

This growth comes as the company is expanding internationally with several new regionalized services in native languages.  Last week, Dailymotion launched in Australia.  Next week, it will launch in Morocco.

For an overview on the company's growth, we visited Dailymotion's headquarters in Paris for this inteview with Luc Gumont, VP of International. 





Source: comScore Media Metrix

Andy Plesser



August 27 2010


Glittery Web Video Festival in October in New York: Keep an Eye Out for Barry Diller

Vimeo, the fast-growing IAC unit,  is throwing a two-day online video festival and awards program to celebrate the community of video creators.

The event on October 8 and 9 is being held at the Frank Gehry-designed IAC offices and at screening rooms at the School of Visual Arts.  It is open to the public.

Vimeo has been the domain of filmmakers and creative videographers for some time.  It has grown recently into a diverse, consumer-centric site.

For an overview on the community of filmmakers who are the core of Vimeo, we spoke with Blake Whitman, a filmmaker who heads up the Vimeo creative community.  

Blake is organizing the festival. In this interview, he talks about the community and plans for the festival.  One big technology/device development to watch will be the screening of video shot on digital SLR cameras.

Sources at IAC say that company CEO Barry Diller will be on hand for the event. 

Beet will cover and hope to see you there.

Andy Plesser

March 31 2010


The New York Times Videos Now Sharable via Embed Code

The New York Times, long an innovator in creating unique news video for the Web, is now allowing anyone to copy videos from the site and post onto blogs, social media and Web sites.

The video embed are made available around the videos which are inserted into article pages.  Embed codes are not surfaced yet on the paper's video section. 

Several major U.S. newspapers, including the Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal have provided the sharable code for some time.

We have embed a video about the exotic animals rescued from drug lords in Columbia.  It is part of a report by New York Times correspondent Simon Romero.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

March 29 2010


Brightcove Bringing HTML5 to The New York Times, Time Inc. and others for iPad

The imminent introduction of the iPad, which does not use Adobe's Flash to play video, has accelerated the the creation of HTLM5 solutions by video services companies and sharing sites including Ooyala, YouTube, Vimeo and now Brightcove.

HTML5 does not require a special player.  It is an emerging system to embed video into a web page, akin to images which don't need a plug-in.

While HTML5 video, in various formats, has been in use for sometime, Brightcove says today that it has solved several of the technology's biggest drawbacks:   It can insert and manage in-stream advertising and it can keep track of use through analytics. 

Today, Brightcove announced that The New York Times and Time Inc. would be among the first customers to integrate HTML5.

Yes, It Would Seem, HTML5 is Ready for Prime Time

Earlier this month in London, at the Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable, the discussion of HTML5 was explored.  Adobe's Steve Allison said that while HTML5 is a promising technology and its development is being supported by Adobe it was not commercially ready. 

Following Steve's comment was Brightcove's Jeff Whatcott who explained the drawbacks to HTML5.  It would seem that Brightcove and others have really fast tracked this.

Moderating the panel is Robert Andrew, editor of paidContentUK. 

We have previously published this video.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

Disclaimer:  The London roundtable was sponsored by Brightcove.

March 17 2010


YouTube Expanding Partner Program for Musicians

AUSTIN -- YouTube is making a big push to pull musicians to YouTube to build audiences and monetize their videos.  

We caught up with YouTube's Sara Pollack this weekend in Austin at SXSW for this update.

The program is titled "Musicians Wanted." Here's a report in the Los Angeles Times and more from Wired.com.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

March 16 2010


YouTube Testing Pay Scenario for Niche Content with "Rental"

AUSTIN -- YouTube Rental, the video sharing site's nascent pay-per-view service which launched in January with a handful of independent films, is becoming a paid platform  for creators of education, travel and entertainment programming, according to YouTube's Sara Pollack.

We caught up with her over the weekend at SXSW.  She said that the program is pulling in more film producers, but also is finding traction with non-theatrical channel partners including The Travel Store
and FUNimation, a popular anime channel.

Whether YouTube can compete with Netflix, Amazon and the cable companies in theatrical film distribution online is difficult to say, but surely out of the millions of videos on the YouTube servers, we expect some will fetch a payment. Moreover, we can expect producers of valuable, unique content to start to look to YouTube to monetize content through the "rental" program.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

February 23 2010


Facebook is the 'Ultimate" Viral Video Tool, Ethan Beard

PALO ALTO, CA -- Facebook has become the "ultimate tool for achieving viral distribution,"  says Ethan Beard, the director of the Facebook developer network in this interview with Beet.TV.

Beyond the video traffic emanating from simple viral sharing among members,  media partners including  TVGuide and ABC Television are adding new features to help spread video more easily across Facebook and Facebook Connect, he explained in the second of our three-part interview with him. 

Daisy Whitney, Senior Producer

February 05 2010


Fast-Growing DailyMotion Seeks to Double its U.S. Market Share this Year

DailyMotion, the Paris-based video sharing site which enjoys considerable popularity in Europe, has been making progress in the United States, registering at number 17 in comScore's ranking of U.S. video sites in December.

In 2009, the site enjoyed a seventy percent jump in traffic in the U.S. with 12 million monthly unique visitors  consuming some 130 million videos per month.

Earlier this week, I spoke with Joy Marcus, head of DailyMotion's operations in the U.S. and Canada.  She says that the company seeks greater market share and is planning a sizable marketing effort to make tihs happen.

I spoke with Joy at the AlwaysOn conference after she participated in a panel on online video moderated by Peter Kafka.

Beet.TV keeps it visibility up on the Continent with its channel on DailyMotion.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

February 03 2010


Three Key Video Trends to Watch This Year, According to Online Video Analyst Will Richmond

Keep an eye on how the growth in online video will shift this year into the mobile world via smartphones like Google's Android and Apple's iPhone, said Will Richmond, the publisher of daily news site VideoNuze.

Will and I host the podcast The VideoNuze Report each week, and I sat down with him at the recent NATPE conference in Las Vegas to get his take on key trends in 2010 in online video.

Other trends to watch this year include TV Everywhere rollouts and the consumer adoption of convergence devices such as Roku, Boxee and Xbox, he said. Richmond also gives his take on the challenges Hulu faces giving the rollouts of TV Everywhere and the Comcast acquisition of Hulu parent NBC Universal

Daisy Whitney, Senior Producer

January 24 2010


Brightcove Has "TV Everywhere" Initiative

Brightcove, the big online video services company, has announced an initiative to enable its customers to participate in the much anticipated initiative known as "TV Everywhere."

While this industry effort is mostly identified moves by Comcast and Time Warner to allow cable subscribers to watch cable shows on their PC's wherever they travel, the bigger opportunity is for programmers to distributed content on a payment bases, outside of the cable ecosystem.

The key to making this happen is sophisticated authentication systems to make sure content is protected.  Today, Brightcove announced an agreement with a company called Ping Identify to supply these services.

We recently published a story about Irdeto, the big Netherlands-based authentication company that is active in TV Everywhere.

For a perspective on the scope of TV Everywhere, we've published an excerpt from the Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable with comments by Brightcove co-founder and CTO Bob Mason. Asking the question is one of the event's moderators Rafat Ali, editor and publisher of paidContent.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

Disclaimer:  Brightcove is a sponsor of Beet.TV

December 18 2009


New YouTube Auto Captioning Aids Search, Usability and the Hearing Impaired

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- YouTube recently added automatic captioning to its videos, in a move that has far-reaching implications for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, international users and publishers who seek increase search optimization.

I traveled down to Google's headquarters yesterday to meet with Ken Harrenstien, a software engineer at Google who helped develop the system.

While YouTube has offered captioning capabilities since 2006, the new features make the process of adding them easier on some videos and also lets creators time up the captions to the spoken words in a video, Harrenstien explained through an interpreter. (His wife Lori served as his interpreter during our visit.)

In addition, the captions can be translated into 51 languages making many English-language videos accessible around the world now.

But there's also a strong business case to be made for captions because they improve the searchability of videos. "Because captions are text -- guess what? You can search them. And at Google we can use that to find out where exactly in a video there is a short snippet," he explained.

Adding captions can help grow views for publishers, he said. "Hopefully it will make it easier to add captions and I think very soon we will start to notice that it really makes a difference in how many people watch their videos."

The technology works by linking Google's automatic speech recognition technology with the YouTube caption system, he explained. The automatic captioning is only available on a few channels, including PBS, National Geographic and Duke University. In time, the goal is to expand that capability to all videos, we are told.

But any YouTube creator can use the automatic timing tool, which lets a user upload text when they post a video. YouTube then matches the spoken words to the written ones creating captions, Harrenstien explained.

From a personal standpoint, Harrenstien said he has dreamed about this technology for a long time. Because he has three young children, he doesn't have much time to watch videos, but now he said he can understand the ones they are watching.

Here's a story on the new captioning program by Miguel Helft of The New York Times.

Daisy Whitney, Senior Producer

December 11 2009


YouTube Direct Could be Useful Reporting Tool for Mainstream Media

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Whether user generated  video from the new YouTube Direct will create valuable content for its launch partners including the Washington Post, NPR, Politico and the Huffington Post is too early to say.

But UGC can augment the traditional news gathering operations of big news operations, according to participants at the Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable held earlier this month. Here's a brief rundown:

Olivia Ma, who Manager of News at YouTube explains the program.  

Keith Jenkins, who heads multimedia at NPR, says that the big radio network sees the YouTube program as a means to build community.

Dan Farber, editor in chief of CBSNews.com speaks about the importance of verification of content.  Olivia tells the group that YouTube Direct provides a mechanism to verify the content.

Bill Smee, who heads video at Slate wonders if consumer generated video will be watched. 

Mark Whitaker, NBC News D.C. Bureau Chief, Guardian CEO Caroline Little and Brightcove's Jeff Whatcott explain the power of UGC as a tool to supplement staff reporting. 

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

December 07 2009


Republicans Embracing YouTube with "Tons and Tons" of Uploads...but No One Beats Nancy Pelosi's Cat Video

WASHINGTON, D.C. --  Stung from  the 2008 election losses, Republican members of Congress are uploading videos to  YouTube in much greater numbers than Democrats.

Here's what YouTube's Olivia Ma told the Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable in Washington, D.C. last week.  (At 2:00)

"It's been very stark to see how eager the Republican Party has been to get on YouTube....uploading tons and tons of videos to YouTube.  Absolutely a fire has been lit under that party in terms of YouTube, specifically."

In January, YouTube launched HouseHub, site which provides each member of the House of Representatives their own YouTube channel.  A separate site for the Senate is called "Senate Hub."

Earlier in this segment, veteran political strategist Joe Trippi says that the Republicans are making making waves as the "insurgent party." 

With a different take is NBC News Washington Bureau Chief  Mark Whitaker who says that Republicans have had the more sophisticated approach to media for many years.

Later in this video, Obama campaign video strategist Max Harper says that many despite the the battle between the parties, many young people are not aligned with parties but movements.

Some reports find that the Republican party is more successful on Twitter.  

Nancy Pelosi Has Viral Hit with Her Office Cats

If the Republicans are winning on YouTube, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is putting up a good fight .  She has 1,835 videos uploaded to YouTube and 250,000 channel views, which makes her among  the most prolific uploader in Congress.

She seems to have a viral hit the her video titled The Capitol Cat Cam (pasted below).  It has 377,704 views.

Online Video Roundtable 

This is the first of a series of segment edited from two-hour event held on December 1 at the Embassy of Finland in Washington, D.C. If you'd like to watch the entire program, you can find it on our Livestream channel.

As of today, there have been 8,000 viewers watching 100,000 minutes of the Webcast.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer


Intel Using Online Video for Corporate Communications

Some of  most innovative uses of online video have been pioneered by technology companies, notably Microsoft's Channel 9,  the videoblog for customers and developers.  

Sun Microsystems has been using video for some time.  One of the latest entrants into corporate use of video is the new  Adobe.TV 

Intel has been using online video as core communications tool for its many constituents .  For a chat about the importance of online video within corporations, we spoke with Ken Kaplan, Broadcast and New Media Manager, Intel Global Communications Group.

We caught up with Ken recently in San Jose at the Streaming Media West show.

We've published some of the Intel videos below.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

December 01 2009


MSNBC.com Targets Facebook, Blogs, Launches New Emeddable Player -- Could Have Giant Hit with WH "Crashers" on Today Show

MSNBC.com today introduced a new embeddable player in a move to increase consumption of news video to other locations, notably on Facebook. 

The new player comes in three different sizes, making it usable on a variety of Web pages and social networks.

The features allow consumers to share clips from NBC News and MSNBC Cable shows on Facebook, Twitter, and Newsvine. 

Consumers can embed video clips right into their Facebook timelines, e-mail them or post them to Twitter right from the embedded player.  Consumers also have the ability to edit the video to select only the portion of the clip they’d like to view, the company says.

More details and strategy around the new player will be addressed later today at the Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable by Stokes Young, Multimedia Editor for MSNBC.com.  Tune in from 4-6 ET.

In October, I spoke with MSNBC.com president and publisher Charlie Tillinghast. He spoke about plans for the new player. I have republished that interview today.

Good timing for launch of the new player with The Today Show's exclusive interview this morning with Michaele and Tareq Salahi, the alleged White House party crashers. The video went online within 30 minutes of the broadcast.

We have posted the player below.  Suggestion, go to options and hit full screen.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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