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August 29 2012


Dailymotion Revamps Home Page to Boost Discovery

Dailymotion, the world's second biggest video sharing site, has revamped its home page to surface up more videos, provide more user customization and to increase viewing on the home page itself, says Roland Hamilton, Managing Director for the United States of Paris-based Dailymotion, in this inteview with Beet.TV

More on Dailymotion and the redesign in this story up on TechCrunch.

Andy Plesser


Tags: Video player

August 01 2011


IAC's Vimeo Launches Video Sharing Service for Businesses

Vimeo, the big video sharing site, known mostly for its global popularity as the video player of choice for the creative community, is launching today a commercial service for small businesses.

The site, which had not permitted commerical content, is launching Vimeo Pro, an online video platform product which has an annual fee of $199 and provides 50 GB of storage and 250,000 annual streams.

We spoke with Dae Mellencamp, General Manager of Vimeo, a unit of IAC, for this overview of the product. She explains where the new offering is positioned in the marketplace, between free video sites and big enterprise solutions.

She explains that the commerical videos will not be integrated into the Vimeo site as the tool is meant mostly to create videos for customer sites.  Vimeo does not provide integration of video advertising.

Andy Plesser

May 20 2011


The Global "Gold Rush" of Online Video: Brightcove Reports 700 Million Monthly Videos Views

Some 500 video industry executives from around the globe will descend on Boston next week for Brightcove's three-day PLAY conference.  It will be the first conference run by Brightcove and the show is sold out.

The conference takes place at time of fast growth for Brightcove which has increased monthly video streams from 400 million to 700 million in the past 12 months, says SVP Jeff Whatcott in this interview with Beet.TV.   The company has 3,000 customers in 50 nations.

The acceleration to distribute video via multiple devices has created what Whatcott calls a "gold rush" in the video services industry.

Brightcove is private and does not share financials.  It has been reported but not confirmed that the company will go public this year.

Andy Plesser

Disclaimer:  Beet.TV will cover the PLAY conference next week and will publish several clips as sponsored posts.


May 15 2011


Gawker Media's Unconventional Online Video Strategy: Not Sharing

For the past 10 months, Gawker Media has used Viddler to manage its online video distibution.   The Viddler player powers Gizmodo, Gawker TV and other properties. 

Unlike the vast majority of online video news sites which seek broad sharing and distibution of clips, the videos on the Gawker Network do not provide embed codes or other standard sharing tools.  Management has configured the Viddler player so video consumption is just for the site's pages.

The management of Gawker's video is just part of the fast-growing portfolio of major publishers who are working with the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-based Viddler, whch includes Engadget and other AOL properties.  You can also find the player on the Sony PlayStation blog.

We spoke with Sandie last week at the Streaming Media East conference.

He is a 2006 graduate of Lehigh University, in Bethelehem.  During college, he did an internship at Macromedia in San Francisco in the the Flash Media Server group.  (Macromedia was later purchased by Adobe.)

Sandie co-founded Viddler with Donna DeMarco in 2006 as a consumer video sharing site. The company has evolved into a provider of "white label" online video services to businesses and organizations. Its business is software-as-a-service.

The company has raised $2 million, has 25 employees, 1,000 customers, serves over 70 million video views per month, and is profitable, he says. 

Competing in the highly competitive sector, with some very well capitalized companies, Sandie says his company is making significant progress with advanced technology and lower cost, "pay as you go," customer terms.

Andy Plesser


February 24 2011


"How Vimeo became hipster YouTube"

Vimeo has become the video sharing site for many videographers and profesional film makers. With its ad-free player and high quality playback, it has become the "hipster YouTube," writes John Patrick Pullen in Fortune magazine.

Last August, we sat down with Vimeo GM Dae Mellencamp for an overview on Vimeo's growth and unique appeal to the creative community.  We have republished this video today.

Andy Plesser.

December 20 2010


Blip.tv Readies HTML5 as its Standard Player, Replacing Flash

While most of the the major video sites and online video services providers are providing HTML5 support, primarily for Apple iOS devices, Blip.tv is going to adopt HTML5 as its standard player for the Web and other platforms, says Justin Day, co-founder and CTO in this interview with Beet.TV

Day says that HTML5, which runs within the browser without a Flash plug-in, runs "faster."

Although no date is set for shift to HTML5, Day told me that it will likely take place in Q1 of 2011.

Kaltura is the only major online video services company which is exclusively HTML5

The "battle" between HTML5 and Flash will be one of the most interesting developments to watch in 2011.

Blip.tv is primarily a site for eposide online video programming. The company said it had 100 million video views in October.  

Beet.TV uses Blip as its principal video player.

Andy Plesser






November 30 2010


July 08 2010


Exclusive Video Interview: Why YouTube's "Lean Back" Matters

SAN BRUNO, CA -- In anticipation of the launch of Google TV this fall, YouTube introduced its new living room play "YouTube Lean Back" yesterday.

The service is available in beta online and will be built into Google TV. I landed an exclusive video interview with YouTube's interface designer Julian Frumar yesterday and he discussed the company's plans to expand Lean Back beyond Google TV and into devices from consumer electronics manufacturers. 

In addition to the partnership opportunities, Lean Back is also designed to be a simpler way to watch YouTube videos on the TV. The service is more intuitive and can recommend personalized videos for users. It can be used in a browser or via a connected TV. Users navigate solely with the keyboard's arrow keys.

When I checked it out online this morning, YouTube delivered lots of silly cat videos for me. Guess the site really does know what I like!

Daisy Whitney, Senior Producer

March 24 2010


Fox Readying "Hulu-Like" Mobile Video Site Called Bitbot

Today, Fox is expected to announce a Hulu-like service for mobile devices that will offer a range of content from Fox, NBC Universal, and Discovery, according to a report in GigaOM

The free application comes with sneak previews, and full content will have a $10 a month subscription fee. It is expected to launch "in several weeks."

Last month in San Francisco, we caught up with Gregg Colvin, VP of Business Development for Fox Interactive to speak about syndication strategy for the network.  He said that micropayments and subscriptions around mobile content is a growing business area for the network.

Gregg was a participant in the online video summit.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

February 05 2010


Fast-Growing DailyMotion Seeks to Double its U.S. Market Share this Year

DailyMotion, the Paris-based video sharing site which enjoys considerable popularity in Europe, has been making progress in the United States, registering at number 17 in comScore's ranking of U.S. video sites in December.

In 2009, the site enjoyed a seventy percent jump in traffic in the U.S. with 12 million monthly unique visitors  consuming some 130 million videos per month.

Earlier this week, I spoke with Joy Marcus, head of DailyMotion's operations in the U.S. and Canada.  She says that the company seeks greater market share and is planning a sizable marketing effort to make tihs happen.

I spoke with Joy at the AlwaysOn conference after she participated in a panel on online video moderated by Peter Kafka.

Beet.TV keeps it visibility up on the Continent with its channel on DailyMotion.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

February 03 2010


Three Key Video Trends to Watch This Year, According to Online Video Analyst Will Richmond

Keep an eye on how the growth in online video will shift this year into the mobile world via smartphones like Google's Android and Apple's iPhone, said Will Richmond, the publisher of daily news site VideoNuze.

Will and I host the podcast The VideoNuze Report each week, and I sat down with him at the recent NATPE conference in Las Vegas to get his take on key trends in 2010 in online video.

Other trends to watch this year include TV Everywhere rollouts and the consumer adoption of convergence devices such as Roku, Boxee and Xbox, he said. Richmond also gives his take on the challenges Hulu faces giving the rollouts of TV Everywhere and the Comcast acquisition of Hulu parent NBC Universal

Daisy Whitney, Senior Producer

January 25 2010


Mozilla's Chris Blizzard Blasts HTML5 Efforts at YouTube and Vimeo

Recent moves by YouTube and Vimeo to  preliminarily embrace HTM5, a technology for publishing video directly onto Web pages, using an open source code, has been generating a lot of excitement, but not from the Mozilla Foundation which manages the Firefox browser.

In a blistering commentary, Mozilla's Director of Evangelism Chris Blizzard claims that the new initiatives from YouTube and Vimeo are not truly "open source" or free for that matter as they use H.264, a proprietary codec.

The new HTML5 experiments do not work on the Firefox browser.

Last summer I interviewed Chris about the open source video effort at Mozilla and the implementation of HTML5 on Firefox. 

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

January 04 2010


KickApps Enters Premium Video Services Business with Adobe's New Open Framework Player

KickApps, social media platform provider, has begun to offer publishers a premium services tool for video publishing. The New York-based company is among the first companies to use Adobe's new open source media framework.

KickApps has raised $32 million and has 90 employees in five offices.  I caught up with CEO Alex Blum to talk about the value of video in social media and the solution his company is providing.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

December 15 2009


"MyDamnChannel" Win's Daisy's New Media Minute Award of Excellence

At this time last year in my New Media Minute, I picked five new media companies to watch in 2009: Kaltura, My Damn Channel, Quantcast, 5min, and Boxee.

They all had good years and made news, with many of them raising venture money, inking deals with content partners, and landing ad dollars. But only one can be the winner of the first ever New Media Minute Award of Excellence.

MyDamnChannel distinguished itself with discerning taste in its shows, building impactful integration of advertisers like IKEA and Southern Comfort into its content, and making money. MyDamnChannel has been operating in the black, and profitability is no small feat for a video startup. For more details, tune in to the final New Media Minute of 2009.

Daisy Whitney

Editor's Note:  Daisy's New Media Minute is produced and sponsored separately from Beet.TV.  We are pleased to publish her segment regularly here.  AP

December 08 2009


TubeMogul in Pact with Brightcove for Analytics Services

TubeMogul, the Emeryville-based video syndication and analytics company, has entered into a agreement with Brightcove to provide analytics tools to the big Boston-area video services company.

Analytics around Web video usage has become essential to many publishers and advertisers. 

TubeMogul's New Cost-Per-View Product

Last month in San Jose we spoke with Brett Wilson, TubeMogul's CEO and co-founder.  He told us about a new company initiative, a "cost-per-view' product for publishers and marketers seeking to reach targeted online audiences.

The company has signed on several major advertising agencies for the new service.

This new product will also be available through the new Brightcove alliance, Brett told me.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

Disclaimer:  Beet.TV uses TubeMogul to syndicate our videos to 15 different sites with the click of a mouse.  This is a free service which we find quite useful. 

Brightcove is a sponsor of Beet.TV

December 07 2009


Republicans Embracing YouTube with "Tons and Tons" of Uploads...but No One Beats Nancy Pelosi's Cat Video

WASHINGTON, D.C. --  Stung from  the 2008 election losses, Republican members of Congress are uploading videos to  YouTube in much greater numbers than Democrats.

Here's what YouTube's Olivia Ma told the Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable in Washington, D.C. last week.  (At 2:00)

"It's been very stark to see how eager the Republican Party has been to get on YouTube....uploading tons and tons of videos to YouTube.  Absolutely a fire has been lit under that party in terms of YouTube, specifically."

In January, YouTube launched HouseHub, site which provides each member of the House of Representatives their own YouTube channel.  A separate site for the Senate is called "Senate Hub."

Earlier in this segment, veteran political strategist Joe Trippi says that the Republicans are making making waves as the "insurgent party." 

With a different take is NBC News Washington Bureau Chief  Mark Whitaker who says that Republicans have had the more sophisticated approach to media for many years.

Later in this video, Obama campaign video strategist Max Harper says that many despite the the battle between the parties, many young people are not aligned with parties but movements.

Some reports find that the Republican party is more successful on Twitter.  

Nancy Pelosi Has Viral Hit with Her Office Cats

If the Republicans are winning on YouTube, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is putting up a good fight .  She has 1,835 videos uploaded to YouTube and 250,000 channel views, which makes her among  the most prolific uploader in Congress.

She seems to have a viral hit the her video titled The Capitol Cat Cam (pasted below).  It has 377,704 views.

Online Video Roundtable 

This is the first of a series of segment edited from two-hour event held on December 1 at the Embassy of Finland in Washington, D.C. If you'd like to watch the entire program, you can find it on our Livestream channel.

As of today, there have been 8,000 viewers watching 100,000 minutes of the Webcast.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer


Adobe Uses New "Open Source" Video Player on its Corporate Site in Industry First

Software giant Adobe Systems is using its new open source media framework player on Adobe.TV, the company's new video site.  The site launched in September.

Adobe, Akamai and others have been working on a open source video player, which is easily customized and deployed. 

The implementation of the player on Adobe.TV is the industry's first.  The back end is powered by Coldfusion 9.

We caught up with Adobe's Bob Dolan last month at the Streaming Media West conference in San Jose.

In addition to explaining the infrastructure of Adobe.TV, he gives a great overview of the power of online video for corporations for internal and external communications.

I've pasted below the open source player.

Earlier today, we published a story about how Intel is using video for corporate communications.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

December 01 2009


Ooyala Sees Value in Realtime Analytics for Video Producers

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- Ooyala, the online video services company started by ex-Googlers, is developing realtime analytics for video producers to closely monitor the success of their content.

We spoke with company CTO Sean Knapp for this overview on the value and utility of analytics.  Sean came from Google where he was a key developer of iGoogle. 

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

November 23 2009


Adobe's Flash Player 10 on Nearly All the World's Computers -- Getting Ready for 10.1

SAN JOSE, CA - Adobe's latest version of Flash has been installed in some 98 percent of the world's computers, according to Kevin Towes who is product manager for Flash Media Server. 

We caught up with Kevin at an opening night party for the Streaming Media West hosted by Brightcove.

Kevin explains the functionality of Flash Player 10 and the new Flash Player 10.1 which launched in Beta earlier this month. 

In this wide ranging interview, he discusses peer-to-peer elements functionality iof the new player, digital rights management and the Flash Media Server.

He references the 98 percent penetration for Adobe 10 at 2:40 in the video. 

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

Disclaimer:  We covered the Brightcove party in San Jose as part our sponsorship association with Brightcove.   

November 10 2009


Forrester's Bobby Tulsiani on Online Video: It's Way Beyond the Media Business Now

Forrester has published a comparative study of six online video platform service providers. We reported on the study on Friday. 

While some industry observers are taking issue with the inclusion of just six players, when there are over 60 such companies in the sector, that's not the goal of the study, Forrester's Bobby Tulsiani told me in this this interview yesterday.

He said the study is a guide to the sort of services providers geared to the mid tail video producers, not the big media companies or the free UGC sites. 

It is the non-media area of video services which is growing quickly; companies, universities government agencies and others. Video is now an essential video tool for businesses and the Forrester report is a guide of representative companies, he says.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

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