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February 24 2010


What Ensquared Would Tell Google About On Nexus One Insurance

Apple and AT & T with a path green before two years to make innovation on the iPhone and no link is worrying time, without making the issue of insurance iPhone. If your camera buyers of the iPhone was lost for some reason he was carrying a case of “bad luck” and simply a threat to consumers by the Heads of State and Government. With the technology of the iPhone so far when it seems it was a risk that the iPhone user was ready to run. Now, with similar devices, the phone does not grow with insurance options may negatively to a competitive economy, a critical link We must fight on the capital. In the present situation the only supplier / distributor of insurance for the iPhone available from Apple Care extended warranty, which is significant given the small and there is a gap in the accident damage, loss and theft cost. This has been partially filled by companies such as SquareTrade Safeware, and others on the Internet, but not totally a political and not at the point of sale. The loss or break an iphone in an accident can be very expensive.

The facts of the telephone company in the insurance you: Smartphone at the iPhone and Nexus A level of compensation for loss, theft or damage is about $ 500. This brings them in relative terms, the arena of the laptop and can be a costly experience can be when it will be a serious accident as a supplier does not subsidize phones in the same second contract. In addition, smartphone technology more complex, sensitive and cost of repairs is still so high that compensation is often independent of the insurer best solution.

The Nexus One is a new entry in the mobile arena, and he does not claim that it is positioned directly on the iPhone. He, however, make a long climb up two important reasons:

iPhone cut the innovator reference touch screens on mobile devices, building a new paradigm in the order of inclusion, which is growing exponentially and is a great attraction for worship iPhone

The fact that Nexus is, in fact, a Google phone, and no doubt Google is an innovator in the Central and time changer note is the channel, even from mobile devices and removes some of the direction of iPhone on the channel.

Nexus When we asked advice There is no doubt that this is an enormous gap in size in the fabric of the iPhone phone insurance. On this platform, the attack must be made.

How an insurance website phone experts would Ensquared: Nexus One is well advised to fix responsibility for the underwriters a strong connection to a phone-insurance program for your device: A, take the extended warranty , damage beyond the attack and also Nexus Nexus A lost and stolen by a well. The fact that the device is sold unlocked and not affiliated with any service provider requires thinking outside the box. In the same way that manufacturers of equipment in a tie with telephone service providers could Nexus another insurance company to approve an interview (perhaps even a small subsidy) for the insurance options on the interface between a type. Made a significant and important benefit would be contrary to competition that this aspect has been totally ignored. This is a track open right now. Ensquared number 1 of the Insurance Authority on the phone has a very good view of the participating mobile phone insurance market, which would be called into question, including its own strategic alliances. Insurance phone is often a weak central hidden in each unit to buy but could not be propelled to the forefront of reasons to buy a unit for another – especially in the highly expensive smartphone. The mobile strategy, however,

For more information on Nexus One Phone Insurance, Nexus Insurance, Insurance Google Android, Android insurance can be found at www. ensquared. com

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February 19 2010


Would Google Nexus One affect other wireless operators??

Google has announced its much hyped â??superphone,â?? called Nexus One in the first week of January. The mobile handset is powered by its own Android 2.1 operating system and is said to be the powerful device that will compete with Appleâ??s iPhone 3G S.

The Google Nexus One is available directly from Google with a price tag of $529 (unlocked). Also, consumers can buy the device from T-Mobile at $179 with a two-year contract. Google added that the device will also be available through Verizon Wireless in the US and Vodafone in the UK in due course.

Nexus One to affect sales of other Android based mobile phones

Meanwhile, it is suggested that the new device from Google will hold the sales of other Android based smartphones and therefore, various mobile vendors like Sony Ericsson, Motorola, etc would prefer other mobile platform for their new devices. This will create an enigma for the search giant to use its platform on its own devices against already existing Android based phones.

Nexus Oneâ??s networking problem

Nexus One, which runs on Android OS and HTC’s hardware was built to work at 3G speeds in the US on the AWS 1700/2100 MHz frequency band. In contrast, Verizon, AT&T and Sprint all use the 1900 MHz band for their 3G networks, hence the Google phone is incompatible with this band. But, AT&T and the Google phone share a 2G frequency — 850 MHz via GSM, which allows voice calls but quashes its data transfer feature.

According to a leading analytics firm, the Google sold only 20,000 units of Nexus One in its first week of sales. It is pretty disappointing number compared to Appleâ??s iPhone first week sales numbers. Further, the device is facing number of complaints about its 3G connectivity.

The Nexus One has already received and the news isnâ??t good for Google right not. Things will certainly get better for Android, but the Nexus One had so many expectations based on the amazing specs of the phone.

Other missing features in the Nexus One

No VoIP: It was reported that the search giant will introduce VoIP-only plan with its device and will be a game changer to other vendors. It will provide free calls to its consumers in the country. But, the rumor turned out to be false and the device is the same as other handsets, while making calls.

Android 2.1 OS: It is reported that the company will also introduce new Android software besides Nexus One. But, the company launched the device with same Android 2.1 OS in the superphone, which was already appeared in Motorola Droid.

Multitouch missing:
Playing 3D games or pinching to zoom in Google Maps (like in iPhone) are missing in the Nexus One. The Nexus Oneâ??s hardware is able to handle input from more than one finger at a time, but the software does not support it.

Music Player App is not upto the mark: People have complained about the app and said that the Android based music player has never upto the quality compared with iPhone.

Third-party applications: Apple has about 100,000 third-party applications in its App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch, whereas Google Nexus One and other Android platform offer about 18,000 apps only.

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