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August 01 2011


Yahoo UK switches to Bing organic results August 3rd, paid search not yet

Yahoo | Email :: Yahoo had informed its advertisers today, that the company is now ready to transition Yahoo! organic search results, the non-paid listings found on the main body of the Yahoo! search page, to Microsoft. The organic search transition will begin on August 3rd 2011 for Yahoo! European properties in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. The changes does not include Yahoo! paid search results at this time, and advertisers will receive ample notice prior to the paid search transition of a market, to help them to prepare for a smooth transition.

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June 05 2011


TubeMogul delivers 5 billion daily video ad auctions

Beet.TV :: TubeMogul, the San Francisco-based company known for providing video analytics to publishers, recently launched a demand side platform (DSP) for advertisers to buy online video inventory in real time. David Burch, says that the new platform is the "first DSP for online video advertising" and it has quickly taken off. The platform now offers publishers the opporutunity to bid of 5 billion ad auctions daily.

Beep.TV: spoke with David Burch last month at the Brightcove global customer summit. Coverage of the Brightcove conference was part of Beep.TV's sponorship agreement.

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January 05 2010




People still expect miracles.

But newspapers cannot, a must not, expect any miracles from Cupertino.

What the Appple iSlate means for newspapers is this:

1. You need to embrace multimedia content production and multiplatform distribution.

2. You must be where, when and how your readers want you, or you will miss them.

3. You need to reach new readers, more audiences and unique communities if you want to stay necessary and relevant.

4. Your advertisers want more targeted messages.

5. You need a 24/7 not a 16/5 fully integrated multimedia newsroom operation.

6. You content output must be better, faster and more unique than ever.

7. Words matter but WebVideo rules.

8. Brilliant design presentation will be a must.

9. Typographical excellence will make the difference.

10. And it’s time to invest in quality content, digital creativity, multimedia talent, and innovation.

Welcome to the future!

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