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October 15 2010


#aopsummit: Follow the Association of Online Publishers annual conference

Journalism.co.uk reporter Rachel McAthy is on the ground at the AOP’s annual summit. A full programme for the event can be found at this link, but you can follow all the tweeted action in the liveblog below courtesy of the #aopsummit hashtag.

Tweets from Journalism.co.uk can be found on @journalism_live.

Speakers include: James Bromley from Mail Online; Matt Brittin from Google; Mark Wood from Future; and Tim Brooks from Guardian News & Media.

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August 27 2010


AOP: Mirror digital director Matt Kelly and the 800lb gorilla in the room

Whether you agree with Matt Kelly’s well-documented views on Google and search engines vs. publishers, there’s no doubting the Mirror Group digital director’s way with words.

Take this soundbite from the Association of Online Publishers’ (AOP) interview when asked what is holding journalists and news organisations back from digital?

Apart from the big 800lb gorilla of the fact that there’s no money there (…) if you accept philosophically that digital has to be a part of your business going forward if you’re going to survive and you accept that at some point there will be a reconnection with the investment and reward that is necessary to pay for all this content, then the next question is are you creative enough? Sure. Have you got enough guts to innovate and to develop create compelling propositions online? Of course we have. I don’t think there’s anything holding us back. It would be nice to bring the revenues forward a bit, but I think we will certainly get there.

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March 17 2010


December 09 2009


Presentation from AOP Microlocal Forum

Below are the slides from my presentation at today’s Association of Online Publishers Microlocal Media Forum, where I was asked to talk on the subject of ‘Monetising Microlocal’.

You can read Dan Davies’ notes on the forum here (with a link to a further post with notes from the panel discussion).

December 07 2009


Future of regional news: an ongoing discussion

Last week’s regional journalism panel at City University – in which I took part -  brought out some telling detail: just how many students would be prepared to work for online start-ups (18 out of 70) and the high proportion of income that comes from regional newspaper advertising (73 per cent of the Northern Echo’s revenue comes from advertising, six per cent of that from online). With new local projects arriving on the news scene each day, there are plenty more events at which to discuss and examine the future of regional news:

  • Tonight (Monday 7 December) is probably a bit short notice for the UK Future of News group’s inaugural meeting (Waterloo, 7pm) but keep track of the next date at this link. The group is for anyone interested in the future of journalism: “What it isn’t, is an arena to repeatedly lament the death of print, or the end of quality journalism, or to go around saying ‘paywalls must be the answer, journalists have got to eat,’”says its founder Adam Westbrook.”What it is, is a place where people can think positively, about tangible new ideas to determine the future of journalism. I hope someone will pitch a few ideas which we can all thrash out and stew over.”
  • There’s a good line-up at the AOP microlocal conference on Wednesday 9 December and with Birmingham City University’s Paul Bradshaw, Guardian Local’s Sarah Hartley and Trinity Mirror multimedia head David Higgerson involved there’s likely to be a bit Twittering on the day: follow #aopforum.  Other speakers include Roger Green, managing director of digital media, Newsquest; Lori Cunningham, digital strategy director, Johnston Press; and James Thornett, executive product manager, BBC Local & Location Services. We’re told some tickets are still available.
  • Journalism.co.uk’s own news:rewired event on 14 January 2010, where independent regional sites will meet traditional brands pursuing new partnerships and community sourcing projects. We’ll be covering social media, data-crunching, citizen collaboration and entrepreneurship, with some of the UK’s leading regional and national online journalists.

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