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November 22 2010


Net2 Think Tank Round-Up: Using The Web To Raise Awareness

In certain places such as AlabamaNorth Carolina, November is nonprofit awareness month. To celebrate, we asked you to share your advice for using the web to raise awareness as part of this month's Net2 Think Tank. We were hoping to learn how nonprofits are raising awareness and share those tips with the wider community. Below is a list of the answers we received!

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November 03 2010


November Net2 Think Tank: Using the Web to Raise Awareness

Happy Nonprofit Awareness Month to all of the NetSquared community members in Alabama, North Carolina, and around the world! Taking a look at some of the ways community members are celebrating nonprofits this month really got us thinking! How can organizations worldwide use the social web to raise awareness of their cause and services? Write up your nonprofit's case study or tell us which organizations you think are effectively raising awareness through the web. Share your contributions with the NetSquared Community this month!

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October 14 2010

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