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March 11 2010


February 26 2010


British Journal of Photography relaunches as monthly mag

The British Journal of Photography has relaunched its print magazine with a return to a monthly format from 3 March.

The 156-year-old title was originally launched as a monthly in 1854. It will now feature two new sections: “‘Projects’, which showcases new photographic series of work; and ‘Intelligence’, devoted to opinion about new trends and issues.”

The revamp will be backed by an aggressive subscription drive and a push to increase copies on international news stands, says the title.

“We believe that print magazines have a positive future, so when we began thinking about what we could deliver as a monthly, we decided to play to the strengths of print. While many magazines are cutting costs and chasing readers that now have an allegedly shorter attention span, we are investing, rewarding them with a redesigned magazine that uses higher quality paper, has superior reproduction techniques and delivers more depth,” says editor Simon Bainbridge in a release.

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January 18 2010


BJP: The Independent apologises for Flickr ‘errors’

The Independent newspaper has apologised, “after it was accused of breach of copyright for publishing a Flickr stream of images which included at least one ‘All Rights Reserved’ photo of the snow,” reports the British Journal of Photography.

Full story at this link…

(The photographer, Peter Zabulis, who challenged the Independent has more detail at this link)

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