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November 22 2010


Interview With A FACT Challenge Winner: Tambe Hary Agbor From AMIS-CAMEROON

We recently announced the 5 Winners for the FACT Social Justice Challenge and we are thrilled at the caliber and impact of all the Projects. As such, we want to give you a closer look at these collaborative technology Projects and the people behind them. Each Monday in the month of November, we'll be posting an interview from one of the Winning Projects using the fact interviews tag - we hope you'll follow along!

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October 10 2010



 With just a few hours away to the casting of the first community Vote for FACT Projects , we request you to take a look at AMIS-CAMEROON's noble cause for the farmers and VOTE to send this project to glory. When we win, it is the farmer who wins, and when the farmer wins, it is YOU the consumer who wins because you shall have the products you need at the price you need , in the market you need, and at the time you need them. All of these can happen if only you browse through the projects and push the VOTE button against the AMIS-CAMEROON project

May 28 2010


Learn about NetSquared in Cameroon via Satellite TV

Map of Cameroon NetSquared eventsFor the past two years, NetSquared membership has been growing in Cameroon. Today there are 5 groups in Cameroon and this Saturday they are hosting the first ever NetSquared Camp.

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May 21 2010


One Week to Net2 Camp Africa in Douala, Cameroon

Net2 Camps LogoThe first in our series of six NetSquared Camps is next Saturday! This event, hosted in Douala, Cameroon, is free to attend and there is still time for you to register! Take a look at the info below and get involved!

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April 16 2010

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