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July 02 2013


Simulmedia Opens Access to TV Marketing Campaign Reports

CANNES — Targeted TV advertising company Simulmedia is giving brands, agencies and anyone who wants it a peek into how various TV campaigns perform in its new Open Access project, says Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia, in this  interview with Beet.TV.
The Open Access project is free on Simulmedia’s site and includes details on reach, frequency, and cost performance from more than 100 national advertisers across recent TV campaigns, he says.
The overarching mission with the opening of the database is to bring more efficiency and less waste to TV marketing through a better understanding of what’s working. Throughout the year, Simulmedia expects to open even more of its site for use of its TV media planning tools, as well as reporting and measurement.
Also in the year ahead, Morgan says Simulmedia is aiming to scale its real-time service for the advertisers who need instant awareness and optimization for their TV campaigns. For more insight into Simulmedia’s new tools and growth plans for 2013, please check out this video interview.

July 01 2013


Adobe Acquires Marketing Company Neolane; Expands Digital Marketing Services

CANNES — As it expands its marketing services footprint, Adobe has been focusing on its Adobe Marketing Cloud platform for digital marketers, says Ben Rabner, Web and Content Strategist at Adobe during an interview with Beet.TV. Offering real-time feedback, the Adobe Marketing Cloud is designed to help marketers measure, monetize and understand their ROI for digital campaigns that encompass advertising, targeting, social and Web experiences, he explains.

“If you have a piece of creative, what is the return on that? You can test it and segment it for different audiences to get a certain lift,” he explains. He adds that Adobe works with several major brands that use the service to identify the best channels in which to invest their ad spend. “Our algorithms identify what the lifts will be, what targets they need to go higher, how far into the video someone is getting.”

For more insight into how brands are using Adobe Marketing Cloud, check out this video interview.

Adobe recently announced plans to acquire conversational marketing company Neolane in a deal valued at $600 million, according to TechCrunch. The acquisition should help boost the Marketing Cloud service.


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Getty’s Digital Video Library Growing By Up To 20,000 Each Month

CANNES — Getty Images’ evolution from static to moving images is happening at pace in the digital age.

“We have around 1.5 million video clips currently on our site,” company Christian Toksvig told Beet.TV in this video interview. “We are adding something like 10 to 20,000 a month at the moment from our own and our partners’ productions.

Getty Images formed in 1995 and is best known for syndicated still photographs. But, like rival stock photo agencies, Getty has lately branched out to offer multi-media.

“There’s a lot more demand for video, especially on the web,” Toksvig said. “That demand is driving our supply.”

Toksvig was speaking to Beet.TV during last month’s Cannes Lions advertiser conflab, where Getty sponsored the Young Lions award, in which budding creatives race against the clock to produce a hot campaign.

For more on Getty’s ambitions, also see Forbes’ interview, in which Toksvig says: “We’re the Amazon of content.”


The Next Opportunity for Programmatic is Television, Rubicon’s Jay Sears

CANNES – The automated buying and selling of advertising inventory is quickly growing and will soon involve linear television ad sales, say Jay Sears, GM of the REVV Buyer unit of the Rubicon Project.   We spoke with him earlier this month at the Cannes Lions festival where he moderated a roof-top session with most of the top agency trading desks.

Sears also provides an update on developments at the Rubicon Project.



June 30 2013


Brand Measurement is Key Focus of Programmatic Efforts at IPG’s Magna Unit

CANNES -  While the move to automated platforms for buying and selling advertising inventory is steadily growing, the industry needs to find a more effective way to measure how all that activity is creating value and impacting brands, says Michael Brunick, SVP for Programmatic at IPG’s Magna Global, in this interview with Beet.TV.

He said his agency is putting considerable resources around this effort.

We spoke to him earlier this month in Cannes after a session of agency trading desk heads organized by the Rubicon Project.



Havas Media Chief Delport on the Rise of Programmatic Buying

CANNES – With the explosion from a finite to an essentially infinite inventory of content, agencies and advertisers have been faced with the challenge of learning how to manage it. The answer is found in mathematics, says Dominique Delport, global managing director for Havas Media Group and chairman and CEO of Havas Media France.

The use of algorithms allows for programmatic marketing. The rapid rise of Google, Facebook and Twitter has been made possible by algorithms such as PageRank (Google), EdgeRank (Facebook) and SpreadRank (Twitter), Delport says.

Mixing audience data with these mathematical mechanisms allows marketers to target the right person with the right message at the right time – which is critical in a time when many are resistant to advertisements and spam, Delport says.

Beet.TV spoke with Delport at the Cannes Lions festival earlier this month after he participated in a panel around programmatic buying organized by the Rubcon Project.  We interviewed him French and have create the translation in captions.


Mindshare CEO Emery: We are Focused on Real-Time “Adaptive Marketing”

CANNES –  A fundamental change in the media industry is the lack of lag time between the creation and distribution of content, says Nick Emery, global CEO of global media network Mindshare.  Mindshare is a, unit of GroupM, the media agency operating division of WPP,  was co-founded by Emery in 1996.

While Mindshare is involved in the content business Emery says his agency aims to be a “bookend for the marketing process” and the “spine for marketing communications that allows clients to be more adaptive and reaction to data.”

He says the composition of Mindshare changes every year. Currently, Mindshare has more technology and digital experts than ever before, he says.

Beet.TV spoke with him at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity earlier this month.

At Cannes, the agency won 19 Lions, the most of any media agency, the company stated.

June 28 2013


MMA’s Greg Stuart: Brands Need to Embrace Mobile Advertising

CANNES – Navigating how to embrace mobile technology is the challenge for CMOs says Greg Stuart, CEO of the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association). Stuart said the MMA will soon be adding four major CMOs to their board.

“It’s this knowing versus doing gap,” Stuart says. “They know they gotta do it, but how do they do it is really a challenge.”

Mondelēz International, the American multinational food and beverage company, has committed at the corporate level to spend 10 percent of all budgets on mobile, which Stuart calls a “major movement.”

Beet.TV spoke with Stuart at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity last week.

June 27 2013


Accuen’s CEO Jacobs: Digital Is Growing, Not Stealing, TV Ad Spend

CANNES – Some folk would have you believe in a straight, linear migration of dollars from television advertising to online video advertising. But that’s not how ad trading desk software vendor Accuen Media‘s CEO Josh Jacobs sees it.

“We’re starting to have much more interesting conversations with the television buyers saying, ‘How do we engage this consumer regardless of the screen they’re engaging on?’,” Jacobs told Beet.TV in this interview during a Rubicon Project discussion at Cannes Lions.

“Budgets are not shifting from television to digital, it’s expanding to incorporate the digital channels that consumers are playing in.”

Jacobs added: “We’re starting to see television buyers are recognizing the fact that consumers are really engaging with content across four screens.”

Accuen is a unit of Omnicom.


AOL Links with Taboola for Video Discovery

CANNES – AOL has an agreement with video discovery engine Taboola to increase video views both on and off AOL properties, explains Ran Harnevo, SVP for Video at AOL, in this video interview with Beet.TV taped last week at Cannes Lions.

We caught up with him in AOL’s roof-top suite of the Majestic Hotel where he moderated a panel a with Adam Shlachter of Digitas and John Heller, of FreeWheel.

In this tape, Harnevo recaps the panel session and explains the new arrangement with Taboola at 1:57 into the segment.

Disclaimer:  AOL sponsored Beet.TV’s coverage of Cannes Lions.

June 26 2013


Razorfish CEO on What’s Next in Branded Content and Storytelling

CANNES – Marketers should be on the lookout for new ways to blend storytelling into branded content, says Bob Lord, Global CEO of Razorfish in an interview with Beet.TV. As an example, he points to a recent effort by Razorfish client Citibank in which the marketer helped to curate the AOL Business channel.
“We bought part of the business channel for Citibank…and that brings us to a different level,” Lord explains in this video interview. “We bought the content ahead of time so we can help shape the content and help Citibank live up to its brand promise.”
To develop successful campaigns today, marketers need to consider media, technology and creativity simultaneously. That’s the premise of his recent book, Converge. “You have to think about these areas concurrently,” he says.
In addition, mediums like video are likely to include more interactivity and two-way communication going forward, he says. ”Video is one of the most effective mediums to engage with your audience and get feedback on your brand.”

Videology’s Jamboretz: Video Ad Tech Consolidation Looming

CANNES – With video advertising growing at such a pace currently, the number of technology suppliers in the chain could balloon and then shrink in a wave of M&A, one sector exec says.

“There is an absolute expectation that consolidation will have to happen at some point,” Ryan Jamboretz, the EMEA SVP of one vendor, Videology, told Beet.TV in this video interview during Cannes Lions. “There’s too many people racing at the opportunity. so there will be shake-out.”

Videology’s technology helps advertisers move money from TV to digital and understand the relative success of campaigns in each. The firm recently took on $60 million in new investment to fuel its own tilt at the opportunity.

“We’re delighted,” Jamboretz told Beet.TV. “Raising $60 million is no small feat. I think it’s  of the biggest raises in the sector this year. It’s a big part of our international expansion plan.”


DigitasLBi Enters Management Consulting Arena, CEO

CANNES — Media agencies must now compete with management consulting shops in the race to help marketers reorganize their businesses, says Luke Taylor, CEO of DigitasLBi during an interview with Beet.TV. DigitasLBi is a unit of Publicis Groupe and was formed earlier this year when Publicis merged Digitas with its Amsterdam digital agency LBi to help grow Publicis’ footprint in digital media.

“Most of our CMOs want help rearchitecting and reorganizing their marketing functions to deal with always on conversations, the regulatory requirements of publishing real-time, the relationships with the IT department… All these shifts are demanding a complete rebuild of the marketing function and that now puts us head to head with the Accentures of the world, so there’s a fun turf war playing out there,” he explains in this video interview.

In addition to those business design services, the recently merged DigitasLBi is now 7000-employees strong and also counts insights, creative technology and distribution among its key purviews. ”We have 400 data scientists who look forensically at how to overlay data on the big data social graph with customer information to have a highly targeted experience,” Taylor says of the insight group.

When it comes to creative technology group, the goal is to link the brand strategists with information architects and technologists as well as the social and PR side of the business to “drive story and conversation,” he says.


PubMatic Announces New Privacy Technology

CANNES – Digital advertising technology company PubMatic announced the launch of a new technology solution for privacy at the Cannes Lions  last week. We spoke with Rajeev Goel, co-founder and CEO about the issue of privacy and the company’s new product.

The new technology fits within the DAA privacy framework and will provide consumers with choices around the information they share with advertising companies. This privacy technology is open solution that anyone in the industry can use, Goel says.


June 24 2013


GroupM’s Norman: Advertisers Must Embrace the “Stream” With Quick Content

CANNES — Advertising group GroupM’s chief digital officer thinks the top challenge for marketers is to insert themselves in new platforms like Twitter and Facebook that are all about chronologically-ordered, stream-based real-time media consumption.

“Every time the distribution channels change – and the stream is a new distribution channel -  typically the manufacturing problem changes as well,” Rob Norman told Beet.TV during this fascinating discussion at the Cannes Lions advertiser conflab

“If the … six-second commercial in Vine is going to be the short-form video … the manufacturing side of the business has to think very carefully about what does creativity look like in a light-touch way, as opposed to the heavier touch of the 60- or 30-second ad.

“There is this absolute tsunami of content about simple arresting quick-to-consume, quick-to-understand visual imagery that is running all over people’s Facebook page posts…

“If you set the bar of ‘What am I going to do that engages people in a second and persuade them to made them an engagement-related reaction to it?’, that’s a terrific creative challenge.”

We interviewed Norman on Friday at the Cannes Lions festival.

June 21 2013


Ad Trade Group Chief Touts Sponsorship of Women’s Series on AOL, as “The Future”

MOUGINS, France — The business of advertising is changing dramatically for agencies and one of the hot-button issues is whether agencies will get into the content creation game on their own, says Nancy Hill, President and CEO of 4As in this interview with Beet.TV. “One of the big topics is how we take content that agencies create  on their own and figure out how to monetize it…whether it’s for one client or five. Everyone is trying to figure out how that happens.”

She points to AOL’s Makers series as a notable example of branded content that does well for the marketer (Unilever) and the publisher, and she expects to see more of that type of programming in the future.

We interviewed her at the IPG Mediabrands villa in the hills above Cannes.


IAB Chief: Publishers Demand Industry Standards in Programmatic Buying

CANNES – While the move to automated systems of buying and selling advertising inventory is inevitable, the ad agency trading desks and the holding companies need to do a much better job in creating technical and business standards around the emerging electronic marketplace, says Randall Rothenberg, CEO of the IAB, the digital publishing industry’s trade association.

We spoke with him at Cannes Lions, after a roof-top panel discussion of the heads of the trading desks of the major holding companies.  The event was organized by the Rubicon ProjectHere is an article  in USA Today by Michael Wolff who was on hand to cover.


AOL Set To Expand Live Programming, Susan Lyne

CANNES -  With the success of the HuffPost Live,  a 12-hour live interactive video program, parent company AOL  be will doing more live shows around both day-part programs and special events on its home page, says Susan Lyne, CEO of the Brand Group, at AOL.

The veteran television executive explains that a confluence of forces, including demand from marketers, is driving this new strategy around live programming.

We spoke with her at the Cannes Lions festival.

Disclaimer:   AOL sponsored Beet.TV’s coverage of Cannes Lions



“Angry Birds” is One of the Biggest Video Channels “On Planet”

CANNES — One of the world’s most popular games could also become one of its most pervasive video brands, after Rovio added its Angry Birds Toons cartoon channel to its mobile apps.

“Overnight, we updated 1.7 billion games back in March. We’re doing over 100 million views a month,” Rovio chief marketing officer Peter Vesterbacka told Beet.TV in this video interview during the Cannes Lions advertiser conflab. “It’s one of the biggest, if not the biggest, video distribution networks on the planet now.”

Initially, the video addition was to carry Rovio’s own weekly Angry Birds animated series. But the Finnish firm added a promo channel for Disney’s ‘Monsters University’ movie, and now Vesterbacka is promising this digital audience scale to advertisers in Cannes.

“Brands want to be on the first screen,” he said. “The first screen is mobile and tablet, it’s not TV anymore.”


How Machinima And Ridley Scott Are ‘Incubating’ Digital Sci-Fi

CANNES — Marketers are being called upon to sponsor the 12 filmmakers picked to make next-generation science-fiction digital shorts for Ridley Scott.

Machinima global brand strategy VP Seth Bardelas, whose video publisher firm is helping Ridley Scott Associates on the project, called it an “incubator”.

“The idea is to incubate the next great science-fiction franchise,” Bardelas told Beet.TV in this interview during Cannes Lions. ”We’ve received about 60 treatments. Each director gets a budget in the six-figure range.”

Bardelas said the project comes with a commercial opportunity, too: “This is about a brand becoming part of this movement, to help sponsor these creators and develop them.”

Named after the artform in which films are made using video game engines, Machinima is now a video publisher targeting males aged 18 to 35 with technology, gaming and entertainment material. Separately, CEO Allen Debevoise told Beet.TV during Cannes Lions that Machinima videos are watched around 2.5 billion times each month.

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