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December 22 2010


December 06 2010


Meeting number one, coming up

After a couple of weeks meeting with various actors from the NGO and information technology communities, we are planning to organise the first meeting of the Community Driven Innovation initiative. This meeting aims to bring together a small group of people who are enthusiastic about the usage of technology and who want to further expand both their knowledge as well as ties to other communities of users.

The meeting will take place at the offices of the Forum for Civic Initiatives (FCI-FIQ) on Tuesday, December 14th starting at 13:00.

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Conceptualizing IT for development and social change

There is a wide belief that information technology can have an important role in development as well as in social change more specifically in transforming economies (by making them more efficient and effective) and societies (by making them more open and democratic). However, whenever this topic is raised I ask myself: What kind of technology? Is it enough to have computers and access to Internet, or is it rather necessary to use technology in a specific way? Finally, I always wonder what is the role of the IT industry in a country in fostering development and change?

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November 09 2010


IT in the NGO sector: Still not making IT count

Following my initial post, this time I will try to bring to you what I have found out in the last couple of weeks about information technology usage and support patterns by the non-governmental organizations in Kosovo. I started off by picking a sample of NGOs from the TechSoup and RBF technology donations beneficiaries list. Most of these organizations are leaders in their field of work and have been around for a considerable amount of time. As such I expected that they would be quite proficient, if not innovative, in the use of information technology. Nevertheless, I found a rather diverse picture.

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October 22 2010


Can there be social innovation in post-conflict countries?

My name is Bernard Nikaj and in the next couple of weeks I will come to you with a number of posts providing updates on the work we are doing in the Balkans region - and more specifically in Kosovo - to foster cooperation between non-governmental organizations and information technology sector and individuals. I come to this project after many years of work in the intersection of the two sectors. I started off as an IT manager in an international NGO working to provide shelter and food to returnees after the Kosovo conflict in 1999. Since then I have been involved in a number of projects, mainly advising the government and private sectors on information technology enabled organizational change.

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