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August 07 2012


From Japan to Burning Man, LocalWiki Heats Up the Summer

We want to let you know about some really fantastic stuff that's happened in the LocalWiki world over the past month.

Tallahassee, Fla.

The folks spearheading the TallahasseeWiki project held their first two in-person CampWiki workshops. The idea behind the workshops is to introduce community members to the TallahasseeWiki, get them excited, answer questions and start building out the project.

Below are some photos of the CampWiki workshops:




Their meetup even made the front page of the Tallahassee Democrat!

Olympia, Wash.

OlyWiki held its first little in-person meetup. Unfortunately, they didn't take any pictures, so here's a photo of Seth Vincent, the project leader, putting up some flyers around town:


Oakland, Calif.

A group of really great folks have started laying the groundwork for an OaklandWiki project, and during the recent Code for Oakland hackathon there were around 30 people digging into OaklandWiki. The group was so large that it was broken into two rooms: one for helping with development/tech stuff and the other for content and planning.

Below are some images from the OakWiki workshop:



Raleigh, N.C.

The Raleigh City Council has begun to investigate how to, in its official capacity, best work with the TriangleWiki project! Here's a clip from their recent meeting where council member Bonner Gaylord asks city staff to come up with a report on how to collaborate with the project:

Tokyo area, Japan

Thanks to the internationalization work done by Pedro Lima and Nuno Maltez in Portugal, there's been an increasing amount of international interest in starting LocalWiki projects. A couple of weeks ago, Shu Higashi gave a demo of a LocalWiki to a group of open data activists in Japan. The best part? He demoed his Japanese translation of LocalWiki!

Black Rock City (Burning Man)


Some folks are starting up a LocalWiki project for Black Rock City/Burning Man!

It's literally just getting started, but it's such a cool idea we wanted to share it with you.

LocalWiki Organizers mailing list

Organizing a new LocalWiki project or wanting to get started? You should join the ultra-new LocalWiki-organizers mailing list! Be sure to send a little introduction to the list after you've joined.

Miscellaneous awesomeness

In no particular order, a few other interesting things that have happened over the past month:

Tallahassee photos courtesy Bob Howard. Oakland photos courtesy Eddie Tejeda.

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