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January 09 2011



Today’s Sunday Times Magazine shows three basic publishing rules:

1. Great illustrations produce great covers.

2. Great headlines produce great covers.

3. Great cover stories need great content.

Well, the first two rules are in this fabulous cover.

The last one, no.

The story is interesting but doesn’t deliver what the cover promised: the urban lifestyle of the British “gauche caviar” lead by an Ed Miliband owning a &1.6 million house in North London’s Hamstead Heath.

But Stephen Collins illustration shows that, yes, covers can be and must be memorable.

This one will be a collectors magazine cover.

Mine will be on eBay very soon.

So, wait and bid!

August 03 2010


How to be a Local Sports Reporter : How to Cover Outdoor Sports as a Reporter

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Location: West Coast Park (Singapore) News article on 29th June 2009 Monday Visit: www.tnp.com.sg
Video Rating: 0 / 5

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