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May 28 2011


FTC: how should original guidelines on online advertising disclosures be updated?

Wall Street Journal :: The Federal Trade Commission has begun soliciting public comment on how it should revise more than decade-old guidelines that translate federal advertising laws to the Internet, as the agency moves to more aggressively police digital ads.

The agency said on a notice on its website Thursday that groups have until July 11 to send suggestions on how its original guidelines on online advertising disclosures should be updated to address new technologies, such as those used to target ads to users’ interests and mobile advertising.

Continue to read Emily Steel, blogs.wsj.com

February 05 2011


Four levels of storytelling…

Thanks to teachj for this link to the four levels of storytelling.

Most high school journalists are on level one, with a few managing to get to level two.

Most broadcast journalists are on level three, with some still struggling at level two.

Level four is for the masters…the names you remember. Charles Kuralt is probably the best known of these. Steve Hartman is another. They weave their magic with words…with interviews…nats…visuals.

Level four is the golden standard we should all strive for.

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